Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Girl Wants To Party

Sabrina is getting the party itch ;o) She's starting to get more and more bling now -


With a dress like this, I know I'd want to show it off! LOL!

The front of her dress is officially completed so it's onto the middle section. I think I'm about 60% done. What do you think?


People have asked me why I'm beading as I go. To be honest, this is not my normal practice. I usually wait until I have my entire cross stitching done before I even think of beading. But I decided that since there were SO many beads on Sabrina, I would do them as I went along because I knew that if I waited until the end, she would never get finished.

I have a feeling that I will be changing to larger Q-Snaps in the near future ;o)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone?

Has it really been a week since I last posted? Yikes! I have no idea where the time has gone. I've been running here, there and everywhere but it doesn't seem like anything is getting done. DH had four days off this past week but his busy season starts next Monday so he might be a bit scarce for awhile :o(

I will have some stitchy pictures to show you soon but I'm waiting until I have a good enough progress picture to show you ;o) Am I a tease or what? LOL!

There are going to be some changes here at the Pumpkin Patch over the next few weeks. Good changes, don't worry! :o) We have a new entertainment unit coming in on Monday for the upstairs television room! DH and I are SO excited because that means that we'll have easier access to our DVD collection and our books can 'finally' be unpacked after ten years.

That being said, DH had to finish painting the room and replacing the baseboard. When we bought the house, this was a third bedroom but we converted it to meet our needs and we had the closet taken out for more room...hence the finishing.

I had mentioned awhile back that we were thinking about getting a fireplace. Unfortunately that has been put 'on hold' but we are still planning on it at a later date. This is where things might start to get a little confusing ;o)

Taking into account the new entertainment unit and the 'possible' (future) fireplace, DH and I will be doing our own version of musical chairs! Since there will be no room for the sofa in the living room, that will be moved into our television room upstairs. With the sofa being gone, we decided to replace it with my nice recliner that is in my stitching room. Wait! I'm not going to end up chairless ;o)

On the weekend, DH and I tackled the nemesis couch that is already in our television room. For those that don't remember, it's got a recliner on one side and a chaise on the other -

Shortly after we bought it, I was having trouble on the chaise side because my butt slowly sunk into a hole >:o( We called the company and they had someone come out to fix it. It was good for awhile and then I slowly sank back into my hole and it was not comfortable. I contacted the company again and suggested we order a recliner for that side to replace the chaise. They couldn't guarantee that the fabric would match and suggested a partial (very small) refund. Not too long after that, the company went bums up. So what do you do with a piece of fairly new (and not cheap) furniture that you hate? You revamp it!



This will be the new loveseat in my stitching room! I really think that DH and I have a future in furniture building ;o) What do you think? LOL!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Twentieth Finish For 2010

I'm doing a small HD because I have a 'little' finish to share ;o) Here is Happy Skater by LHN -


This is such a cute ornament! I stitched it with the recommended fabric and threads. As I put the finishing touches on it last night, I told DH that this was for him :o) Here's a little known fact that I don't think I've shared before...he used to be a speed skater before I met him! And a great one at that.


I showed him The Merry Skater that I will be stitching next and explained that this one would be for me and that we'd have matching ornaments this year. A small smile creped upon his face and he said "We'll just have to pretend with yours." SA! LOL! Unfortunately a week and a half later I'm still dealing with sore blisters :o( They are getting better though!

Yesterday I got another nice surprise in the mail :o) I had won Day 30 on Missy's 31 Days Of Halloween Blog and this is what she sent me -


I borrowed this picture with her permission because the candy was already gone by this morning... I can't even explain how awesome the pinkeep is! It's stitched on 28 count black Jobelan with a velvet backing...oh so soft :o) I just found out the best part though...Missy stitched it with glow-in-the-dark DMC floss!!!! I didn't even know! I'll have to try it out tonight when the lights go out. LOL!

I want to thank Missy and Annette for hosting a full month of fun and surprises :o) The girls worked hard and it shows.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Raining...

AGAIN...but I'm making snow angels in silk ;o)


LOL! There you have it, my total winnings from Dinky Dyes :o) The package arrived yesterday but I never got it until close to 10 pm when DH got home from work. He just looked at me and said "There's $700 worth of silk in that padded envelope?" Yup, and it's all MINE >;o)

I still haven't had a chance to really go through it all. Don't worry though, I'll have to catalogue it so that will take me a day, or two, or three...

I had another parcel arrive yesterday as well and it was a complete surprise! This box full of goodies came from Donna (no Blog) -


It seems that my Mr. Potato Head family has just grown so I'll have to take a family picture soon ;o) DH was sulking until I told him The Musical Ride and Trees book were for him. That sure perked him up. Thank you SO much Donna! You spoiled us WAY more than you should have!

On Friday I received a package all the way from Russia! Tatyana and I did a small exchange and this is what she sent me -


I coveted the Blue Violets pattern that she stitched and was so pleased when she said she would send it to me :o) Look at the teeny tiny Lanarte kit! I've never seen one so small. LOL! Thank you Tatyana and I can't wait for our next exchange.

