Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Junior May Have Changed His Mind...

I'm a little late in updating you on our latest appointment but I've really been slowing down and therefore, only so many things get done every day. Sigh!

Another week and another appointment. I know it's not a very far drive to the Big City but it's getting old very quickly. I hope you don't mind the updates because they'll be coming weekly now ;o)

After waiting an hour and a half, DH and I finally got in for the ultrasound. Again, the technician was looking for the four markers from Junior and again, he passed with flying colors :o) Of course one of the markers is seeing him move but since we had been waiting so long to get in, Junior was done moving around and had decided it was nap time. Oye! Needless to say, more pounding on my belly with that ultrasound wand >:o(

I do have a few new tidbits to share with you though. The technician did a quick calculation and stated this is by no means 100% accurate but it looks like Junior is weighing around 6 pounds 4 ounces. Sounds good to me!

It also seems that Junior has changed positions... He is now on his side, with his back to my right and his arms and legs to my left. DH and I watched as this huge bulge came out my left side. I hope he decides to change back soon! I was much more comfortable with him the other way but I guess that doesn't mean anything to him ;o) LOL!

Our next appointment is this Friday. We're getting down to the wire and what are my thoughts? I'm ready...NOW! I want this over with! Don't get me wrong, I love Junior to death but I want my body back. I've been a hotel for too long :oP

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Junior's Nursery Tour!

I'm sorry it's taken me this long to post pictures of Junior's room but in a way, it's been a nightmare (at the very beginning anyway)! LOL! We had problems with the crib, chair cushions and paint. In the end, I think it's all been worth it ;o)

I had a certain image in my mind of what I wanted and although it's not 100%, I'm quite happy with the final results. There are still a few things missing that would make the room complete but I know a lot of you have been 'patiently' waiting to see what we've done ;o)

As you enter the room, this is what you see -


This was DH's grandmother's chair and it was important to us that it be included in the room. Unfortunately the cushions didn't match so it was quite the journey to find replacement ones. I won't go into the whole story! Needless to say, we are very happy with the new look :o)

To the left of the chair is the changing table. We used DH's old desk that he had stained last summer -


The furniture doesn't all match but it's close enough for me and hey, it gives character.

Turn a little more to the left and there's Junior's new crib -


Do you know how hard it is to find reasonably priced crib sheets???? Oye! I'm on the search for a crib skirt as well but may have to resort to making one. And yes, the monkey blanket and stuffed monkey will be removed from the crib when Junior comes home. You're not allowed to have ANY-THING in the crib with the baby. Not even the bumper guard!

As we continue left you get to see the entry to the room and his dresser -


You can also see DH's wonderful paint job :o) Let me tell you, painting stripes is NOT easy, even with the proper tape! Junior's going to have to live with this color for awhile ;o) LOL!

One final turn and you see where the dresser and the closet are -


There's not much on the walls yet and we're still in search of a rug but you get the idea :o) So what do you think? To me it's a little boy's room. DH thinks the green should have been brighter but I disagree.

Wait! The tour's not over yet! I bet you'd like to see inside the closet ;o)


DH installed a closet organizer. Disregard my maternity clothes because they'll be gone as soon as I don't need them anymore! So where are all the clothes I was talking about? In his dresser!


I'm only showing you two drawers ;o) They are stuffed with pants and shirts that will take him up to about 6-9 months. Am I going to have fun dressing Junior or what! LOL! You just wait until you see our little clothes horse ;o)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Halloween Rules SAL - March Progress

I thought I had better post my progress before the month got away from me! I've had my block done for about a week now and here's what it looks like -


I still LOVE this piece and can't wait to stitch on it every month :o)

I know you've been anxiously waiting so stay tuned for my next post with pictures of Junior's nursery!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Third Finish For 2012

Again, I've been holding out on you in the stitching department. January and part of February proved to be very productive months :o) I didn't plan on stitching this piece as stash buying is very limited now but when I saw Ranae's finish on her Blog, I inquired if she wanted to do a trade. Thankfully she accepted!

As soon as this chart came out, I was on the bandwagon. Here is Sergei by Plum Street Samplers -


I just LOVE this piece!!!! LOVE! I had so much joy stitching him and I was sorry to see the end :o(


I went out on a limb with Sergei and stitched him on 36 count Light Exampler Linen by Lakeside Linens. This was my first time on such a high count but do you know what? I LOVED IT! I used all the recommended fibers except one that I substituted for DMC and I stitched one over two.

I've had such a hard time getting a good picture of him. Eventually, he will be framed :o)

Now I'm determined that I want to stitch Boris! Is there anyone out there that would like to do an exchange - my Sergei for your Boris? I'd rather deal with someone that I know because back in December I got burnt in an exchange with someone I 'thought' was known well enough in the Blogging community :o( I will not reveal a name. Needless to say, they got their end of the agreement but mine has not appeared and she will not answer my emails. If there is an interested party, please feel free to email me :o) Thanks!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Some More Goodies!

Believe it or not, Junior has received even more gifts :o)

I've been reading Tatyana's Blog for awhile now and coveted her adorable owls that she was making. She offered to make a special one just for Junior and it even has a bell inside it -


Of course, she added a few things for Mommy too. LOL! Thank you so much Tatyana. As always, it's a joy doing an exchange with you :o)

The second package was a complete surprise! Teresa sent the following -


I have wanted that Charles Craft (oups, not DMC) monkey ever since I saw it but never thought I would get one! Now to decide what to stitch on his bib :o) Teresa also made me some burp cloths. These are awesome! I'd never heard about them before the shower but I'm glad I have enough that I can stuff a few in the diaper bags. Thank you Teresa!

Both are such talented ladies!

I've got loads of stitching to show you so stay tuned ;o)