Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's A Shower!

A baby shower that is ;o) As most of you know, I went back to NB two weekends ago to attend my own shower and spend some time with my family. I'm ashamed it's taken me this long to post this but when I got home, I came down with this horrid head cold and I've been miserable ever since. Ugh!

Anyway, Mom and our friend S did a fabulous job of putting this party together. S opened up her home for the party and it was greatly appreciated. I think Mom had such a fun time shopping for all the supplies and she did a great job. It was a jungle theme, including a monkey of course ;o)


When the guests came in, there was a banner (in the same theme) they could sign. I plan on putting it up in Junior's room. Believe it or not but I have not read the messages yet. Why? I'm not sure but I'm think I'm afraid I might cry.

There was a ton of food! So delicious! And of course a cake with little blue baby booties made of icing :o) Mom had also put together goodie bags for the guests to take home with them.

In the end, there were fourteen people (including me). Fifteen if you include the 'baby' -


I had a few people cancel at the last minute and although I really missed seeing them, I completely understand why they couldn't be there. I did enjoy catching up with everyone but sadly three hours flies by fast.

I can't believe how spoiled I was! The gifts were overwhelming and I thought they would never stop -


I've done my best to take pictures of everything but there are a few things missing from the following pictures. There were a handful of books and two dog snugglies that didn't get included. I ran out of steam while taking the pictures so that's why no books but the snugglies are at S's house because she's going to embroider Junior's name on them when we announce his name ;o)





Can you believe all this came home with me???? I had brought an extra suitcase with me but in the end, there were three extra boxes and a crib mattress that came back across the ferry! LOL! There were some people that had passed on some items to us so that's why the extra baggage. It's a good thing they have a container to place these items in. I can't imagine trying to lug all that with me on the ferry ;o)

The majority of everything has been washed, sorted and put away. The nursery IS getting closer to being finished! I can't thank everyone enough for making that day so special :o) I truly have the best family and friends. More to come...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Halloween Rules SAL - February Progress

It's that time again and the second block is complete! Well, it's been complete for at least a week now but it's just taken me this long to post it -


I did make a small change to the piece of candy on the left hand side. It didn't seem very symmetrical to me. Call me crazy ;o)

Now I have to wait the rest of the month before I can continue :o(

As I write this, I'm in New Brunswick with my parents. I took the ferry from NS yesterday and they picked me up on the other side. My mom is throwing me a baby shower tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends, some of which I haven't seen since we moved to NS!

Junior is doing well, much better than his mother. It seems that I'm not as sea worthy as I was before I was pregnant :oS All I can say is that I'm glad it was a calm crossing because otherwise I might have spent the whole time in the bathroom. LOL!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Second Finish For 2012

I'm SO excited to finally have this project completed! I never thought it would see the light of day again so it was a good thing that Junior decided to make an appearance ;o) LOL!

This is Noah's Crew by Imaginating -


As I stated before, I changed the colors of the curtain and Noah's robe to match the colors of the nursery. I used DMC 3018 and 3865 along with white. Noah's scarf changed color too to match his new robe. The background was supposed to be red but I just reversed the piece of matting so the white became the new backdrop. I'm very happy with the results -


Once I got working on this again, and I'm not a perforated paper stitcher, I really did enjoy it! All the animals seemed to have their own little personalities :o)


This crew even has a monkey -


I'm not sure where I'll display this piece but for now it's on top of the dresser. I know you are all anxious to see pictures of the nursery but it's not ready for reveal just yet. I 'will' give you a sneak peak of the colors being used and the striping on the walls -


How's that for a tease? LOL! Hopefully it won't be too much longer and I'll show you what Junior's new room will look like ;o)

I want to thank everyone for their absolutely wonderful comments and to welcome some new Pumpkin Stalkers :o) I truly enjoy reading everything you write and I'm trying my best to reply to everyone that I can.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Countdown Is On!

I know I'm late in posting this but hey, better late than never ;o) LOL! Last Tuesday, DH and I had another check up at the IWK and I got him to take another picture of me. I'm starting to look a bit tired now -


But guess what? That was me at 30 weeks so the countdown is on! People are still surprised that I'm that far along when they see me so that makes me feel good ;o)

The appointment went very well and my doctor is still very pleased with my progress. The second gestational diabetes test came back negative, as I predicted. That was definitely NOT a fun three hours. My leg/pelvis pain has shifted to my right leg and really packs quite a punch of pain :o( I'm still avoiding too much walking or stairs. I can hardly lift that leg now. I'm one unhappy Pumpkin! I was hoping that when Junior moved it would go away but not so. He moved position on Tuesday and is now vertical. I'm not sure where his head is yet but hopefully he's upside down ;o) LOL!

We've taken in two prenatal classes so far and I have to say it hasn't been too bad. Interesting people to say the least...

DH continues to work on the nursery and I should have pictures soon :o) The crib arrived yesterday! We haven't opened the box yet but I hope it's what we want. The cushions for the rocker would have been here today but I wasn't home. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow. I was really surprised that they came so soon so fingers crossed they look good!

I put through TWO FULL loads of clothes in the wash for Junior. And that was only everything up to six months! This child is going to be a clothes horse but then that's not surprising if he takes after his daddy ;o)

I have finally finished and put together Junior's Noah's Crew and I will be posting pictures of it soon!!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

First Finish For 2012

That's right! I can now show you my first finish for the year :o) This is Gingerbread Snow by San Man Originals -


I love the little gingerbread man :o) Again, I cheated and was able to finish this into an ornament with the tuck that Sandy provided with the pattern -


One ornament down, eleven more to go! LOL!

I'll post a new picture of myself and Junior on my next post and give you a quick update :o)