Sunday, June 28, 2009

Overdue Thank Yous

Where have I been? LOL! Well, still here on earth although stretched well beyond my means. So much so that I came down with another bout of vertigo :o( At least, when I get the chance, I will have a lot of stuff to show and write about ;o)

The first thing on the list though is some much overdue thank yous! I have been the very lucky recipient of some lovely gifts from some very wonderful friends and they should be acknowledged :o)

Karen never fails to send the neatest breast cancer items to me -


My pin collection has really grown thanks to her ;o) Do you see that gorgeous fob? Karen made it with some of her hand blown glass beads!!!! I think it looks quite stunning on my Ginghers :o) Oups! I just realized there is one thing missing from the picture! Karen sent Brie a little squeaky toy in the shape of a piece of cake. Brie absolutely LOVES this toy and the squeaker still works!!!! That is totally amazing since she can kill a squeaker in five seconds flat. LOL!

The next package to arrive was from Rachael -


I had won her contest for the Shepherd's Bush charts but was totally surprised to see a little something else in the envelope :o) That lovely pin keep was made by Rachael herself and she is one beautiful stitcher when it comes to Hardanger. She is one talented gal :o)

Last, but not least, was this huge surprise from Cindy -


I couldn't believe it when Cindy told me she made the Ort Pouch herself!!!! You should see this in person...its perfect! I'm not kidding. I told her she should sell them. I LOVE the color combination and the little froggies make me chuckle. She even made a fob (seen here on my new pair of Sarah Ginghers) with a frog charm at the end (comes with matching counting pin). LOL! I finally got my Garden Stars by Ink Circles :o) This multi-talented lady even made the dishcloth that matches my kitchen perfectly!

What can I say? I have the most wonderful, talented, caring friends around me and a gal can't be thankful enough for this. I truly appreciate these wonderful gifts and there are huge thank yous going out to you all :o)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Year Older & A Day Late

I just finished ironing my shower curtain. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Well, I've been staring at that thing for the past week now and I just couldn't stand the wrinkles anymore! Wrinkles be gone! LOL!

Whew! It's been B-U-S-Y here and no wonder my poor Blog has been so neglected. Not to mention my emails and my Blog reading :o( I really do apologize. Please bear with me; I will be back at some point, although I'm not sure when right now. I have my parents coming to visit next weekend and it looks like my in-laws might be here the first part of July. So with moving in, unpacking, more cleaning and organizing, plus decorating, I've been stretching myself quite thin. The odd thing is, I've been enjoying it :o)

It's been a week today that we've been officially living in the new house! It really does feel like home and I love watching it grow around us with all of our special touches that we've been putting in. The flooring WAS finally finished before we moved in. It was close but it got done. Our dining room furniture was delivered and I'm just enamoured with it :o) I have all of these beautiful glass pieces in my china cabinet and they look so pretty.

Speaking of loving something...I am SO IN LOVE with my new washer and dryer!!!! They are awesome! We bought new front loading ones and I used them for the first time yesterday. Washing is as easy as 1-2-3 and the clothes come out almost dried. And talk about QUIET! Oh, I love, love, love them! Who would have thought that I would enjoy washing clothes so much ;o)

We're still waiting on our other furniture to be delivered but that's okay. I'm in a cleaning frenzy and want the living room done before they arrive. My poor stitching room has been sorely neglected and will probably be the last room to get done :o( I do have my new desk in there, plus my stash, but I need a good size storage unit and I'm waiting on my new recliner :o)

I also have to apologize that the birthday girl has been late with her post. I want to thank those that sent emails, comments, e-cards and real birthday cards :o) I will get around to thanking everyone personally. My big day was just a day. I was a little blue this year because it was the first time away from family and friends. I didn't have Mom to bake me a cake but DH came through and brought me home a little chocolate one just for me (I did share it with him btw).

