Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eighteenth Finish For 2010

I was bad. A bad, bad, bad stitcher! But I just couldn't resist... I took a little break from Sabrina to stitch this little cutie -


This is Pumpkin Kiss by The Cricket Collection stitched on 32 count Lambswool linen. Now you can see why he just had to be done ;o) One more pumpkin to add to my collection. I even have the perfect backing fabric for when I get ambitious enough to finish him. LOL!

I feel kind of bad because I don't have any fall projects stitched this year. I still have my summer pieces hanging up and nothing to replace them with. I love my snowmen but even I think it's a little too early for them ;o)

I have to apologize to Patti because I won the draw on her Blog and haven't posted a picture of my goodies yet. I finally got myself organized enough. Lookie at what arrived a couple of weeks ago -


Thank you SO much Patti! I've had fun going through ALL of it :o)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please Don't Pinch Me...

...because if I'm dreaming, I don't want to know ;o)

I blinked once, I blinked twice and then a third time but the same email stared right back at me. I've read it again and again but it still says the same thing...


OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I can't believe it! I just can't stop smiling either :o) I will receive THE FULL SET of their silks. How many is that? I think 180. Can you say heaven? Sweet!

It's funny because on Saturday, DH was watching television while I was working out my answer to the question that was asked for the contest. I kept asking DH questions about Australia until he finally looked at me strangely and asked me what the heck I was doing. When I told him and then interjected that it was approximately $700 worth of silks, realization hit but he still shook his head ;o) I NEVER thought I would win. EVER!

I'm hoping this is a good omen because (early) tomorrow morning I have to go for my yearly mammogram :o( I'm officially in my eleventh year now so hopefully it will all go down smoothly. I was at Frenchys (used clothing store) and bought this T-shirt -


Appropriate, yes? LOL! I know I've done this for ten years now but it still doesn't get any easier. Even though I'm trying not to think about it, it's still in the back of my mind and probably a good reason why I don't feel so great this week. Fingers and toes crossed :o)

I had another WONDERFUL surprise last night when I got an email from my dear friend Irene. She FINISHED stitching the Happy Pumpkin Day 2010 pattern! She's fast ;o) I hope she doesn't mind me 'borrowing' her picture -


Please visit her Blog though to see how she finished the back. I'm tickled pink because it came out better than I had hoped :o) Great job Irene!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Going Postal

That's the way I feel right about now! LOL!


Although I could go for a ride in a USPS truck ;o) This picture was taken when we were in Camden, Maine. Since stealing a postal truck is a federal offence, I figured this was the closest I would ever get to one. Call me weird but this has always been a dream of mine. Driving the truck, not stealing it!


The day is finally here and I bet you are all on the edge of your seats just waiting to hear the names of the winners. Am I right? ;o) I used the randomizer and the Pumpkin Day winner is...CAROLYN!!!!


I also used the randomizer for the Jack-O-Lantern contest because there were just too many great pumpkins to choose from :o) The lucky winner is...TINA!!!!


Congratulations girls! I will be emailing you both :o)

I want to thank everyone for making Pumpkin Day 2010 a great success. This was the best one to date! I hope everyone had fun and learned something new. I know I did ;o) I 'think' I sent everyone the free chart but there were a few that didn't put down their email address :o( So if you didn't receive the chart, please email me and I will send it right out. If anyone 'does' stitch the pattern, can you plmk because I'd love to see it :o)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Pumpkin Day!

Woohoo! The day is finally here :o) Welcome to the third annual Pumpkin Day festivities! Are you ready to have some fun? I SAID...are you ready to have some fun???? Good because today is all about having a good time!

Did you know that...?

- pumpkins originated in Central America.
- the word 'pumpkin' comes from the Greek word 'pepon' which means large melon.
- Illinois grows more pumpkins than any other state in the US.
- pumpkins were once used for removing freckles and curing snake bites.

Pumpkin Carving -

How many of you are decorating pumpkins for Halloween this year? If you're in need of some ideas, you might want to check out Pumpkin Masters and Hershey's for some really neat (and free) stencils! And if you want to practice beforehand, why not try your hand at Pumpkin Carve, Jack-O-Lantern Creator or Halloween Pumpkin Carve :o)

Recipes -

A party isn't a party without food! Here are some recipes that you might want to try while pumpkins are still in season. Let's begin with some munchies :o) Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are perfect for that. While you're snaking on that, whip up a batch of Pumpkin Apple Soup! Pumpkin Risotto will make a fine entree and for dessert? How about Pumpkin Cremes Brulees! That's definitely one recipe I want to try :o) If you're not a pumpkin fan but still want a fall atmosphere, try Kraft's Great Pumpkin Cake (btw, a Comet Cup is an ice cream cone).

