Friday, January 15, 2010


Are you a little down? Are you having one of those days where your clothes just don't fit right and you're not feeling beautiful? A bad hair day perhaps? Do you just need that extra boost of confidence? Well, have I got the product for you! Meet Alvin -

Yup, Alvin is only four inches tall and can be placed in your purse, on your desk or in the bathroom. Tap him on his head and instantly get that feeling of gratification that someone is noticing you :o)

Where can you get one you ask? Just drive to your local McDonald's and ask for a Happy Meal! For only $5.19 CDN (less in the US), you can be the proud owner of an Alvin.

Now tell me, what woman wouldn't want to hear this being said to them every day ;o)


devonaz said...

Thanks for a cute post..and for visiting my answer your question it comes and goes..just when you dont think you will sell anything you get a sale..but I enjoy making items,,and really how many bookmarks or scissor fobs can one person have..have a wonderful day..

Annie said...

I never trust those sweet-talkers. But whatever works for you!

Rachel S said...

He is cute! i saw those at McD's today. Didn't know they were that fun!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I say that to my self every morning just before I wake up.
Be always in stitches.

Alberta said...

That is good for the morale, especially on those not so great days! I may just have to get me 1 for each room! Hurry before you can't get yours!

Irene said...

LOL I need an Alvin ! Off to McDonald's I go :)

Cole said...

Hahaha, isn't he awesome?? My little guy just taps the button on his head continuously and cracks up laughing "he's saying H-E-double hockey sticks!!". The things little boys come up with :)

~Tammy said...

Now, I could get used to that!

Cute little guy and so are you for sharing him.

Tammy said...

too cute! I need me one of those!!

Siobhan said...

Very cute!

Laural said...

That is too cute! I saw the commercials for them (since we generally just watch and DVR cartoon channels) but Mr. T never wants happy meals any more :(

stitcherw said...

Alvin's great, I soooo need to get me one. :)

♥ Nia said...

hahahhahah I love that little guy! :D
I saw him but I didn't know he speaks! lol!!
Have a great week dear! :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

I've yet to be able to get the
Alvin video to work for me but
I'll keep trying. It's bound
to work one of these times.

Love your second and third snow
man finishes for this year,
especially the Prairie Schooler
one which is really cute. The
finish for him is really great
and I think that your DH is
right about the felt backing.
The scarecrow/snowman guy looks
great with his scarf and what
looks like an afghan wrapped
around him ... for warmth???

Has the stash that you are
waiting on arrived yet?? I'm
eager to see Sabrina growing
under your needle.

Do you still have any of that
snow left that fell before
Christmas??? A friend at work
said that her brother in NS
told her that their snow is all


Jenna said...

Very cute! I think I might have to see if they still have any of him around here...