Friday, May 29, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Another l-o-n-g week... On Monday, DH and I got a break from everything and travelled to the 'big city' where I had an appointment with an ENT. This new doctor went over my ear ringing and he suggested a few new things. At this point, I'm willing to try anything! He's also referring me to a TMJ specialist about my jaw, which I think is a step in the right direction since I've broken 2-3 molars already :oS After the appointment, DH and I did a bit of shopping and picked up a few things for the house. Who knew that shopping for curtains could be SO exhausting!!!!

The movers arrived on Tuesday morning and all our 'junk' was delivered. DH and I are still shaking our heads wondering WHY we decided to keep so much stuff. Thankfully we have a full basement in this house but there is not as much storage space. So now we either have to be more creative or we have to de-clutter. Don't worry; my stash is not going anywhere! LOL!

Since the rest of our flooring won't be installed until the first of next week (GRRRRR!!!!), I have concentrated my cleaning, scrubbing, disinfecting and washing on the second floor. As of today, I have our bedroom and the extra bedroom complete except for making the beds. Today I plan to tackle our bathroom but I'm not sure if I'll make it...

As predicted, the exhaustion has lowered my immune system and I woke up the other night with a sore throat :o( I've been popping Cold FX and Zinc tablets in hopes that it will slow things down. I was so sore Wednesday night that it took every last bit of energy to lift my arm and feed myself. I look like I've been drug through a knothole backwards. More cuts and bruises have appeared, enough that I won't be wearing shorts for the next least! LOL!

How's that for whining? Not enough? Okay, I haven't picked up a needle since May 18 :o( I miss my stitching!!!! At this point, I probably couldn't even focus on the holes. It also doesn't help that I'm ready for bed before it's even dark out. Even though I'm in one sad state, I'm SO happy about the house and getting it all fixed up :o)

I guess it's been awhile since I've posted a picture of the critter kids so here's one of The Odd Couple -

Duncan came back the end of April and Brie was ecstatic to see him :o) I haven't really written about Brie lately because we've been having some really serious issues and I'm very torn up about what to do. I know what 'should' be done but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

So much for an upbeat post :oS

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coming Up Short

It's been a l-o-n-g week. I've been going non-stop since I received the keys to our new house at 2 pm on Tuesday. Cleaning, scrubbing, disinfecting and washing enough dishes that I should have immunity for the next year ;o) Even though I am tired, sore and covered in cuts and bruises, I feel happy and have a sense of accomplishment. That was, until today...

The week went really smooth with the electrician, the telephone company (a screw up on their part), having the propane installed and our new appliances delivered. On Thursday, we got the call we were desperately waiting for...the new hardwood floor had come in! Our contractor picked it up on Friday, started tearing out the existing hardwood floor and planned on installing the new today.

DH and I arrived at the house late this afternoon to see the progress. When I walked in the door, my eyes fell upon the gorgeous hardwood flooring that I picked out and I was jumping for joy until we were informed that there wasn't enough to finish the job. WHAT? ACK!

So here we are, late on a Saturday. The flooring place is closed. As far as we know, they only brought in enough boxes for our project and they came all the way from Ontario. ARGH! At this point we're not sure just how quickly we can get the extra two boxes that we need. And so we wait until Monday so that we can get in touch with someone who can.

My smooth chain of events now has a HUGE kink in it. The moving company is coming on Tuesday and the flooring was to be complete before that :o( So much for a well laid out plan! Maybe I'm not cracking my whip loud enough ;o)

Before I close, I will leave you with this -


The rhododendrons are out and the hummers are back!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today is THE day!!!! I know I have been holding out on you all but like I said in my other post, time just doesn't exist lately. If you haven't already noticed my ticker above (it seems that one of you, Alberta, has hawk eyes), today is the possession date of our new house :o) Yes, DH and I are homeowners again! WOOHOO!