Games -

Who's up for some games???? I've got some new ones this year :o)

Catch as many pumpkins as you can in Halloween Pumpkin Catch.

Pumpkin Patch Blast is pretty much that as well as addicting. LOL!

Squash ghosts and monsters in Pumpkin Push.

Contests -

How good are you at making a Jack-O-Lantern? Are you ready to be put to the test? In order to enter this contest, leave a comment (on THIS post only) with a link to your entry :o) Be creative! Carve a real pumpkin, draw a picture or just take a picture of a stitched pumpkin. Let's see what you've got!

Want to be entered into the second giveaway? It's simple! Either be or become a Pumpkin Stalker :o) Just remember, leave a separate comment (on THIS post only) saying that you are a follower.

In order to give everyone a fair chance, these contests will be open until Monday, October 25 at midnight EST. You can enter one or both contest and I will ship anywhere. PLEASE provide me a way to contact you through you comment. If I cannot, another name will be drawn from the hat.


Of course! A treat bag will be awarded to the winner of each contest :o) What's in them you ask? HA! That's a surprise. Let's just say it's pumpkin themed and will contain stitchy stuff...

Unfortunately there can only be two winners but since this is a party and I feel that everyone 'should' go home with something, I have a cross stitch design by moi for you to take home :o) Just make sure you leave me a way to email it to you.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the day and I want to thank you for coming :o) If you didn't make it over, you still have until October 25 to participate so don't forget! Have fun and good luck!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow And Steady...

I don't know about steady but slow definitely describes how Sabrina is going. Sigh! I'm really enjoying stitching her though and this is where she is as of today -


I'm not sure if it looks like a lot of progress but there is some. Honest ;o)

DH and I are planning on getting a propane fireplace (fingers crossed) installed in the living room and I got to thinking... Right now Stargazer is upstairs in the extra bedroom. I wonder how it would look if I put Sabrina off to one side of the fireplace and Stargazer off to the other. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm SO excited because today I put the finishing touches on the free pattern that will be given out on Pumpkin Day!!!! I'm quite happy with it so I hope it looks as good when it's stitched up :o) I've also been collecting items for the giveaway. Only THREE more days to go...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Heart Pumpkins

Really? Noooooo... Where would you come up with that idea? I mean it's not like I'm surrounded by them or anything. Maybe the title of my Blog gives something away ;o)

As I mentioned in my last post, I had some more things to share with you and guess what? They're pumpkin related!

There was another box awaiting me when we got home last weekend. Myra surprised me with a RAK -


Isn't that THE MOST adorable pumpkin you've ever seen???? I was just tickled when I opened up this package :o) DH just shook his head. There 'were' four packages of candy corn but I had already eaten one :oP Believe it or not but that was my first taste! Thank you so much Myra!

While we were away in the US, the stores were full of everything that had to do with Halloween. What did that mean for me? Some great finds :o)

At Old Navy, I was hoping to find a pumpkin T-shirt but stumbled upon this cute top and bottom set -


Do you see that pumpkin in the middle? That came from Bath & Body Works. It's a condensed wash cloth and when you put it in water, it expands :o) As you can see, I haven't done it yet. I'm not sure if I want to. LOL!

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments! I read each and every one of them and respond to them if you have an email attached :o) I'm doing much better with my IBS. The stuff I'm taking has gotten rid of the nausea and painful cramps. Relief! Now if I could just get my erratic heart palpitations under control I'd be doing 'really' well!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Nice Welcome Back

Maybe I should go away more often because when we got back from NB, my mailbox was stuffed with goodies! LOL!

I was the runner up in Denise's giveaway and feast your eyes on this -


Wow is right! My eyes bulged out of my head when I opened the box. Needless to say, it took me awhile to go through everything. I was definitely spoiled and I want to thank Denise again for her incredible generosity AND for letting me use her picture ;o)

There are a few more things that I will share but unfortunately we're having a rain storm at the moment and pictures are just not possible :o( Stay tuned though!

