Monday, June 16, 2008

Vampires Of The North

They're lean, they're mean and they go right for your veins. Just when you think you're safe, they'll find you, whether it is in the dark or in the light of day. Sometimes the only indication of their presence is their hum-like squeal but by the time you hear it (and that's IF you can hear it), it's too late! They've found you and your tasty blood >:o^

Sounds like a real horror story doesn't it? Well these vampires do exist and I was a victim of one early this morning >:o( What are they, you ask? In Canada, we refer to them as mosquitoes -


A mosquito is a flying insect, no more than 16mm in length. As soon as the month of June hits, so do they. And they come in droves! Repellent or not, they will still find a way to get to you, even if they have to go up a pant leg. LOL!

So why are these little insects so bad? They bite. They draw your blood. They leave you with itchy spots. They can also carry diseases. Believe it or not, but it's the female mosquito that bites and puts humans and animals in misery. I'm not sure if I should have admitted that or not ;o) That blood is needed to develop and lay her eggs. Smack a fully loaded mosquito and they'll splat like a packet of ketchup :o)

A mosquito will detect its prey by the carbon dioxide that is breathed out. As they get closer, a mosquito can then detect any infrared heat being emitted by the person or animal. Apparently the female mosquito has excellent smell and some humans appeal to her more than others. I KNEW that's why they always go for me! LOL! I always said I smell sweet ;o) There are many repellents out there on the market but their smells only disorient the mosquito, not kill it, and they're only affective 95% of the time.

If you live in an area that is prone to mosquitoes there are ways to fight back! Dragonflies seem to be the best defence system but if you're in short supply on those, try attracting insect eating birds. Citronella plants may help but they will definitely not kill mosquitoes. Last, but not least, remove any stagnant water. Mosquitoes thrive in those places!

So whether you call them mosquitoes, nippers or skeeters, they're still little vampires waiting in the wings for their next victim. Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they're not there ;o)


Jocelyn said...

Mosquitos LOVE both me and my daughter. We can't escape!

~Tammy said...

The title alone, I knew the topic! Damn mosquitos! I've got a tormenting bite on my right calf.... grrrr

~V said...

oh I'd love to have a big swarm of dragonflies around but my cats like them :( I HATE a crowd of 100 people I will be the one sucked dry first. I hate hate hate them! I don't go out after dark, but they must know that 'cause I was bit FOUR times during daytime hours grrrrrrrrrr

Karen said...

I am one of the not so sweet people LOL they only seem to go for me when they have had everyone else

mumzy said...

Mosquitoes are really nasty creatures. We also know that bats love them and supposedly eat a great amount of them each night. So an added bathouse situated near your home is a good thing to have. They are not difficult to build either. Hopefully, the one that attacked you did not get too much blood from you. Have a good evening and a good day tomorrow.

Rachel S said...

You know, I remember the mosquitos from our trip to Ottawa and Niagara Falls. Nasty suckas. I found wearing lavendar (smell, not the color, LOL) repels them.

Daffycat said...

D'ya need to borrow my itch cream??? It sounds like you've been carried off alive...

Faith Ann said...

Mosquitoes seem pretty abundant this year, don't they? I'm sick of not being able to go outside in the evenings for fear of getting attacked! DS swells up soooo much from their bites :(

Cindy said...

Ah yes, the lovely mosquito. In Minnesota, we used to jokingly refer to them as the "state bird". With all of the rain this year, they have been especially bad. I was surprised at how early we started seeing them!

Sharon said...

Love your post. I hate them mosquitoes too, I am always saying keep the screen door shut over and over to keep them out. YUK!! Fortunately I don't get bit as much as the rest of the family. They don't like me, not their favorite scent I guess.

Aussie Stitcher said...

In Australia we call the little suckas "Mozzies". I too hate them and the worst place for me to be bitten is my feet and ankles, and where do they get me, my feet and ankles. :(

Lori-Ann said...

Just glad my Big Top Tent has mosquito netting.

"Package of ketchup"... eeeeeww.

Crazee4books said...

I have my own personal name for
these nasty little varmints, but
I can't type it here because
blogger wouldn't like it. Is
there any sound more irritating
then the whining of the mosquito?

Belated but heartfelt best wishes
for your birthday Cathey. It
sounds like you had a wonderful
day. Good. You deserve it.

I think that's really neat that
Faith Ann made you dinner in a
bag. How original is that? It
sure sounded delicious. Reading
your blog posting about it made
my tummy rumble!

That hot chocolate carafe is
so cool too. I'd love something
like that for winter time too.
Yummy hot chocolate! Sigh!

I'm glad to read that your
latest visit to the dentist
went so well. And now hopefully
the problem is solved and you'll
have no further pain there.


Sharon said...

Cathey, you are killing me here in Florida! The ketchup packet analogy was priceless! You shouldn't be so darn sweet-LOL