Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, there's been a kink in my schedule and I'm still here in Halifax :o) So...I've had to make do with that I have here and I apologize that there are no pictures :o(

There were 40 entrants so I cut up the hotel paper into little strips and wrote down each one's name. They were folded up and placed into a Ziploc bag that I had. Luckily, DH came back early and drew the names of the two winners :o)

And who are the winners....

You are the winner of the first surprise package!

You are the winner of the second surprise package!

I hope to get them out to you by the first of next week. If readers are curious as to what they won, hopefully Jolene and Lori-Ann will post pictures on their Blogs when they get their packages ;o)

I want to thank everyone for entering. I'm sorry I didn't have something for everyone :o( I DO want to thank you for reading and leaving wonderful and witty comments. It always makes my day :o)

Don't worry though because there's another event coming up soon! Keep your eyes peeled for the bright orange sign...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Odds & Snausages?

The puppies were born! Last night, L had to take momma to the vet to deliver the babies. The first baby was breech and the second had its front legs in the wrong position. Poor momma had a very hard delivery but everyone is okay :o) There are two males (one red and one piebald) and three females (two reds and one piebald). I got to see pictures of them already and they're just butterballs. L said I could come over sometime next week. I can't wait.

This past week, I did a bit of finishing. Do you remember the Stitch To Win (by The Prairie Schooler) that I stitched? Well, I found some fabric that I think goes very well with it. I made it into a pinkeep/ornament and it's on the fabric that I used for the back of it -


Of course I couldn't find any breast cancer fabric to match but I'm happy with this compromise. What do you think? And here I have it pictured with my new pumpkin jar that I bought -


Pumpkins are popping up everywhere because DH bought me this light -


I luv it :o)

On Monday, DH and I went to Lunenburg and I found a shop there that is going to carry my pictures :o) She was very impressed with them and took 15. It's on a consignment basis but at least I have my work out there. I did get some disheartening news last night though :o( I had applied to get into a craft co-op but since they only had one spot (I didn't know this), I didn't get in. I am doing some research about opening my own shop online so we'll see what happens.

Tomorrow I'm driving to the big city to meet up with DH. He's been there training and I guess he's got a really nice suite so I'm going to be staying there for a few days :o) I figure I might as well take the opportunity to relax. I've got my stitching already packed and I'll be bringing the computer as well. I'll also be driving to Moncton and back on Sunday so I can celebrate my grandmother's birthday :o) Unfortunately travel is not as easy as it was before.

Anyway, please remember to enter your name in my Blogoversary/50,000 Hits giveaway! Just scroll down a little bit and you'll find all the details there. And remember, I'll be drawing the names and announcing the winners on the 29th :o)

Btw, check out Tammy's Blogoversary drawing that she's going to have! There are some awesome prizes there :o)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blogoversary/50,000 Hits!

I can't believe it! I'm a week away from my third Blogoversary and just posts away from reaching the 50,000 hits mark. WOW! I had no idea that I'd find so much to talk about for three years. LOL! The good thing is, you've endured me ;o) I'm very honoured to have readers out there that enjoy my Blog because it's a little piece of me that I get to share with you all. I've met a lot of wonderful friends this way and I'm sure I will continue to do so.

To celebrate these two events, I'm holding TWO giveaways. What exactly? Well, I'm going to be bad and keep it a secret ;o) Let me just say that the Blogoversary gift has been made by me and it will 'contain' some goodies. The 50,000 Hits gift has a really unique item by La-D-Da (at least I think it is because I've never seen them anywhere so far).

So...here are the rules and PLEASE read them thoroughly!

1) In order to enter the Blogoversary giveaway, you must be a regular reader and commenter of my Blog. This is to thank those that have been with me on a consistent basis :o)

2) In order to enter the 50,000 Hits giveaway, you must be a Pumpkin Stalker, whether you're one already or you become one now :o)

3) In order to enter these giveaways, you need to leave a comment, on this post only!

4) There must be a means to contact you if you are the winner.

