Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exercise Your Right To Vote

FINALLY! My Sabrina stash arrived in the mail on Friday and since then I have been doing a floss toss to see who the lucky fabric will be ;o)

When you first look at Sabrina's picture, you automatically get ideas in your head of what you would like to see but when you actually pull the colours, that's when your eyebrows raise two inches and you wonder what the heck Nora was thinking! You may think, like I did, that the bottom of her dress is black and grey. Nope. It's dark brown (DMC 3371) with different shades of blue (DMC 926,927,928). Surprised? I know I was.

To top it off, the fabric that she calls for is not even close to the color of the fabric in the picture. When will they ever get good photography of stitched pieces???? I've seen this happen all the time. Maybe they should hire a good photographer ;o) LOL!

So...I'm faced with another dilemma...what fabric to use. I've narrowed it down to three different fabrics and I've taken pictures of all three with the floss and beads. Here is your chance to have another say but...I'm not going to tell you what color fabric you are voting for until the poll is closed! I figure that way you'll be less swayed in one direction or the other :o)

Let the judging begin!

Fabric #1 -



Fabric #2 -



Fabric #3 -



Oh, we've had a last minute entry! It seems there is another possibility...

Fabric #4 -


Once you've made your selection, go to the voting station on the right sidebar of my Blog and enter your choice. I'll leave the poll up until Friday, January 29 and at that point I will announce the names of the fabric and who the winner is.

Good luck and may the best fabric win!


Daffycat said...

It's really hard to tell which truly looks better as you can't click your pictures to make them inbiggen...but #1 looks like it really makes the floss colors stand out. I'm looking forward to the results!

Hillery said...

Could you post a pic of the design?
North Country Samplings

JOLENE said...

Hey Pumpkin,

The photos are kind of hard to differentiate, but knowing that the dress is pretty much all white, I think if you are looking for a neutral color, I would chose the darkest shade so that the dress will "pop" out.

Laural said...

I vote #3!

I'm going to use SMF Bling. I noticed the 3371 when I got it. I almost screamed I'm so sick of it.

Hillery said...

I love the color of the fabric in the original picture. It kind of has a yellowish quality. Very art deco. I think my answer then is #3.
Good Luck, and thanks for the link.
North Country Samplings

Irene said...

I can't decide, they all look pretty close to the same color. I would use whichever one shows the white better.

TammyK said...

I cast my vote - I guess you know who voted how. I don't want to say here as I don't want to sway anyone else. Good luck with every which one you go with :o)

Linda said...

hi, i voted for #2

Annie said...

They all look alike on my goofy monitor. I'm sure whatever you choose will work out just fine.

Carol said...

I just voted and by looking at the results, I think I only helped confuse you even more--now 2 and 3 are neck in neck! Good luck with your decision--she'll be lovely no matter what you choose :)

jlmcclure said...

I chose #3 because 1-3 all look like the same color!

Rachael said...

Ok I voted #4 Just because I like a surprise!! And I am afraid to say the other three look to similar on my monitor sorry!!

Siobhan said...

I think they all look good, too, but voted for #3. Glad your stash finally arrived!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your ornaments look great you have been busy. I love the Alvin toy, would love to have someone call me gorgeous every time I touched their head. I will be watching your creme egg count with interest, whenever I have one I always end up in a great mess.

Jenna said...

Wow, really? I'm surprised as to the colors you are saying she actually used. I've been quite unhappy with her model photography for the past few years, though. That and the fabric colors that she chooses tend to not be the most flattering to the design. I think all of your fabric choices are quite viable. Of course, it would be nice to know what option 4 was... ;)

Lili said...

Well I picked number 1 because the colours seem to stand out more. Now this is difficult to tell... Not a bad choice in there as far as I can see. ;)

Alberta said...

My choice is fabric 3...the floss colours seem to pop more against 3. Good luck deciding - the choices are so close and you'll be taking into consideration where you will ultimately display this project.

Love your new background...PINK!

Karen said...

I voted 4 lol I like surprises

Whimsical Creations said...

Voted #3.

♥ Nia said...

May the best fabric win!!! Lol!
I made my vote ;)

Angela said...

I think all of them would work but I have voted for # 3, look forward to seeing which one won :)