I still wasn't feeling myself when we got back home so off to the doctor I went. He seems to think that my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) has flared up again :o( I've had IBS since about 1995. My worry is that it may now be Crone's due to the new symptoms that have developed over the years but I refuse to go for a colonoscopy. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice they can share with me? If you don't want to leave it in a comment, you can email me. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

Wow...DH and I are finally home again! We had a wonderful time with both sets of parents :o) I got to see my good friend J. It was SO nice to see her and see that she was happy. I wish we had had more time to catch up but I'll just have to make a point of going to visit her new place next time :o)

DH and I also saw our niece and nephew and we couldn't believe how much they had grown! It was so fun interacting with them and watching them play. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! As far as I know, we don't have any more trips planned for the rest of the year. It's good to be home again :o)

I've done quite well in catching up with my emails but I am behind in my Blog reading...again :oS I'll get there! LOL!

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you know that my favourite holiday is coming up shortly! If you're a newcomer, you might not be aware of this special day that I love so much ;o) So mark your calendars because on October 21 we're going to celebrate -


This day will be full of fun facts, games, maybe an exclusive free pattern and a giveaway...of course ;o)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

It 'Moose' Be Fall!

DH and I are visiting my parents at the moment and having a very nice time :o) The leaves are much more colourful although the high winds have taken a lot of them down. I haven't been able to get the pictures I've wanted because of this :o(

What I didn't expect to get a picture of was this -



Y-e-s that IS a moose! DH and I were walking down the road with my parents when we spotted this fellow. There were approximately 225 feet between us. Thankfully he turned into the woods. Nice moosie ;o) LOL!

I want to thank everyone who entered the breast cancer giveaway and who explained to me how to get a screen shot ;o) LOL!

The winner of the DMC Stitch Pink Kit is...MYRA!!!!


Congratulations! I will be emailing you shortly :o)

Tomorrow we leave to visit my in-laws so I will be offline for a few days :o( To all my Canadian friends, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Poor Sabrina :o(

She has been SO neglected lately. I 'really' have my doubts that she's going to be done by the end of this year :o( Here she is as of yesterday -


I couldn't help but stitch the hem in her dress ;o) I was so unsure when I first saw the colour combination but I love it! I'm glad I decided not to change anything.

DH and I are going to visit our parents for Thanksgiving so at home she stays :o( At least I have a travel project but I'll keep that secret until I get home. Hee, hee!

I DO have a few other things that I will share with you though. Tina was a sweetheart and sent me Autumn Row by Bent Creek -


Don't you just love the donkey card? :o) I'm picking up the material for it later today so I'll have it on hand. It's going to be a cute project. Thank you again Tina!

My dear friend Harmien surprised me with another sample of her wonderful stitching -


Isn't this stocking just darling???? I love the antique bell that she attached. Thank you so much Harmien! You know it will be treasured :o)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Do You Want To Know Who Won?



LOL! Of course you do ;o)

I want to thank everyone who entered and I really wish that I could give everyone a prize :o( There were 57 entries and I went to to let them make the decision. Unfortunately I don't know how to do a screen shot so I've listed the results below. So...

CONGRATULATIONS Cythia! You are the winner of the $50 gift certificate from Handcrafts Online :o) I will be emailing you shortly!

"List Randomizer

There were 57 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Cythia Harris
2. Lynnie
3. Crazee4books
4. Melissa
5. Aussie Stitcher
6. Marjorie
7. Jenn's Crafty World
8. Lisa
9. devonaz
10. Faye
11. Daffycat
12. Rachael
13. Carolyn
14. Siobhan
15. Lori-Ann
16. JulieF1962
17. Denise
18. Harmien
19. Kajsa
20. Calamity Jr
21. Tatkis
22. Rachel
23. Paisley
24. Tracey
25. Gen
26. Danielle
27. Karen
28. Vinniey
29. Ellen (Stitch Passion)
30. Jane
31. Dixie Samplar
32. Patti
33. Melanie
34. Alberta
35. Julie
36. Myra
37. Ellen C
38. Gert
39. Sharon
40. Jayne
41. Cole
42. Nia
43. Carol
44. Angela P
45. Valerie
46. Kathryn
47. Jo
48. Patty C
49. Annie
50. Hillery
51. Veronica
52. Rachel S
53. Cindy
54. Leah
55. Blu
56. Kat
57. Deborah

Timestamp: 2010-10-05 13:40:01 UTC"

Stay tuned and I promise there will be some stitching soon ;o)

Monday, October 04, 2010


Sorry about the little interruption but I'm sure you understand ;o) Hopefully I'll end my saga today so you don't have to read any more of my dribble about this vacation. LOL!

