Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Going Postal

That's the way I feel right about now! LOL!


Although I could go for a ride in a USPS truck ;o) This picture was taken when we were in Camden, Maine. Since stealing a postal truck is a federal offence, I figured this was the closest I would ever get to one. Call me weird but this has always been a dream of mine. Driving the truck, not stealing it!


The day is finally here and I bet you are all on the edge of your seats just waiting to hear the names of the winners. Am I right? ;o) I used the randomizer and the Pumpkin Day winner is...CAROLYN!!!!


I also used the randomizer for the Jack-O-Lantern contest because there were just too many great pumpkins to choose from :o) The lucky winner is...TINA!!!!


Congratulations girls! I will be emailing you both :o)

I want to thank everyone for making Pumpkin Day 2010 a great success. This was the best one to date! I hope everyone had fun and learned something new. I know I did ;o) I 'think' I sent everyone the free chart but there were a few that didn't put down their email address :o( So if you didn't receive the chart, please email me and I will send it right out. If anyone 'does' stitch the pattern, can you plmk because I'd love to see it :o)


Anonymous said...

Yahoo I am a winner. That makes two wins in one day!

Did you know you are a winner from the Generations of Past? You signed up for a doorprize during the needlework show. I only know this because I was a winner also. I chose the pattern Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Which one are you going to choose?

You are so funny about the Mail truck. That's a great picture.

Thanks again for such a fun contest. I am going to check my email now.

Congratulations to Tina!

Annie said...

Congrats to the winners!

You are the only person I've ever heard of with this particular lifelong dream. But if you don't have a dream, how ya gonna have a dream come true? -- Oscar Hammerstein

Irene said...

Congratulations to the winners. I've finished your design and will blog about it later today, so watch for it.

Daffycat said...

I wants an icecream truck ride, myself...music and squealing kids and all!

Congrats to the winners! Rats, I wasn't very close!

Patty C. said...

Congrats to the winners !!

Tina said...

Woo hoo....are you serious? Woo hoo....I am so happy woo hoo.

Myra said...

LOL at the Postal Truck ride. Most of our postal workers drive their own cars here. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for helping us celebrate Pumpkin Day!

Crazee4books said...

Dear Cathey,

Congratulations to Carolyn and
Tina for winning your fun
contests. This time I wasn't
even close on the list. Last
contest I was third. Which is
worse do you think?? Being so
close or being right out of
the running??

I must say you have some pretty
humble dreams there Cathey. Our
next door neighbor works for
the post office and she drives
one of those little trucks. If
you ever come to Ontario for a
visit I'll put in a good word
for you, although I'm not sure
what the post office's rules
are regarding passengers on
their trucks. Something tells
me they would probably frown on


Cole said...

Such fun! Thanks for hosting Pumpkin Day!

Gen said...

Congratulations to the winners!!

Driving a postal truck seems quite a doable thing, I think, can be done one of these lucky days that happen sometimes... I'm affraid my dreams are hopelessly much more of the inaccessible kind, even the one in which I'd like to have a gigantic yummy cake to eat... lol

Rachael said...

I thought it might've been a post about Terry Pratchett( His book Going postal) LOL
Thanks for the chart!

Julie said...

Congrats to the winners

♥ Nia said...

ahahahah I'm laughing with your dream! Driving the UPS truck!! LOL :D

Congratulations to both winners!! :D