Monday, October 04, 2010


Sorry about the little interruption but I'm sure you understand ;o) Hopefully I'll end my saga today so you don't have to read any more of my dribble about this vacation. LOL!

While we were on Peaks Island, DH and I biked the whole area (okay, well 'most' of it). Brad's Bikes rents bikes out by the hour or day. I brought my camera along on our trek around the island. The coastline is a lot like that of Nova Scotia -


At the south end of the island (if you want refer to this map) is something called the Battery Steel Bunker -


It was built in the early 1900's and used in WWI and WWII as part of the Portland Harbor Defences. Now the bunker is grown over and full of graffiti -



Apparently it's great fun to wonder through the pitch black tunnels. HA! I can tell you one thing...neither DH or I had enough balls to do it ;o)

Later that day, DH and I walked to the centre of the island where our next adventure awaited! It's been one of my lifelong dreams to ride a horse along the beach and that's what we set out to do :o)


Mind you I was not riding a gorgeous grey Andalusian right along the edge of a white sandy beach with the wind blowing in my hair ;o) I was on a 1,800 pound black Percheron (uh-huh, a work horse) named Dawn, slowly clumping along a small pebble beach with a timid DH riding along behind me. Hey, it was as close as I could get but at least I can cross it off my Bucket List. LOL!

The Casco Bay area that surrounds Portland, Maine is dotted with islands. The ferries go to a few of them but others are only accessible by private boat. Would you believe that they have an island called Pumpkin Knob (it's off the NE tip of Peaks Island)?


Okay, not the best name but I won't be fussy if they want to name an island after me ;o)

The area is full of history and I hope that we can go back someday and explore a little more. House Island is on the right as you come towards Peaks Island. In 1808, this is where the US government built Fort Scammel -



I didn't realize it at the time but they do offer tours.

Now to the left going towards Peaks Island is Fort Gorges -


It was built in 1812 and looks to be an island in itself! You can visit the fort but only if you have your own transportation. There are no official tours to the site.

Just before we left the Portland area, there was ONE more thing I just had to see...


This is Lenny from Len Libby Chocolates. He is the World's Only Life-Sized Chocolate Moose!!!! Yes, I did say chocolate. Actually I should say that he's 1,700 POUNDS of chocolate :oD How's that for rounding off a great vacation? LOL!


Tina said...

lol oh that moose would look great in my moose room.
Love the horse back riding on the beach. Good for you.

Denise said...

Horseback riding at the ocean. A good thing! Glad you got to do it. I take DH isn't thrilled to ride horses?

That moose is calling to me -- Eat my leg! What a waste of chocolate that could have gone into cookies!

Smiles -

Annie said...

Gotta love a real chocolate moose! Love all the photos and what a thrill that horseback ride must have been!

Carol said...

I've just gotten back from visiting (helping!!) my parents for 5 days in NY so I'm way behind on my blog reading. But, I love seeing all of your Maine pics--went back and read the previous two postings, too. I'm so glad you and your husband had such a nice visit--it is really a beautiful state, isn't it?

Now, I think that chocolate moose would be the highlight of the trip! Can't even imagine all that chocolatey goodness in one spot!

Hope you're feeling better, Cathey!

Deborah said...

I have loved seeing Naine through your eyes. I have heard about the chocolate moose but have never seen him, Very impressive.

CalamityJr said...

What a great vacation, and the memories you made... ! Now if only you could share the moose with all your chocolate-loving blog readers!

Blu said...

A chocolate moose? Interesting...
so how do they stop people from walking away with a piece of him? Is he roped off or something?

Casa Pearl said...

Cathey, get in touch please because you were a winner on my blog! Looks like you had a great vacation and I never knew you could ride horses on Peak's. I need to get my butt over there next summer for sure! Patti

Julie said...

Chocolate mousse ... mmmm i think i have some of that in my fridge, not like you lifesize one though!

Ranae said...

I loved reading and googling at the photo's, What a great time!
Take care!!!