5) And finally, your comment must indicate which giveaway (or it can be both if you fit the criteria above) you would like to enter.

Whew! I hope I didn't make that too complicated. On September 29, I will announce the winners. Good luck everyone and I hope you'll enjoy this celebration with me :o)

**Update** I'm sorry I confused you all, and myself! I didn't mean 50,000 Posts. I meant to say 50,000 Hits. Believe me, I'm not THAT chatty ;o) And btw, I have achieved it!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tour For The Cure

Today I went to visit the Tour For The Cure bus since it was in a nearby town -


Pretty, isn't it? :o) They had some great information, although I knew most of it but it would definitely benefit those that don't. One thing I did learn though is to find lumps in my breast. I didn't come across that with my breast cancer so I had no idea what to look for. They had fake boobies, nipple and all, and you had to find the lumps in them. I was wrong on a few tries and I guess that's what so baffling; are you feeling an actual lump or just breast tissue? Now I can understand how women can be so confused.


When I left, they gave me a little gift -


I love what the 'Do Not Disturb' sign says! LOL! Since Gagnon is a big sponsor for the Tour For The Cure, they included some of their Fruitfulls. For those of you who haven't heard the name Gagnon before, they are located in St. Stephen, NB and they're a huge candy maker company. I got to tour their facilities one summer and it was DIVINE seeing all that candy and chocolate :o)

Well, I went ahead and did something stupid. I was in Zellers the other day and I spotted this -


Bernat has come out with a limited edition yarn to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I, of course, decided to pick up a few balls. Why? Because I 'just need' another hobby? Ha! Do I crochet? No. Do I knit? Not in a 'long' time. I'm a sucker ;o)

And off I go with my yarn, a crochet hook and needles. Thankfully, I have a neighbour who has generously offered her help if I need it. I also found a Learning To Knit book in my pile of things. Why I have it there, I have no idea. LOL! So what am I going to knit? It's going to remain a secret because I'll have to see if a) I can recall how to knit and b) that the final product actually looks like something decent to share ;o)

Before I go, I see that I have some new readers and I welcome you to the Pumpkin Patch :o) I love reading my comments. It really makes my day. I also want to let you know to keep your eyes peeled for my Blogoversary/50,000 post. There will be some surprises so don't forget to tune in!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ninth Finish For 2009

I bet you thought that I haven't been stitching ;o) Actually, this became my car project when we drove to NB and back. Here is Frog Biscornu by Casey Buonaugurio -


And here's the bottom -


I hate to say it but I never thought this project would end! I don't know why I felt that way because it's really not a large or complicated pattern but it just seemed to take forever. Do you ever feel that way?

I stitched Froggy on 25 count white Lugana and I'm glad I did. I don't think I would have been happy if it came out smaller than it did. It's just right to sit on my stitching table next to the Orts bag that Cindy made for me :o) Even the colors match!


I made a few changes along the way. I know I feel confident with my French Knots now but I didn't relish the idea of adding 56 of them :oP (They are placed at the ends of the frog's feet) It was bad enough that I had to add 8 of them for the bee's eyes, which btw I changed from DMC 167 to DMC 310. I also used DMC 310 to backstitch the frog's eyes instead of using DMC 167. And the final change I made...I cross stitched the hearts all in one color of green. They were supposed to be two colors of green but eh, I guess I preferred solid at the time ;o)

I received a bit of stash the other day :o)


Anita sent me some skeins of Valdani threads and some 36 count linen. I might as well use it now while I can still see! LOL! I also found the September 2009 issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework (can you believe it Ranae!). I almost passed out when I spotted it! I can't tell you how hard it is to find cross stitch magazines around here.

I was also excited with another find -


See that beautiful fabric? I've been hunting for something like that for a few years now. See that tin in the picture? The fabric will be used for a project using that tin (thanks Irene!). What will it be? HA! I'm not telling :o)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Duncan 'Tail'

Duncan, our Australian Cattle Dog, is a funny old man. He's got his quirks but then don't we all? LOL! But Duncan can make you laugh or smile right when you need it most. Is that a quirk or a knack?