While we were on Peaks Island, DH and I biked the whole area (okay, well 'most' of it). Brad's Bikes rents bikes out by the hour or day. I brought my camera along on our trek around the island. The coastline is a lot like that of Nova Scotia -


At the south end of the island (if you want refer to this map) is something called the Battery Steel Bunker -


It was built in the early 1900's and used in WWI and WWII as part of the Portland Harbor Defences. Now the bunker is grown over and full of graffiti -



Apparently it's great fun to wonder through the pitch black tunnels. HA! I can tell you one thing...neither DH or I had enough balls to do it ;o)

Later that day, DH and I walked to the centre of the island where our next adventure awaited! It's been one of my lifelong dreams to ride a horse along the beach and that's what we set out to do :o)


Mind you I was not riding a gorgeous grey Andalusian right along the edge of a white sandy beach with the wind blowing in my hair ;o) I was on a 1,800 pound black Percheron (uh-huh, a work horse) named Dawn, slowly clumping along a small pebble beach with a timid DH riding along behind me. Hey, it was as close as I could get but at least I can cross it off my Bucket List. LOL!

The Casco Bay area that surrounds Portland, Maine is dotted with islands. The ferries go to a few of them but others are only accessible by private boat. Would you believe that they have an island called Pumpkin Knob (it's off the NE tip of Peaks Island)?


Okay, not the best name but I won't be fussy if they want to name an island after me ;o)

The area is full of history and I hope that we can go back someday and explore a little more. House Island is on the right as you come towards Peaks Island. In 1808, this is where the US government built Fort Scammel -



I didn't realize it at the time but they do offer tours.

Now to the left going towards Peaks Island is Fort Gorges -


It was built in 1812 and looks to be an island in itself! You can visit the fort but only if you have your own transportation. There are no official tours to the site.

Just before we left the Portland area, there was ONE more thing I just had to see...


This is Lenny from Len Libby Chocolates. He is the World's Only Life-Sized Chocolate Moose!!!! Yes, I did say chocolate. Actually I should say that he's 1,700 POUNDS of chocolate :oD How's that for rounding off a great vacation? LOL!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I was going to write about the third instalment of our vacation today but since it's October 1, I thought that I would post about the important month ahead.

As most of you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's a reminder to be vigilant of our bodies and to 'squeeze' in that annual mammogram ;o) Mine has been booked for October 27. Yippee...NOT! If you think you need help, then maybe this kind gentleman will do the trick -


There are a few things going on this month that I want you to be aware of :o) First off, Mary Kathryn from Handcrafts Online, has her Pink Pages up! Just click on the daisy and it will magically take you shopping...


I know that in Canada, the CIBC Run For The Cure will be held on October 3. This is a very popular event so look for it in your town or city :o) I don't take part because even though it's been ten years, I still get very upset when I hear stories from other people. I still do my part though! Every month I donate a fixed amount to the CBCF and it's automatically taken out of my bank account.

Hershey's in the US is doing a Tour De Pink :o) It also takes part across the country so check it out and see if there is one near you.

It's not too late to take part in the Pumpkin Patch & Co Breast Fund! As part of my ten year anniversary of being breast cancer free, I found some wonderful volunteers to take part in stitching an ornament and donating it to the Attic Needlework's Silent Auction For Breast Cancer Research. I'm anxious to see how our group does :o) For more details on it and how to join, check out the Blog.

I know I have an ongoing giveaway but what's one more? :o) Last year I gave out a pattern I designed but this year, since I seem to have collected two, I am giving away a Stitch Pink Needlework Accessory Kit by DMC -


I bought one myself and then in the mail today one arrived from sweet Danielle :o) Thank you for thinking of me! (Just so you know, the one I bought is going to be the giveaway prize)

All you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post only and a means for me to contact you if you are the winner. You DO NOT have to be a follower of my Blog to enter. Easy peasy :o) It's more important to spread the word! I will leave this open until Friday, October 8 and will try to post the name of the winner soon afterwards.

Finally, I want to share a quick story with you :o) DH and I were talking one day while we were eating Skittles. All of a sudden an idea came to mind and I told him that they were about the right size for a nipple. I have NO idea where this thought came from! Then the great debate... Would it be a chocolate M&M, a Skittle or a peanut M&M???? I 'think' the chocolate M&M finally won out. ROFL! Now today I was browsing the internet and I see that they have what they call Nipple Badges -


I think I could really have fun with those ;o)