Friday, June 20, 2008

Take Me Away

"There's a place that I go,
But nobody knows.
Where the rivers flow,
And I call it home.

And there's no more lies.
In the darkness, there's light.
And nobody cries.
There's only butterflies." ~ Natasha Bedingfield

Can you imagine, it's the first day of summer. It's hard to believe since I had to turn up the heat the other day because it was SO cold in the house! Shhhhh...don't tell DH ;o) You watch though, now it's going to be hot, humid and dry for the next three months. Yuck.

Despite the blasted mosquitoes, I do love the month of June. There's flowers popping everywhere and colors just fill up the fields and all around houses. This is a special time of year too because that's when the butterflies come out to play :o)

In the past, I've never had great success photographing these wild beauties but this time it was almost like they were posing for the camera. LOL! It seems that they like the flowers we've grown this year. So far, I've only been able to find two kinds; the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail -


And one from the Fritillary subfamily but I'm having difficulty pin pointing which species -


With the Canadian Tiger Swallowtails, it's been neat to look at the pictures and see the differences between individuals. Some have obvious damage to their wings. Others have tails of different lengths. In this picture, you can see that this one has quite a long tail but he/she only has one (left side) -


We also have what's called the Snowberry Clearwing Moth, also referred to as the Hummingbird Moth. DH was lucky enough to get a picture of one about a week ago -


They're about the size of a hummingbird and they feed off of nectar just like hummingbirds and butterflies do. It flies during the day and we were startled the first time we saw one last year. Has anyone else had an encounter with one of these? There are three types so check out this link to see if they are in your area :o)

It's a beautiful thing to watch a butterfly. Not only are they full of exotic colors but they are such a gentle creature. If you've ever had one land on you, you know they have such a light touch. Want butterflies at your house? There are specific plants that will attract them. Plant some, watch these buds of beauty and let them take you away to someplace special :o)


Paisley said...

Very pretty butterflies! We didn't plant many flowers this year and the ones we did plant have been slow to bloom, so not many butterflies fluttering around here. I'll just have to enjoy your's!

We did sit out and watch the fire flies last night. Those little guys always amaze me!

Daffycat said...

Oh, how I love butterflies! I plant to attract them too.

I have those moths. They are so speedy and very unafraid of you. I like to pick a flower and drip a drop of sugar water in the center...the moths will fly right up to you and sip from your flower!

~V said...


How did you become such a pro on moths and butterflies? I find them some of the most perfect creatures on this earth but I rarely know their names. I think moths are more interesting than butterflies but butterflies are more beautiful than alot of moths.

GORGEOUS photos!

Kendra said...

We've seen some of those hummingbird moths around here...I was completely enthralled the first time I saw one. I had NO idea what in the heck I was looking at. It looked like a hummingbird, but it looked like an I immediately came inside and started Googling and discovered what it was. Pretty cool critter, if you ask me. ;-)

Iris said...

You made beautiful pictures !!
I also love the garden coming to life in summer time ....

nursy said...

Have you ever visited Butterfly World here in Moncton? It's at the boardwalk at Magnetic Hill. I guess there are benches inside and the butterflies will actually land on you. I'm gonna try to get there this summer.

Karen said...

lovely butterflies

Anonymous said...

Oh such pretty pictures,I love watching Butterflies,but don't really get time to anymore!!

Jenn's Crafty World said...

Wow, your pictures are amazing! When we moved from the prairies last year I was amazed to see Monarch butterflies; I had never seen one in "real" life.
I've never seen that big moth; though I have seen a hummingbird as big as your thumb tip!

stitcherw said...

What gorgeous pictures, it looks like the butterflys were posing just for you. I love watching these creatures, they are so lovely and delicate. Sorry you had such a "one of those days" day in your earlier post. Those are the ones by the end of the day you almost wish you'd have been stayed in bed all day with your head under the pillow. Hopefully the interview went better than you thought, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Lori-Ann said...

Great pictures, Cathey.

I'm afraid that if that moth got into my gazebo, me first reaction would be to his demise. (don't hate me!)

mumzy said...

Your pictures of the butterflies are very beautiful. It makes one feel relax just by looking at them. We seem to have more butterflies around here this summer. Nice to see.

Faith Ann said...

Fantastic pictures... just gorgeous!!

I was able to get pictures of very similar looking butterflies and a few of a moth like that at our lilac bushes yesterday afternoon. I couldn't believe how long they stayed around! I've already sent the pics away for printing :)

Jocelyn said...

Lovely pictures! I'm sure it'll warm up soon. We've been getting the same sort of weather here in NY too. I'm waiting for the chill to stop!

Jennifer said...

I'm going to go with Lori-Ann on this one - no insect needs to be the size of a small bird. I've seen them, and I have to say it was a good thing they didn't get too close to me! LOL