Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nothing But Blue Skies

This was my day today -


Absolutely beautiful in every way. The sun was shining, the temperature was hot but there was enough of a breeze off the water to make it enjoyable :o)

Since moving here to Nova Scotia, I still can't get over the fact that I have beaches just minutes away and sometimes I fail to take advantage of that. The beaches around here all have pure white sand. When your bare feet first hit the hot crystals, they sink down deep, wrapped in warmth. Then, as you walk towards the water, the cool compact sand awaits to cool off your tootsies.

I don't think there is anything better on a hot day than wading in cool salty water, with the waves lapping up against your legs. The sand underneath your feet almost comes alive, like liquid, as it pours away from below your feet, just as if you were standing in actual quicksand. It's such an odd sensation but almost soothing.

When I venture out on one of these journeys, this is when my inspiration really hits. The television, telephone and computer are all left behind and what you are left with is just nature itself. I just can't see enough of the things that surround me. I know some people must really wonder about this odd woman and her camera, who seems to be taking pictures of nothing. Good thing I don't have the two idiots in tow! LOL!

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to vote and giving me your input about naming my photographs. Things are really coming together now :o) Unfortunately I cannot post any of the pictures until I can get them watermarked. I do apologize to those that are interested :o(

In the end, I have decided to name each picture and the name will be placed on a label, attached to the backboard form. I'm still up in the air about my signature but it "will" be on there somewhere. Now off to write up a little bio of myself and that should wrap everything up :o)


Rachel S said...

I always find being by the water to be so soothing and centering. But, like you, I don't seem to be able to take advantage of it like I should!

Annie said...

Seems like we often fail to take advantage of all the good things around us. Sounds so great to be that near to the water.

Looking forward to viewing those named photos!

Irene said...

Love the view and your description, thought I was reading a travel brochure :) I
would be out walking the sand every morning.

~Tammy said...

This tugs at my heart. I want to be standing in this picture right now. The wonder of a dream, it may actually come true on day...

Cindy said...

Beautiful picture! I know what you mean about not taking advantage of what's around you. I never appreciated how pretty it was where I grew up until I moved away and went back to visit :)

Brigitte said...

You describe this feeling of nature right as it really is. I do not live by the seaside but in the mountains but it's the same here. I can't get enough looking around me and taking everything in although I already live here for more than 30 years.