Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Junior!

I know I'm 'very' late again with my updates but it's been a grueling three weeks to say the least and my mind hasn't been in the best of places :o( Aside from that, I wanted to share the most recent news from our home because it was a huge event. Plus, I see there must be quite a few of you checking up to see if I have updated my Blog recently ;o) How I keep holding onto all my Stalkers, I don't know... you see by the title, Junior had an official birthday and turned ONE YEAR OLD on April 10!!!! It was quite the event because he had not one but TWO parties! LOL!

The night of his actual birthday we had both sets of grandparents over and Junior got to open his larger gifts. He got an All Season Wagon and a Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll Trike :o) He had his very own birthday cake and it was so funny to see how reserved he was with it. Most kids would have had it smeared from head to toe but not our little guy; face and fingers were just fine :o)

Then on Saturday, April 13, we had an open house from 2-4pm as I mentioned in my last post. It worked out stupendously! We had 24 people in all and somehow our little house managed to squeeze them all in. Junior had a ball and made sure he mingled with everyone now that he is WALKING! He had another piece of cake and opened his presents for everyone to see (all without any fuss!). We put out peanut butter and jam sandwiches (crusts cut off), Kool-Aid, fruit and veggie trays along with a half of slab of cake (part vanilla, part chocolate). Btw, thank you Christina and Harmien for the books you sent! Junior just LOVES them! A note will be in the mail soon :o)

So here's the final picture of the year for the big man -

 photo OneYearOld.jpg

I keep saying he looks all grown up but he does. He really does.

 photo OneYearOld2.jpg

As of today, Junior has another two teeth. His two (first) lower molars broke through so now we're up to ten teeth in that little mouth of his. He's still a chomping machine. It looks like his two upper eye teeth might be coming in next. Ugh! The drool is just crazy. And the snot! We've realized that when his teeth come in, his sinuses go crazy. What we thought were colds were just teeth coming in.

I've already let slip that Junior is now walking ;o) He started when he was eleven and a half months old. It's funny to watch him because he's so proud of himself. This has now led to climbing the stairs and now he's trying to climb the furniture. Sigh! DH and I keep putting things higher and higher but eventually we'll have nowhere else to go. LOL!

Little man has a few words under his belt but he's trying to copy whatever words you're saying. He's also associating words with objects so that's quite neat! It never gets dull watching him learn and grow.

I know I promised you an update about me and I will try my best in the next few days. It's been one of the hardest months for me but I'm trying to crawl out of my hole. I miss you all! Until then...I hope everyone is keeping well :o)