Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I see that everyone is changing over to Bloglovin because Google Reader was done earlier this month. Why? Why mess with a good thing???? Anyway, I have joined the bandwagon and added a button for Bloglovin on the right side of my Blog (just scroll down a bit). If you're not following me on it already, please add me now :o) I already moved things over myself but I see there are a few Blogs that were missed so I'm slowly getting them all back.

Today while I was browsing Bloglovin, I noticed there are now adds on there >:o( This does NOT make me happy. Why? Again, why did they have to go and mess with a good thing???? Has anyone found an easier way to keep track of their favorite Blogs? I see that there is an option to Follow By Mail. I wonder how well that works. Has anyone tried it? I'm going to put a poll on the right side of my Blog and I would appreciate if you would put your two cents worth in and lmk what you think :o) Thanks!

PS - Don't forget to follow my Pumpkin Patch & Co Graveyard Blog as well!