Duncan has never been a chewer. We used to give him toys and bones but all he would do is just walk around with them in his mouth or they'd be left on the floor. About six years ago though he changed his ways and began burying his bones.

Now when I say bury, I don't mean that we have holes all over our yard. No, Duncan is not that energetic. His idea of burying is placing the bone on the ground and then nosing whatever dirt or debris that is close by over it. Like I said, he doesn't put his whole heart into it ;o)

Duncan is also very paranoid about someone finding his treasure. If he even senses that you're watching him, he'll dig the bone back up and move it. And he'll be watching with his sideway glances just to make sure he's safe. It's pretty funny to watch.

Yesterday, DH and I were doing work outside. While I was in the garage, I found a rawhide bone and decided to give it to Duncan. At first he paraded around proudly with it in his mouth. Then, his eyes started darting back and forth as he assessed his surroundings. I ended up going back to work so I lost sight of him.

About ten minutes later, DH comes in the garage and announces that Duncan finally buried his bone...in the shit pile DH had created in the corner of the property! GG! I guess this time Ducan has made sure that his bone is definitely safe ;o)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Today I Had My Fill...

Of Doxie love that is! Yes, I did say Doxies :o)


If you read my previous post, you'll remember me saying how fate seemed to be playing a part in my life. Well, after today, I know it really is. Let me explain...

Last weekend I was on the internet and I decided I would just do a search and see if there were any Doxie breeders close by. I didn't have my hopes up because when we adopted Brie, there were very few in The Maritimes. To my surprise, there were at least three in NS that were breeding smooth haired minis.

I went to the first website and found out that they were about 2.5 hours away. Her dogs were beautiful and so I emailed her. The second website led me to a lady that was living only ten minutes away from me! I emailed her as well and anxiously waited for replies.

Both women answered me and were very understanding of my loss. It was nice to talk dogs with both of them. During our emails, I came to find out that they both knew the breeder that DH and I adopted Brie from. The lady close to me even stated that she had one of her dogs. She gave me her phone number and invited me over to meet the dogs.

So that's what I did today :o) When I walked in the door, I was surrounded by minis of all colors. There were reds, piebalds, a black and tan and even a chocolate. It was little B that caught my eye. The breeder had just bought her from a breeder in BC. She was just a pup but full of that Doxie badness that I love so much. A lot of what she did reminded me of Brie. What I didn't know was how close to Brie I really was...

I knew ahead of time that her black and tan came from the same breeder that Brie came from due to her registered name. When I inquired about how old she was, the breeder looked it up and told me she was born on April 11, 2004. I lost my breath. Right before me was Brie's full sister. The same sibling that I saw when we picked up Brie and actually, the one I originally picked out before Brie decided to pick me.

Is this fate? Something lead me to this woman and her dogs. There's a litter due on September 23 (our wedding anniversary) and I can't wait to see the puppies :o) I'll just leave it at that and take it one day at a time like I was asked to do...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Has It Only Been Ten Days?

There are moments when it feels like it was just yesterday but then there are moments when it feels like it's been months. The pain is still raw but I was slowly starting to come around...until last night that is. Let me just say that I believe fate is playing a part with a plan I have but it was not well received by DH :o( Hopes have somewhat been crushed but as promised, I am going to take one day at a time and we'll see what happens.

Since DH went back to work and I have the days to myself, I feel a bit lost. I've been puttering around the house, trying to fill my days with something productive rather than sleeping all the time. It's been hard but I've been pushing myself so that I avoid that 'depression hole'. Believe it or not, I've been so desperate that I've actually been looking for some part-time work! As of right now, I've applied to two jobs.

