Friday, August 26, 2011

Christmas Rules SAL Block Eight

I finished my block a few days ago but just got around to taking a picture today -


I wasn't happy with the individual picture I took so you just get the whole thing ;o) Laziness has settled in. LOL! Not to mention the muggy weather :o( I'm looking forward to September and the fact that fall is just around the corner.

I can't say that there has been a whole lot of stitching going on around here this summer :o( I'm back working on Bluebell though and should have a progress picture soon. Of course I'm anxiously waiting for the Halloween book and JCS Ornament Issue so that might put my mojo into gear ;o)

Don't forget to put your name in for my giveaway! You have until August 30. Remember; please leave a comment on that post only. Looks like you have a one in ten chance of winning ;o)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well It's About Time - A Giveaway!

I know, I know! I promised a giveaway awhile ago and I've finally gotten off my arse, gotten things organized and have now set it up ;o) I have a really good excuse for being late, I really do...

I have over 300 Stalkers and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you! You guys make my day when I read your wonderful comments :o) So, to celebrate this, I'm going to have a giveaway but not just any giveaway because there won't be just one winner...there will be THREE! How does that sound? I think your odds of winning just went up. LOL!

Seeing as I'm being lazy, unfortunately there won't be any pictures and I apologize but you'll definitely know what the prizes will be! As I already stated, there will be three prizes and they will be:

1) the September 2011 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework

2) one 4 x 6 print from my Etsy store

3) two Blackbird Designs patterns - The Simple Things & Flowers Of The Field

Of course, each prize 'might' have a few 'extra' things thrown in with it...

When you enter your name, you are entering it for all three prizes. The first winner will have the first choice of whichever prize they wish and so on and so forth. Does that make sense?

How do you get your name in the magic hat? PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING RULES CAREFULLY...You MUST be a Pumpkin Stalker (whether new or old). PLEASE check to make sure that you are because if you aren't, your name will not be included. You MUST leave a comment on THIS post only. A comment on any other post will not count. Sorry, I can't run after everyone :o(

See, the rules weren't that bad ;o) Good luck everyone and have fun!

Oops! Forgot to add, the winners will be drawn on August 30...

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Funny To Start The Week

Kind of makes you go hmmmm...


Yes, it does exist...I've seen it ;o) LOL!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Newfoundland Trip Part II

Since we were staying in Gros Morne Park, DH and I figured we might as well make the most of the wilderness experience :o) We made it a goal to do as many as the trails in the top part of the park that we could before we left.

Within walking distance from our campsite, there was a trail called Berry Hill Pond that was a 2 Km loop around well...a pond! LOL! It was a lovely trail with beautiful scenery and I got some great shots here -




Hey, what's this?


Another indicator of moose being in the area but no body to claim the footprint. I was getting a bit suspicious at this point... Maybe there was someone going around dropping moose poop and planting footprints in the mud. Hmmmm...

Berry Hill was a good work up to the Western Brook Pond trail that we did later on because that one was 6 Km round trip. You can read more about that adventure here.

Later in the week, DH and I took off on our own and drove to the very top of the park. Here we walked, or rather power walked the first part of the Old Mail Road trail which was 2 Km round trip. I say power walked because it begins in the woods and the mosquitoes were so bad that they were biting through my capris! I even had bites on my bum! LOL! Thankfully it was only 1 Km and then you got down to the beach :o)


Now DH and I could slowly stroll back to the car along the lovely sandy beach and waters of Shallow Bay.

On our way back we did Steve's Trail and this had to be one of my favorites :o)


It was only a 1 Km return trail but the beach area you ended up at was stunning.


You can see some of the great pictures I took of this place in my first post of our trip.

The biggest expedition was Gros Morne Mountain itself but I was the only one smart enough (besides the five year old) not to attempt it ;o) More on that in another post.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New SAL ~ Bluebell

I hinted in another post that I would be doing another SAL and finally I have some progress to show you :o) Nia and I are back together again but this time we're stitching Bluebell by Nora Corbett. Here is my work to date -


I would have had more done but I came across a snag early on. Nia and I had originally wanted to stitch Bluebell on 32 count Waterlily Jobelan. I contacted my not-so-LNS because they cut to size and luckily they had what we needed. Apparently Waterlily is being discontinued. Why? I'm still asking myself that question because I love this color.