It's a good thing for the stash cash that I received from some very special people :o) When I'm blue, the best thing is to shop!!!! LOL! And shop I will but I want to wait until after Market to see all the new stuff that's coming out.

I had better end this post before it gets any longer. I promise I will take pictures as soon as the house is deemed clean enough ;o) I've also got some new projects on the go and I guess I'll have to share those as well. I kinda got a small case of startitis about a week ago :oS

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Doggy Style!

It never ceases to amaze me the healing powers that animals hold. Whether they realize that they are a comfort or a joy to their owners, I don't know. If they don't, then their antics must be pretty coincidental.

Today, when I got home from getting groceries, it was so nice out that I told Duncan and Brie that we'd go down to the beach for a bit. Both of them LOVE the beach, especially Brie because it's one terrain that she can still tear back and forth on. Even though her front end goes one way and her ass end another, she can still run circles around us :o)

It must be the right time of year because for the past week there have been loads of gulls and cormorants out in the water fishing. When we got down to the beach, there were a flock of gulls off to the right. The tide was coming in but it's nice and shallow where we are so I told Duncan to go get them. One thing you have to know about Duncan...he doesn't 'get' anything.

I was hopeful at first though because he started running towards them! All of a sudden he stops right in the middle of the beautiful surf and...dumps a load. Yup, he decides he's going to crap far enough out in the water that I can't scoop the poop :oS It would have been a million dollar shot but guess what? That's right, no camera. HA!

So, we're on our way back when I see Duncan sniffing around one of the huge boulders. He's got his nose way up in the air and I know he's onto something. The next thing I know, he's trying to jump up the boulder that's four times his height! Nope, not even close to successful. He's got his perturbed look but he's still fascinated with the area.

Of course he has hooked my interest by this point and I join in on the search. We both start climbing up the smaller boulders covered in seaweed. The flies should have been my first clue. They should have but I ignored them... Just as I saw it, Duncan was on it...a nice gooey fish head :oP Ewwwww! Luckily I managed to get him down before he snatched it up.

I don't know if I shared this with you before or not but when Duncan was staying with my in-laws over the winter, he came home with five different deer legs over that period of time. FIVE! Don't worry, the deer were already dead but it seems that Duncan has quite a talent for sniffing out dead things. DH and I are wondering if he should be a cadaver dog as grotesque as that may be. But Duncan loves doing it and he's so proud when he finds something. He's like a cat that brings home a dead mouse to his master only we have a dog that brings home deer legs.


That's our boy though; full of personality, never boring and seems to know when I need a good laugh ;o)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Flower Power

Sweet, sweet Monday. The beginning of a new week. Actually, the beginning of a new month considering it's June 1! Unfortunately I feel like I'm still stuck in last week. My cold has gone from a sore throat to my left nostril, to my right nostril and then down into my chest where it remains, sucking the life out of me. Add to misery the fact that Aunt Flo came for a visit and there you have the ultimate torture.

DH worked all weekend and I went from the bed to the couch, from the couch to the bed, from the bed to the couch...well, you get the idea. I'm over medicated with Cold FX, Zinc tablets, PMS pills and Robitussin. Talk about a cocktail! I did manage to get out yesterday and go over to the new house but my body protested way too much after I put one of the laundry baskets together so it was back to bed for me.

Fingers crossed that the flooring comes in today. If that's the case, hopefully they will be done installing it by tomorrow and then I can get back on track. I don't appreciate it when things interfere with my plans. When body and mind don't listen to each other, this is the result. I just wish they'd take their war somewhere else!

Since I'm still basking in this miserable state, I figured I would use the power of flowers to add some cheer to this Monday and see if that changes anything ;o)





What do you think?

Speaking of Flower Power, I have a sadistic desire to stitch this pattern by The Crossed Wing Collection. Maybe that's just the cocktail talking, I don't know, but if anyone has this pattern for sale or trade, plmk. You can find my email address through my profile :o)