On the photography front, I went to one of the local museums on Tuesday and they took 12 of my pictures, but on consignment. She was really impressed with them so I was happy to hear that. Since this is the end of the tourist season though, I'm not sure how well I'll do there but at least I have my foot in the door for next year. I also contacted the gift shop at the local hotel to see how things were going and they've sold around four of my pictures so far. Not bad for such a short period of time :o)

Poor Duncan has been very lonely since Brie left :o( In a good way, it's gotten me/us walking again. Duncan put on a few more pounds when we left him at the kennel so it's not only good for us but good for him as well. I think he's got to lose around five pounds. As for me, I went up four pounds and I'm determined to get rid of them. I told DH last night that I don't mind gaining a bit of weight, if it would just locate itself in the right areas...like my ass!

You may have noticed that my Blogoversary is coming up soon. Stay tuned for a wonderful giveaway in celebration of my THREE years of Blogging :o) Wow, hard to believe. What's even more amazing is that my counter is getting very close to the 50,000 mark! I figure that's enough for another celebration so keep your eyes peeled.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. Over the last three years, I have met some amazing Bloggers that I now consider wonderful friends. You guys are the best and I'm very thankful to have you there :o)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

How Many More Tears Can I Shed?

Obviously not enough because they still keep coming :o( Every night I've been crying myself to sleep as I think about how empty our house seems without our little Brie. People say that it does get easier with time, and to a degree I know that it will, but it still doesn't change the fact that the pain is raw. So raw. And to know that Brie is not there to lick the tears from my face anymore just kills me from the inside.

DH and I had taken Brie to our vet back in New Brunswick to do the awful deed. Dr. B is a compassionate soul; very understanding of our situation and had done everything he could along the way in order to help Brie live the best life since her operation. We sat down and talked to him before we actually went through with our decision and I know deep down that it was the right one for her.

Since then, I have been beating myself up about this whole situation though and how I treated Brie in the past. I hate the fact that I would scold her or yell at her when she did something wrong or just something that would irritate me. I hate the fact that I was the one that made the appointment and that I was the one that held her as she died. It was making me feel like the biggest betrayer and a complete failure to Brie.

But last night I realized something. I realized that it was much easier to remember the bad times and to focus the anger and hurt towards myself. MUCH easier. DH kept suggesting that I try to remember all the good times we had together but that's where the problem lies. Every night when I close my eyes, I want to erase those wonderful images from my mind because my heart literally feels like it's breaking because I know I will never have any of them again :o(

Gone are all the games of tag we played around the kitchen island. Gone are all the nights we cuddled on the couch together. Gone are all the walks and shopping we did. Gone are all the travels we did to Maine. Gone are all the Christmas mornings where Brie would find her gifts under the tree and rip them open. Gone are all welcome homes.

Brie was special in so many ways and she made a great impact on a lot of people, myself included. Our family seems so small now. Duncan misses his little sister and we're doing our best to give him extra attention. I've been overwhelmed by the heartfelt kindness you all have showed and I do want to take the time to thank you. Right now DH and I continue to grieve in private so I won't be answering any emails or commenting on any Blogs for awhile. I hope I don't lose any readers because of this but I won't be gone forever.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

There Are No Words...

DH and I did the unimaginable today and had our sweet little girl, Brie, put to sleep :o( Even as I write this, I still expect to see her on her bed, looking up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes.

For those of you who are new to my Blog, Brie was our four and a half year old Miniature Dachshund. In July of 2008, her vertebrae collapsed onto her spinal cord and rendered her partially paralysed. Without much thought, DH and I took her over to PEI and had her back operated on.

Over the past year, we had seen her take great strides. With her excellent attitude and strong will, she walked and even began going up and down stairs again! Unfortunately as that got better, her incontinence got worse :o(

Why do some people and/or animals come into our life for such short period of times compared to others? When we brought Brie home, DH and I expected that she would be part of our life for at least a dozen years or more. She filled our hearts with love and planted a smile on anyone's face that met her for the first time. There was never a mean bone in her body.

There really are no words. We'll mourn in silence and feel comforted knowing that Pickles and Buddy were there waiting to greet Brie into her next life.