Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hammy's Back!

And he's MAD!

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One night while we were making supper, I heard this awful noise coming from the backyard. When I looked out the kitchen window, I saw Hammy up on the dog kennel swearing up a blue streak and he was looking right at DH, who was at the BBQ! LOL! We're thinking that Hammy just got back from vacation and found out that his winter storage shed has been squirrel proofed and therefore he cannot access his food. He was not a 'happy camper'.

I've noticed that Hammy has been hanging around all week and I was beginning to wonder where he was making his new home. I may know the answer... DH came in to wake me up at 10 am this morning. As usual, he'd already been up and working for part of the morning. While he was out in the yard he noticed that...he had left the shed door WIDE OPEN ALL WEEK! ROFL!

Maybe it's Hammy who is having the last laugh now ;o)


stitcherw said...

Hammy is so cute. I have two little red squirrels near me that look vary like him. They are also very sassy, they love teasing the dogs.

Lori-Ann said...

Bahaha...battle of wits. Who will win in the end? hehe

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Poor Hammy! I don't have any of those myself but I do have a couple of liitle frogs jumping around the back!

Also had a few stitching ones but I think I've chased them away!

Karen said...

I just hope Hammy doesn't do what the squirrels round here did to us last year lol they nibbled through the phone line

Sharon said...

Hammy is too cute, and I think its wonderful that you feed him. I love squirrels, my DH thinks I am nutz! LOL I just think they are so cute.

Shannon L. said...

What a cutie :) I'm surprised he didn't just find a way to break in. But, on the other hand, if the door is wide open... lol

Faith Ann said...

LOL. Squirrels are so loud when they're angry! Although the wide-open shed must have more than made up for losing the BBQ lol.

Your Ribbon Mandala is very pretty!