After weeks of searching, looking and following up leads, our realtor (you're awesome M!) called us about this little gem. We are the first house on the left -


A little plain on the outside, yes, but we have plans to make this "the" cutest house on the block ;o)

Under all that awful vinyl siding, our house has character. Not only do we have water and sewage (long story!), but we even have a little garage -


You'll laugh at the size of our yard because we've gone from a 4 acre plot to the size of a postage stamp. LOL! We love it though and DH has already been carefully planning the landscaping. Just to give you an idea just how small we're talking, DH picked up one of these the other day -


No, we're not on the water like we wanted to be BUT just a stone's throw away is the ocean and a five minute drive will take you to a white sandy beach :o) I can walk the dogs down to a beautiful park where we can sit and watch the boats going out of the marina. We're also going to have neighbours. Close neighbours. DH and I aren't used to this so it will be a test to just how friendly we will have to be. LOL!

The inside of the house was the real clincher. The person we bought it from had totally gutted it and re-did the whole thing. It's just gorgeous! I can't show you too many pictures yet because the ones I have show their possessions but I can give you a sneak peek ;o) Here's part of the kitchen -


The whole downstairs is painted a sage green and I love it! We have porcelain tile going from the front door, through the kitchen and into the back entrance. The living room and dining room have hardwood floors but they are being replaced with hardwood floors, hopefully this coming week. Yup, you heard me right...hardwood for hardwood. The color they have in there now is red and doesn't go with anything that we have so I thought it was only logical to change it! Just don't bring up the subject with DH ;o)

Here's a picture of the upstairs bathroom -


It's painted a lovely light grey. Yes, GREY DH, GREY! Do you know how hard it is to find nice grey towels and at a reasonable price????

So, tomorrow I have our new appliances being delivered :o) I'm hoping against all hope that our hardwood flooring will be in by tomorrow at the very latest so it can get installed before next week because on May 26, all our stuff that we stored will be delivered. We'll also have the new dining room table/chairs and server coming that day. The only thing we're waiting to hear on is the rest of the furniture.

I did the walk through this morning and now I'm just sitting here waiting for the money to be transferred over so I can pick up the key. The car is loaded with cleaning supplies so I'm good to go when the call comes in :o)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fifth Finish For 2009

Eek! It seems my poor Blog has been neglected lately :o( Where does the time go???? If anyone has learned how to make a 48 hour day, plmk. They would definitely come in handy.

I know I'm a little late for Easter this year but I figured this piece would be all prepared for the next :oP Here is Hare's Easter by Plum Street Samplers -


I thought the initial pattern was cute when I saw it but then when I saw it stitched on Yuko's Blog, I knew I had to do something similar. I had a piece of Angel Blush in my stash just waiting to be used. The softness of the pink fabric is so pretty and it makes the colors just pop -


I'm not sure what I'll do with the piece just yet. Hey, I have approximately 9-10 months to decide ;o)

So, if you look at my 2009 Goals, I have achieved two of them so far! The rest of the ornament sized pieces will be no problem but I have to concentrate on a medium size project. I started something new today so hopefully that will take care of that ;o)

While I was waiting for some fabric to arrive, I dug out Growth Rings and stitched on that for a bit -


I'm quite happy with the progress on this one and I'm still happy with the colors I chose. Here's a close up shot to give you a better idea -


I can't stress enough how wonderful Carrie's Silk Threads are to work with. They are divine!

Before I close, I have a huge thank you to send out to Kim. I won a contest on her Blog and not only did I get the pattern I won but she also added another one by Marjolein Bastin called The Four Seasons in memory of Pickles. I can't tell you how verklempt I was the day I opened it. Again, thank you Kim for your generosity and thoughtfulness :o)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Adventures With Visitors

On the first weekend of May, Mom and Dad came down to visit DH and I for the first time :o) It had been two months since I had seen my parents and it was great to get together again. As I stated earlier, Dad brought down the box for Pickles and even though my mood was a bit sombre, I was happy for the distraction that the weekend's adventures brought.

