Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finish Thirty-One

Here is Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Mandala by Ink Circles -

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This is a freebie on their site so check it out! I really love this piece. I used Carrie's Threads and found them very nice to work with. I will say one thing the end, I only had one strand of the four yards of Purple Pansy (the main part of the mandala) left :oS Towards the end, I was biting nails thinking I was not going to have enough. I even dove into my orts bag and rescued some strands that were long enough to do small areas. For me, that was just too tight for comfort. LOL! This piece was stitched on 28 count Platinum Lugana, my new favorite color :o)

This pattern was on my 2007 Goal List and now I get to cross it off :o) I haven't been very good at following this list. I have a feeling I won't do any better than last year but I still have four and a half months left in which to stitch. Will I be able to do it? I'll hazard a guess right now...nope ;o)

The girls and I are going to do another Halloween SAL. We did one last year and it was really fun! Boo by Dragon Dreams was the pattern we all stitched but this time we've decided to each do something different. I've picked mine out and I even have all the material to finish him into a cube when I'm done! What will it be you ask? I'll give you a hint...the pattern includes two of my favorite things :o)


Katie said...

Oh awesome job Cathey!! Yeah, let the halloween SAL begin!!

Irene said...

Looks great Cathey ! I started this one months ago, will have to pull it out and get working on it again.

Shannon L. said...

Great finish, Cathey :)

I'm raring to go for the Halloween SAL! Can't wait to see what you've chosen. Can I have 20 guesses please ? lol

Lori-Ann said...

Beautiful colors on your finish. Very pretty!

I'm guessing you are making logic is that he has a square head. ;)

Jenn said...

You did a great job Cathey! What pretty colors in this piece. Ohhhh a new SAL. I can't wait to see what it is.

Terri M said...

Beautiness! I love this design.

Barb said...

That turned out nice. Great job on it and a good cause to.

Itching To Stitch said...

Pretty finish ;)

stitcherw said...

It turned out gorgeous. Glad you had enough of the purple to finish it, being that close to running out would have been really stressful.

Boo was adorable, I'll look forward to seeing what you picked to stitch this year.