Anyhoo, DH and I were driving to catch the NL ferry when I decided to start Bluebell. After a few stitches, something didn't seem right...the stitches looked too big for 32 count. Sure enough, I was stitching on 28 count. Sigh! Okay, not what I wanted but it was cut as if it were based on the 32 count >:o( I was NOT happy.

Luckily I managed to email Nia and we worked out our game plan. After finding out that the NS didn't have any 32 count Waterlily, I caved and decided to keep on going. Nia has decided to go with 32 count Antique White. I had my heart on Waterlily so I didn't want to change. Thankfully I still have enough room around her when she's done.

While we were in NL, I came across these wildflowers in a field -


Nope, not Bluebells but Harebells :o) Close enough I figure. LOL! I used to pick these when I was a kid and take them to my neighbor. I hadn't seen them since. A good reason why you shouldn't pick wildflowers. Just admire them as they are where they are.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pumpkin, You're Not In Nova Scotia Anymore!

That's for sure! LOL! In case you've been wondering where this Blogger has been, I'll let you in on a little secret ;o) DH and I had been in Newfoundland! Yes, you heard me right.

On July 29, we boarded the 10:25pm ferry and rode over through the night. We rented a four person berth so that we and our friends (T, K and their DS) could have someplace to lay our heads for the long journey. It was a good thing too because it was nuts! There were people laying everywhere but we were hunkered down in our dorm-like room with our own television and bathroom :o)

At 6am we arrived on the western side of The Rock only to find a mile long lineup at Tim Horton's and nowhere else to get a decent breakfast. Luckily it didn't take long for the fog to dissipate and the sun to shine but not a moose in sight along the highway. We were expecting one at every town with a Welcome sign but I guess that's not part of their contract. LOL!

Late afternoon, we arrived at our campground at Gros Morne National Park. Yes, this was a camping trip ;o) There were lovely wooded sites and we quickly laid claim to ours. It takes awhile to put up a tent, screen tent and bed but we've got things down pretty good now -


There wasn't much doubt as to who left piles of poop around our campsite but still, not one moose came out to claim their droppings.


We took Sunday off to relax and orient ourselves but on Monday we were ready to see the sights. After a 3 Km walk, we boarded a two hour boat tour of Western Brook Pond. All I can say is that it's SPECTACULAR! I've been through The Rockies but these mountains are just majestic. This is just a little taste of what we saw -




Newfoundland has such a rugged beauty to it and it's a photographer's paradise. Unfortunately I didn't take my good camera with me (too heavy to lug around) but I was quite happy with some of the pictures that came out of DH's work camera. He only has a 3x Zoom Nikon Coolpix and here is a sample of some of the pictures I took -




Stay tuned for more of our Newfoundland adventure :o)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Long Overdue Post

I have been sitting on this post for awhile now. Not because I wanted to but because I was waiting for Canada Post to get their act together and deliver the mail that I was waiting for >:o(

I truly have some wonderful friends and Nia is one of them :o) This little guy arrived ages ago and I feel bad that it took me this long to show him off -


I was one of the lucky recipients of her bunny sachets. Nia filled them with lavender and they smell oh-so-heavenly! I just adore the card that she sent with it.

Nia also spoiled me on my birthday and sent me 'the most' perfect bunny bag -


She not only stitched the bunny but she sewed the bag up for me too and I have to say that she is a perfectionist! Nia's work is amazing. She also included the scissors that were on my wish list. My collection is growing by leaps and bounds!

Denise also sent me something off my wish list and it arrived just in time for my birthday -


Another sampler to add to my sampler collection. LOL! Awesome :o)

One day I picked up a huge box from the post office and was shocked at all the wonderful goodies inside! Donna (no Blog) sent me this amazing assortment -


I had to take the picture twice because I had already used the water bottle and forgot to put it in the picture ;o) I have no idea where she found the Pumpkin Patch sign but it couldn't be more perfect! She also found some pink ribbon stickers and I've been looking out for these for the longest time.

Karen got creative and did her shopping on Etsy -


What could be more perfect for my birthday than a necklace with my name and birthstone? :o) I love it!

I also had a birthday order come from Needlecraft Corner but everything was put away by this time so unfortunately you don't get to see my stash :o( I can tell you that Lady Alex arrived with fabric and the rest of the beads I need to stitch her though.

Finally, I have wanted this pattern for a LONG time now and was lucky enough to buy it off of Heather -


Thank you Heather! It's always a pleasure buying from you. LOL!

I want to thank all my super friends for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I am truly lucky to know you all and I appreciate all that you do :o)