Monday, August 20, 2007

Barking Mad

What do you call a family with only two grandchildren but EIGHT grand-dogs???? Barking mad, that's what! LOL! I kid you not and here is the picture to finally prove it -

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From left to right we have Samson (the devil of the bunch), Brie (the instigator), Buddy (the old man), Duncan (the slow child), Briar (the obsessive compulsive), Misha (the gentle bear), Cassy (the long distance runner) and Stella (the shy one).

As you can see, they all have very different personalities. Yesterday was the first time that the eight dogs have been together all at once. Surprisingly there weren't too many scuffles although Duncan decided right off the bat that he did not care for Cassy so he found himself in the kennel for part of the day :o( Brie was kept inside or close to us for the whole day because she is the smallest of the pack and usually gets swarmed by the other dogs. No one is out to hurt one another but it's best to keep on the safe side of things. I'm sure all eight 'cousins' are tired today. Brie has not even stirred and it's going on 2 pm!

So, yesterday found DH and I down at the ocean for a family celebration! My SIL just got engaged to her SO and they'll be married around this time next year :o) We also got to see my SIL, BIL and nephew. They live in the States now so it's much easier for them to come and visit :o) Finally, my other SIL (yes, big family), her DH and our little nephew were there with Dylan being the entertainment for the event. LOL! He even said Brie's name and he's just 15 months old!

The day was very relaxing with delicious food. When we had left home that morning, I noticed that my jeans were quite loose now so I indulged in a few brownies ;o) There were numerous visits to the beach and at the end of the day we all took the dogs for a walk down to the tip of Oven Head. I had a great time snapping pictures and I spotted some Sea Lavender or what we like to call Wild Heather -

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This plant is great for drying and it's very popular at the farmer's markets this time of year.

At the end of the day, we had a gorgeous sunset to end the festivities -

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Why did we have to come home???? LOL!


Jenn said...

what a great picture of all the dogs. Must have been a very crazy day but it sounds like you all had fun.

Stitch Wizard said...

What a great picture of you and your dogs!! We have 7 dogs too! We used to have 8 but Lady our golden retriever passed this last year of old age. We have a chocolate lab, a shih-tzu, a pekinese, and a lhasa apso in the house and three black lab crosses outside who have a horse stable and 1/3 acre to run. No kids here or grandkids but our dogs are our kids!! We love them all!!

Debby :)

Irene said...

I saw a t-shirt once that had a dog print on it with the saying "Ask me about my grand-dog"
That was great you got them all to stay for the camera to get a nice picture.

Lori-Ann said...

I love your personality descriptions, lol...and they seem to fit each one's looks :)

Lili said...

Well, we have the only dog in the family and he almost passed away this week... Er, we also have the only two children on my side of the family... lol!
Great pics, as always, Cathey...

stitcherw said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all, and what a wonderful picture of all the dogs. Congrats on getting them all organized, and in having them hold still long enough, to get a picture taken.