Friday, August 24, 2007

Hammy's Revenge

He's back again and he's determined!

Yesterday morning I got to enjoy watching the little bugger as he was trying out his new plan of attack on the shed. I saw this red/brown streak run across the top of the dog kennel and pop up on the other side of the shed roof. His aim...under the eave. What Hammy failed to realize though was that the roof is trimmed with bent metal. Have you ever seen a squirrel trying to hold onto something so slippery? I just about died laughing, although DH not so much! LOL! One minute he'd be hanging off the siding and then the next he'd be hanging by one arm or falling through the air, legs desperately trying to grab anything that his little nails could hold onto :o)

Has he given up yet? Nope! The last time I saw him, he was heading for the ground. My guess is that his next attack will be aimed at the wooden door :oS


Jenn said...

You've got to give the little guy credit. Let us know if he makes it in.

Lori-Ann said...

Did you catch it on video?... because I'm laughing at the mental image of a desperate squirrel.

Lili said...

Considering the efforts he is making, I think you should give it a go and adopt him... Lol!
Well, if you give him a home and food, he might not destroy that much finally?
The image you've posted with this post is hilarious!
Take care, Cathey!

Sharon said...

LOL LOL I think you need to adopt him too. he loves you guys, does Brie chase him?? We have a chipmunk that has made his home around here and my dog chases him around everyday but the chipmunk never leaves. I think he is enjoying himself.

stitcherw said...

He's certainly a determined little guy. Hopefully he gives up soon and decides to make someplace else his new home.

Pam said...

Cathey - Your pumpgrin really made me laugh - very cute!