DH and I had a nice visit with my parents. Luckily we had a beautiful long weekend with them. On Saturday it got up to 15 C! We're talking the middle of November! We didn't do too much but Dad helped DH in the garage and I introduced Mom to a couple new computer games ;o) On Sunday morning we hit the beach in search of sea glass but it was tough going. The last storm pushed up the rock and made it a compacted wall. I came home with some good finds though.

It was sad to see them go on Monday morning :o( As long as the weather cooperates, we hope to see them after Christmas when we run up to see my Gram :o) Thank you for everything Mom and Dad! It was a delight having you. But remember, play nice or else I take the games back. LOL!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Out Of Hiding

Sabrina is back and you should see quite a difference from the last time I showed you an update :o) I have the front part of her dress completed, all except the beading -


I may have to do the beading during the days when I have more light but we'll see how things go. I want to bead this area before moving on to the middle of her skirt.


I'm still in love with her and very pleased with how well she is coming along. To be honest though, I am disappointed that she won't be finished by the end of the year :o(

It seems that I have been holding out on you all because I have some fantastic news to share! I got a call last Friday and was told that my mammogram was clear :o) That means that I 'officially' have ten years under my belt! What's even more exciting is that Jean, from the Attic, will be posting pictures soon (supposedly this week's newsletter) with some of the items that will be up for auction. If you are not subscribed to her newsletter, you can view it on the web site.

Mom and Dad will be arriving this afternoon for a visit :o) I'm SO glad that the rain has FINALLY ended and it's supposed to be a sunny weekend. Since my blisters have not healed yet, I've been forced to wear my Crocs (without socks). My poor toes were purple this morning. LOL!

Due to the fact that my parents will be here, I probably won't be around very much but will pop in to check emails ;o) Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How Twisted Am I Really?

To those who know me, obviously quite ;o) But I think I'm even more twisted than I thought! Look what I found -


If you're wondering if that's a Cadbury Easter Creme Egg in a chocolate bar form, you ARE right! This is their new Twisted bar now available in Canada :o)

I think I may have a problem...since these are available year round and the ECEs from January to you see where I'm going with this? Eep! I thought about keeping track of how many of these I've eaten so far but after I started thinking about it, I realized it might not be such a good idea. LOL!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The (Un)happy Skater

That's an understatement at the moment! LOL!

On Friday, my friend K and I went to the noon hour skate that they have at the local rink. I was excited because I haven't been on skates for 'years' and it was an opportunity for some girl time :o) Now I am not the most coordinated person on this planet but I was proud of the fact that I never fell...not even once! I wasn't the most graceful either but it definitely was a good workout. Unfortunately when I peeled my skates off, my socks were soaked with blood :o( If you gross out easily, don't go any further because here are my war wounds -


Ewwwwww! So now I have two good sized blisters on both heels and one huge blister on the arch of my right foot. Thankfully I haven't had to go out but when I do, I may have to wear my Crocs :o) LOL! No worries though, this hasn't deterred me from going again!

Sabrina has been making a few appearances but there are three other projects that I want to do before the end of the year. I've accepted the fact that she won't be finished and my goal will not be met but that's okay.

I've started one of these projects already. Here is Happy Skater by LHN -


The fabric in the picture will be the backing fabric when it's transformed into an ornament. I was SO happy to find something Christmassy that matched the Tumbleweed linen :o)

All I can say is that I hope it's going to be a good mail week! I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that it's been steadily raining since Thursday night. Yup, rain, rain, rain. After doing a little research, they're saying we've had five inches of rain since the evening of November 4. DH and I are seriously questioning this. Poor Duncan hasn't been able to get out much. This morning DH attempted to make him a rain coat -


ROFL! No, he didn't wear it during his walk this morning ;o)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nineteenth Finish For 2010

I have a surprise for you! Now what has she been up to you ask? I've been a bad, bad wittle stitcher again ;o) LOL!

I loved Pumpkin Kiss so much that I figured he should have a friend so this is where Thankful Kiss comes in -


How cute is this little turkey???? Now you can see why I couldn't resist ;o) Thankful Kiss is another freebie by The Cricket Collection and was stitched on 32 count Lambswool linen. His body called for silver Kreinik but I didn't want the bling and just went with DMC 648. Both will be made into some point.

Halloween went really well here. It ended up raining off and on so we didn't have as many kiddies this year...only 50. That meant a lot of candy left over and not what my waist needs right now :oP

The plans for our Jack-O-Lantern didn't go as planned :o( We 'were' going to make a snowman out of pumpkins and even got three of different sizes but with a lack of time and energy, he never got built. DH quickly carved out one on Sunday and he is fondly known as Phil (private joke) -


Scary looking isn't he?

As you may have noticed, I've achieved over 200 Pumpkin Stalkers! I had a huge smile on my face the day I saw that :o) I believe there are three duplicates though so I 'technically' need one more Stalker to make it an official 200. I'm not sure what the different between a Blogger follower and Google follower is.

Anyhoo...a warm welcome to my new Stalkers! I hope you will enjoy yourself here. If you haven't noticed already, things are pretty laid back here at the Pumpkin Patch ;o) LOL!

About a month ago, I promised that if I accumulated 200 Followers that I would hold another giveaway and I hold myself to that :o) But seeing as I just had two big giveaways and we're going into a busy time of year, I'm going to hold off until the new year. Hey, it just gives you something to look forward to, right? Keep your eyes peeled come January 1 ;o)