Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Nope, that's definitely not right...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! No, that's pretty much history now so what's the point.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Holy crap, is it 2009 already???? By the looks of the calendar, it seems that I'm seven days late. WHERE has the time gone? More importantly, WHERE have I been? LOL!

I know a lot of you have been wondering and to be honest, I never expected to stay away from my Blog for this long. I knew that I was going to take a break while DH was home but two weeks turned into one hell of a month. At least I have A LOT to update you on so be prepared ;o)

When I last left you, I had moved into my new bachelorette pad and I was counting down the days until DH's arrival. On December 15, I went to lunch with Katie and Faith Ann and I finally found out who had my name for our Christmas ornament exchange :o) Faith Ann got very creative and put together this lovely stocking for me -


Notice the bunnies ;o) It was also filled with Lindt chocolates. Does she know what I like or what? Thank you my friend!

The following day is when things started to fall apart... I woke up shortly before midnight with a strange feeling washing over me. It didn't take me long to figure out what it was. Luckily I get plenty of notice when I'm going to throw up. Yup, I threw up every hour for almost twelve hours straight. Then it was diarrhea :o( Things were clearing up by Wednesday night so I still had hope of picking up DH on Friday.

It seems that my body had other ideas though... Because my immune system was completely shot and I was tired and weak, vertigo decided to set in and even walking the few feet to the kitchen was a major feat. I was sleeping about 22 hours a day but I still had hope for Friday. You know what they say, the power of positive thinking right? Yeah...that doesn't work.

Even though I still did not feel anywhere near human, I peeled myself out of bed and into the shower the morning of the 19th. I cannot describe how much I wanted to see DH and I was prepared to do just about anything to make that happen. Apparently, again, my body had other ideas. During my shower I started having trouble breathing. I knew I was weak so I figured I'd just take my time and rest when I needed to. But when I got out of the shower, my breathing just got worse :o( I called Mom and Dad for something, I can't remember what, but I remember Dad telling me to call 911 for an ambulance.

Now I've made really good use of our Medicare system over the years but I had yet to ride in an ambulance. My memory is sketchy about the first bit but I seem to recall people asking me questions and hovering over me. I thought at one point I saw a hunky looking fireman but then again, I "was" hallucinating ;o)

What I "do" remember is that my arms and legs started going numb and it got to a point where I was unable to move them. The more I realized this, the worse my breathing became. Apparently, I was having a panic attack and all the energy I was putting into my breathing was taking away from my extremities. The doctor came and explained that I was dehydrated and that my body was 'eating' itself from the inside out. Sounds appealing doesn't it?

So, I was pricked, stabbed and speared with needles. They pumped a bag of solution into me within one hour and let me tell you, that is NO picnic. For one thing, it HURTS and for another, it's like running ice water through your veins. Brrrrr! I was SO thankful for some apple juice and toast. Honestly, toast never tasted SO good :o)

Thankfully my parents came and took charge ;o) Dad drove to Moncton and picked up DH while Mom stayed with me. By the time the guys arrived back, my sense of humour was returning and they discharged me from the hospital...

WELCOME HOME SWEETIE!!!! I took great care in dressing for your return. I know how you love the baggy fleece look. You know the pink ones that are five times too big on me. I thought that I would try something new with my hair and do the wet look. It works especially well in this -15C weather. Those dark circles under my eyes and the gray hue to my skin is a new look this year. I believe they call it Death Warmed Over.

Definitely NOT the reunion I had kept playing around in my head but I was happy to see him no matter what state I was in ;o)

Stay tuned for our New Jersey/New York trip!


Rachael said...

OH BOY!!!! Can't you have a normal cold/virus like the rest of us!!

But really, I am so glad you are ok hun,sounds like you have had a rough time girl,I hope you are looking after yourself, plenty of fluids!!
((((((Gentle Hugs))))))
Waiting for the next installment

PS thank you for all the comments you didn't need to hun, one would of been fine!!

Lori-Ann said...

Wowsers... By the description, I thought you were having a heart attack! You don't sound well... are you sure travel is good?

If you are much better, then have a great time!

I was ready to call a blogger search party for you... or at least e-mail you. phew!

Irene said...

So glad you are okay. I've missed reading your blog, welcome back and take care of yourself.

Paisley said...

How scary! I'm glad you are okay now, and it sounds like you did get to spend some quality time with your DH. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Take care of yourself, girl!!

CathE said...

Blimmy you don't do things in half measures do you? Glad you're feeling better though.

Anonymous said...

