Thursday, January 24, 2008

She's Back!

Finally! I think Stargazer was beginning to think I had forgotten about her :o( I lost at least a whole week of stitching and as much as I love this relaxing pastime, I had a really hard time getting back into it. Every night I was just SO tired that all I wanted to do was just lay on the couch and act like a dead log. What does a dead log act like you ask? Well...dead I guess. LOL!

So here is my progress as of today -


I love her. I just love, love, love her. I'm going to switch colors a bit and work on the ribbons at the back of her dress next. I am debating what to do with the beading though. Do I bead her dress as I go or wait until the end? Part of me wants to bead it now but all the beading will have to be done in the daylight hours because I'll be using the Wonder Invisible Thread and that stuff is hard to see! Part of me is afraid I might end up hating her because of that :oS Oh the dilemma!

I'm not sure if you remember but I had a root canal back in December because my tooth had abscessed. Well guess what? That same tooth has abscessed again :o( I went back to the dentist and she took x-rays. Nothing there. Her answer? She has no idea what's going on and that it's probably just me. And she's probably right. If anything weird is going to happen health wise, I'm your gal ;o) The first antibiotics were a nightmare and probably part of the reason I didn't feel like stitching. Now I'm back on the original antibiotics I had before but I'm still sceptical whether it will completely get rid of the abscess or not.

I had my doctor's appointment on Monday and I voiced my concern about my MVP (mitral valve prolapse) and my weight. My heart has been doing the funky chicken again so he's going to order another Echo and Cardiogram. Oh, the fun! As for my weight, even though I lost ten pounds since my last visit on December 5, he didn't seem too concerned about it. I, on the other hand, am wondering what is going on. I'm not sure I can afford to keep buying new clothes. As it is, I have four different sizes in my closet. Years ago I would have done a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to lose that much weight but now it's wreaking havoc with my wardrobe! LOL!

I want to thank 'everyone' that has left comments on my Blog because some days, your comments are even funnier than what I've written! LOL! You may think I keep you in stitches but sometimes, it's the other way around :o) I truly appreciate it. You guys are the best!

That's it for today but I will leave you with this parting shot -



Tammy said...

Stargazer is gorgeous. I love the colours in her dress.

Sorry to hear your heart is doing the funky chicken, but glad you're getting things checked out. It's better to be safe than ignore issues, especially medical.

Nice rump on your dog. Classy little thing. At least she has the common decency to cover her vajayjay!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Hmmm....I'm looking at that picture and trying to orientate myself so that I can figure out what I'm looking at. I see a tail...a couple of furry paws....a belly...ah ha!! Guess who?? Lol!

Your Stargazer is beautiful, and your stitches on her are so neat and even. She is so going to be your pride and joy when she's done. Have you done much beading work before on other x-stitch projects???

My sympathies regarding your on-going tooth abscess troubles. I had my first root canal two years ago and since I'm prone to anxiety attacks that was a scary time. It didn't hurt at all, but I'm don't like having my mouth open and stuff in it (other then food) because I have a very strong gag reflex. In short, I'm terrified of choking or suffocating. I hope the antibiotics will do the trick for you.

I hope also that your health issues are not serious (you've certainly had more then your fair share to contend with), and the weight loss is not an indication of anything more then your body adjusting itself to what is suppose to be normal for you.

Enjoyed the musings in your Jan 22 blog. And if I may....I do believe that dogs have happy dreams. Our dog use to wag her tail in her sleep...quite hard.

Body image issues....the bane of women everywhere. It is a mortal sin in this day and age to be overweight. And no matter how skinny a person is, and how equally unhealthy it might be, it is still considered to be preferable and admirable and even secretly enviable compared to being overweight.

You seem to have gained a healthy insight into self image and your own body. You've had to deal with a great many changes and challenges over the years and I think, from reading your blog, that you're handling yourself well. I hope support from your blogging friends will help with that.

I've rambled on enough here. Lovely as always to hear from you on my blog Cathey. Take care.


Sue said...

Glad to see Stargazer back, she's beautiful. Sorry you're having trouble with your tooth ;)

Karen said...

Is that miss Brie under her blanket?
Stargazer looks great

Jenn said...

Stargazer is looking good. If I was you I'd do the beading at the end. I'd hate some of the beading to get crushed by the hoop or q-snaps.

Cute pice of ummmm....part of Brie. At least she's comfy. :)

Irene said...

Cathey, she is looking georgous ! Sorry about the tooth, hope it gets better soon. Didn't recognize Brie at first *LOL*

Marita said...

Stargazer is beautiful. Hope you the beads don't put you off.

Hope the antibiotics help this time.

Rachel S-H said...

Hope you feel better soon

Stargazer looks beautiful!

Stitchabilities said...

Awww! how could you!!! poor thing puting a pic of her bottom on the internet!! she'll be mortified!!!

lol Stargazer is looking great can't wait to see more of her!

Jocelyn said...

Oh, that puppy-o is too funny! That's bliss for you!

Stargazer is beautiful! I didn't think the beading on the dress was too bad, but the "up in the air" beading was Ugh! I know you'll do beautifully, though. She's already gorgeous!

I really hope you feel better, Cathey. Take care of yourself!

Faith Ann said...

SG is looking lovely!! She's so serene :)

Lori said...

Frank plays under the towel after he has a bath. It's so funny.

Sometimes we just have days were breathing is enough to deal with, don't we? Then it's time to just take it easy. :|

Leeland said...

Amazing job on Stargazer.
I'm sorry for your tooth problem but I also feel more concerned about your heart and weight loss... I just hope you're being properly taken in charge by good doctors, Cathey. Don't hesitate to see different ones in case you have any doubt. Your health is proceless (and you sure know it, my friend).
Take good care of yourself, and give Brie a hug. Looks like her belly is very soft...

Anonymous said...

OK, so I thought I was looking at a weird toupee and black arms. It took me a long time to figure out what I was looking at. LOL

Stargazer looks very happy you've been able to put some stitches in her.

Take care of you.

Laura said...

Stargazer is looking beautiful. I love the ribbons. I am glad that you are feeling like stitching on her some. I empathize with you on your tooth abscess. Last summer I had to have a root canal retreated. No fun, and rather expensive also. But it has been 8 months, and it is fine now. My endodentist said only about 2% of his retreatments failed. So, get a good endodentist and think positive.

Paisley said...

Stargazer is really starting to come alive! I can see why you love her!

I hope all your health issues work themselves out soon.

stitcherw said...

Stargazer is looking so pretty. Don't have any advice on the beading though, as have never tackled a project that big with beads. Hopefully you'll find a plan on how to get it done (maybe some now and some later so it isn't all at one time?) that works for you.

So sorry to hear about your tooth. Toothaches (and in general mouth problems) can be so hard. The pain just seems to be sharper or more obvious somehow, it's hard to ignore. I hope the antibiotics can get it cleared up and that you don't have any more bad reactions to them. How scary too on your heart acting like that. It really seems like you are way overdue for things to go right and stay quiet.

Very cute picture of Brie, she looks very comfy. One of the ladies on the LHN board I'm on has a dashound that likes to sleep on his back like that too. As to your earlier post, I think dogs have happy dreams. Jaz (and Sasha used to also) makes all kinds of noises when she sleeps, whines, yips, etc. She almost runs in place and tail does this funny little half wag half twitch. Yup, she's having a good dream.:)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Stargazer is looking lovely!