Since my parents had never been down this way before, we made sure we did some touring around because this truly is a beautiful part of our country. On Saturday, I decided to stop in at Pine Grove Park for the first time -


From what I'm told, Nova Scotia is known for its rhododendrons and this park was full of them, although they were not in bloom yet. It was still a gorgeous park and we had a nice hike through the woods. Here's a picture of Mom and Dad -


And DH and I -


There were loads of photo opportunities but this couple stole the show -


On Sunday, DH and I decided to torture my parents again and we took them on an even longer hike! LOL! This time we went to Kejimkujik National Park (Keji = Ke-G for short). This park is actually broken up into two parts, inland and along the shore. We toured the shore area -


The trail we took was like traveling through the barren lands but there were plenty of signs of rabbits :o) The hidden gem was at the end of the trail when we reached the beach. Just off shore were approximately five to six seals sunning themselves on the rocks! Dad's camera has more zoom so this is the picture he took -


As we were taking pictures, there was one seal in the water and he/she kept splashing the water -


I'm not sure what he/she was trying to do but it looked like he/she was having fun :o)

When we got home and I was reviewing my pictures, I noticed something a little funny that showed up in a couple of them -


Can you see the boat? DH explained to me that it's shipwrecked. Someone had been towing the boat to shore when it got away from them. A storm came in and deposited the boat right there on that small island! I guess it's going to stay where it is. LOL!

After walking approximately 5 Km in total, Mom and I thought that we more than deserved a feast of the 'World's Best Clams'. Let me just say this, it was WELL worth the effort ;o)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fourth Finish For 2009

These little guys have been finished for quite awhile now but with everything that has been going on, this is the first moment I've had to post pictures. So...I present to you Photobooth Snowmen by Bent Creek -


I absolutely LOVE this pattern! The snowmen are so cute and their antics are comical. I did not add the snow in the background though because I felt it really didn't add anything. I love them just the way they are :o)


Thanks to Nancy's generosity, she saved the project by sending me a skein of GAST Roasted Marshmallow! This was for the 'dirty' coloured snowman and as you can see, it was a really good variegated skein. Maybe I should get a personal shopper more often ;o) You were a lifesaver girl and I haven't forgotten about you!

Awhile back, I received the most amazing surprise in the mail -


This lovely birdie came from Ranae as a thank you for The Victoria Sampler giveaway that she won on my Blog. It was completely unexpected but what a thoughtful gift. I always feel honoured when I receive a piece of stitching from another stitcher. It will truly be cherished :o) Thank you again Ranae and I apologize for taking so long to post a picture.

I want to thank everyone again for all their wonderful support. I am starting to get back on my feet again, although it's still hard to find joy knowing there is a hole in my heart :o( I went grocery shopping today and lo and behold what did I need but Dill Pickles. Sigh.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Brighter Days Ahead

At least I hope so.

Last night as the clouds rolled out to sea, we were gifted with this gorgeous sight -


Not only did we see the whole rainbow, but there were two of them! So beautiful and so bright. Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of the whole thing? LOL!


I want to thank everyone who emailed or left a comment for me regarding Pickles. It truly meant a lot to know there were so many friends out there if I needed a shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately when things go wrong, I tend to alienate myself and huddle into a corner. I have been reading all your Blogs though but I haven't been leaving comments or answering emails. I hope you understand. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.

I'm still working through the grief. Pickles had been with me for 11 years and was the best of bunnies. I'm not sure if I told you or not, but we adopted Pickles from the SPCA in early spring. Someone had found him and his sister in a dumpster :o( How anyone could do this to an animal, I will never understand. From that day on, I was thankful that Pickles came home with us.

Pickles had his own unique personality and I loved all the quirks he had. He never wanted to see the bottom of his food dish so when he did, he would upset the whole thing and make a total mess. He knew that ticked me off. LOL! Every morning he would do donuts in his cage until he got his carrots. And believe me; he made sure you never forgot. When it came time for his cage to be cleaned, he (somehow!) would fire one round little turd out of his cage. You would hear it hit the floor and immediately know what was required. Pickles was very particular about his litter box too. DH always failed to pat down the shavings and this annoyed Pickles to no end. If I didn't get to them before he did, you would see Pickles compacting them down with his two front paws.

Mom and Dad are visiting this weekend. I asked Dad to build a box to bury Pickles in and what a beautiful box it is. Dad's friend engraved Pickles' name on the top of the box and I choked up when I saw it. My parents will be taking Pickles home with them when they leave. He will be buried with other members of our family from over the years. At least I know he won't be alone and he can run circles in the woods with my other bunny Scooter :o)