I have SO been wondering where you were! I'm glad you finally have been able to post - but, girl! I'm sorry you've been so ill!!! I'm glad DH made it home & I'm sure you've had a wonderful time, even if it's just sitting side by side on the couch.
Sending you lots & lots of healing thoughts!

Alberta said...

Having experienced vertigo a few years ago, I wouldn't wish a recurrence on any of my friends!

Cathey I do hope that today is better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow will be. Take care my friend!

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you are better...that's scary! I have missed hearing from you. Take care of yourself!


Annie said...

Wow! I was feeling so sorry for myself since I've been fighting bronchitis for a week and a half. But after hearing your tale, I actually feel lucky. Hope your feeling chipper soon. Miss reading your blog.

Ranae said...

oh brother!! We had that flu thing around here and it wasn't fun, urghhh!!
I am glad you feel better. I want to hallucinate a fireman too. lol
Have a super trip and do take care!

~Tammy said...

OMG Sweetie.

I knew something was up, but would have never expected it to be this bad. Poor little peanut, you are.

Hope you're on the mend.

Big hugs, hon!

Anonymous said...

That is one scary story!! Hope you're allright now and DH has been taking good care of you!!
BTW the stocking is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how horrible for you :o( Good thing your dad told you to get the ambulance.

Hope you enjoy your time with DH.


Faith Ann said...

Sounds like Cameron has the same bug that you had before Christmas. He was sick from 9pm last night until 4pm this morning... we eventually ran out of sheets for his bed :(

Glad you're back from your travels... can't wait to hear about your trip!

Daffycat said...

Oh, hon, that really, really sucks. I can't even imagine. I hope your DH wasn't frightened out of his wits for you!

WendyCarole said...

((((((((((((((((Cathey)))))))))))))))) hope you will soon feel much better

Carolyn said...

Oh Cathey....I am sorry to hear that you were so sick...kinda scary..

I am glad that you are feeling better now..that flu is a pretty nasty bug..

Can't wait to hear about your trip..

Shannon said...

Sounds like a nasty bug :( I hope you've recovered, and had a fabulous trip to make up for it !

Glad to see you back :D

Cindy said...

I have missed reading your blog and was wondering where you were :)

That sounds like an awful time. Hope you are feeling much better now!!

Sharon said...

Cathey, it's wonderful to see a post from you. I was just wondering where you were. Sorry to hear that you have been ill! Hope you are better now. Enjoy your time with your DH!

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! That's scary. I'm glad you're feeling better. It sounds like the trip w/DH went well after you recovered?

Iris said...

Hey Pumpkin,
hope you feel better now !!! What a story ...

Happy New year for you too !!!

Katie said...

Omigosh, you do realize there are better ways to attract hunky firemen right? :P

Glad to hear you're on the mend, that must have been scary+++

mumzy said...

Sweetie, Dad and I were glad to be there for you. It was better for Dad to drive to Moncton to pick up your DH and you. Glad to see you are back to normal or as close to normal as possible.
{{{Hugs and Love to you}}}

Erynne said...

I'm so glad to see that you are back!
Just take it easy now and eat your chocolate ;P

Sonda in OR said...

Goodness! I'm so sorry that you had that awful time. What a way to end the cruddy year. Hopefully that means that 2009 will be stellar for you!!

Rachel said...

Nasty bug! So glad your parents were close to help you out and you are on the mend. Was wondering what happened - didnt see your posts and missed them!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

OMG!!! I knew something was up
when your avatar showed you as
being in hospital, but I kept
trying to think positive and
imagine you having a wonderful
reunion with your DH. You poor

Thank goodness you were in touch with your parents and they got
you to call for help. There's nothing like a hunky set of paramedics to help a body feel better, or at least keep the
heart pumping.

Whatever that nasty bug was that
bit you on the *** hope it's
gone and you've recovered from
it completely. I'm sure DH
was a great nurse.

Brie in bed. Supreme cuteness!

Your gift from Faith Ann is
gorgeous!! I love this little
design from PS and the bunnies
are just so appropriate for you.
A lovely present from a dear

Take care Cathey!!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Oh Cathey,
I am so sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you are back to your normal very soon.
Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Cathey, thank you for all of the comments you left on my blog the other day! It's so great catching up with you!

Marita said...


Welcome back to blogging after your break.

How scary for you to be so sick and just as DH is due to arrive home. Glad you got help.

stitcherw said...

How awful that you were that sick and what rotten timing. You really went through the mill with that, and it would have been even worse with DH coming home and your wanting to be able to meet him. Hopefully you're fully recovered now. Very cute stocking you got, love the design.