Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yup, it's that time of year again! FIVE years! Can you believe that? I've been Blogging for 1-2-3-4... FIVE years :o) Who would have thunk!

These have been the best five years too. I've enjoyed meeting others and sharing the love of stitching with you all. Not only have friendships been made but there is a lot of inspiration out there if you're willing to look :o)

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, I'm giving away a gift certificate to Anita's Little Stitches :o) And thanks (a HUGE thanks) to Anita, it will be a $100 value!!!! Are you doing a little stash dance? LOL! Anita is such a pleasure to deal with and she has a wonderful variety of items in her store. She has 'the most' adorable collection of scissors, not to mention she sells her own designs! Please check her out.

This giveaway will have to strict rules so PLEASE read them carefully!

You MUST be a Pumpkin Stalker, old or new.

You MUST leave me a means of contacting you (somewhere in your post or Profile page) if you are the winner.

You DO NOT need to have a personal Blog to enter.

You MUST have commented on every one of my posts since AND including September 9.

This giveaway is open worldwide but just remember that you will be responsible for your own shipping costs.

If you fail to meet all of the rules, then your name will not be entered. Sorry!

The winner will be drawn on October 4. Good luck everyone. This IS meant to be fun :o)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twelfth Finish For 2011

Whoa! Are you blown away that I have another finish to show? ;o) I think my mojo has returned and I'm in the mood for fall and Halloween.

This is BooO! by Bent Creek -


Isn't he just the cutest? I used the recommended fabric and floss for this one. I imagine he will be finished as a pillow when the time comes.


If I keep stitching like this, I may have to get a nice basket to display all my fall ornaments in :o)

Remember to read the important note on my September 9 post! Your comments have been wonderful and truly appreciated :o)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christmas Rules SAL Block Nine

As promised, here is block nine of my Christmas Rules SAL -


And here is the project to date -


I can't believe that we only have three more blocks left! Even though I've been stitching on this since the first of the year, it doesn't seem like it's been that long. I've been enjoying every bit of it :o) Nia and I have decided that come the first of 2012, we're going to stitch Halloween Rules as our new SAL. I can't wait!

Remember to read the important note on my September 9 post! Again, thank you for all your comments. They've been a joy to read :o)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Eleventh Finish For 2011

Oh yeah baby! Surprise, surprise! Pumpkin's finally got a finish to show :o)

With fall just around the corner and having the JCS Halloween ornament magazine and book arrive on my doorstep, it was inevitable that I was going to jump on the bandwagon. LOL! When I saw this little cutie, I just couldn't resist -


This is Fall Owl by Casey Buonaugurio. I used the recommended floss and fabric. I had to add the full stitch of 712 for the corner of his eye though because there was an error on the chart. He was so much fun to stitch and quick too :o) I imagine I'll finish him into a pinkeep when the time comes.


I have my ninth block finished on Christmas Rules so stay tuned for pictures of that :o)

Remember to read the important note on my previous post! And I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments that were left. I've truly enjoyed reading each one :o)

Friday, September 09, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

It still amazes me after all these years of Blogging and being on the computer the kinds of relationships you can develop. Here you are connecting with someone you have never met face to face or even talked to on the phone and an instant friendship blossoms :o) I've met a lot of wonderful people over these years and in this post, I want to thank two very special ones.

Carol and I have been reading each other's Blogs for a few years now and I've always admired her work and talent :o) Imagine my surprise when I went to the mailbox one day and discovered this waiting for me -


Yes, that lovely little bunny made its way to my house! I am SO honored to have a piece of Carol's stitching and her over one work is phenomenal! I had asked her about borrowing The Prairie Schooler chart she had but she went well beyond her friendship duty and bought me my own copy :o) Thank you so much Carol!

The second person made an appearance on my Blog awhile back. Somehow I think it was fate that brought us together :o) When we put Duncan to sleep, I immediately knew what I wanted to get DH for his birthday; a watercolor portrait to go on the wall with the one she did of Brie. Jobi did not disappoint and went above and beyond my expectations -


Not only was there the portrait of Duncan but one of Brie and Duncan together :o) DH and I were SO touched! Unfortunately I'm one frame short but expect to fix that next week when we go back to the Big City. We plan on putting them up behind the couch and that way we can all watch television together.

I highly recommend Jobi's work! She is a very talented artist and has done a fantastic job of bringing our critter kids back to life. Thank you again Jobi :o)

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you who follow my Blog, you'll know that my Blogaversary is coming up towards the end of the month :o) Five years! Wow! And as you know, I always give away a nice GC from an ONS... Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the turnout from my last giveaway. It seems that some people just come out of the shadows for the gifts and then retreat again :o(

Now don't get me wrong! I know that life is hectic and there is not always time to read everyone's Blogs. I'm guilty of that and as we speak, I'm behind myself. BUT...I do eventually read those Blogs and I do leave comments.

So...I've come up with a new rule. In order to be included in this year's giveaway, you must have commented on every post from now until I upload the post for my Blogaversary. Honestly, not that hard ;o) I hope you will understand and continue to enjoy the craziness that is The Pumpkin Patch.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bluebell SAL - Month Two

DH and I were watching a movie last night when he mentioned that my Blog was looking a little dullsville :o( You know it's pretty bad when your other half says something like this but I have to agree with him! So I figured I had better post an update on Bluebell so you can see just how little stitching I've been doing. LOL!

Not a lot done from last month but she is coming along -


I've been seriously thinking about not stitching her wings. Has anyone seen her stitched like this? Since I'm still on the fence about my decision, I've decided to stitch all of her and leave the wings for last. Maybe by then I can get a better idea of what she'll look like.

I DO have more things to share with you so don't go too far ;o) And btw, Ellen S PLEASE email me!!!! I still haven't heard from you :o(

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Who came up with that saying anyway? LOL!

Sorry I haven't posted this earlier but I was hoping to hear back from the first place winner before making the announcement. Since that hasn't happened...I only have names to share with you.

So without further ado, the winners are -


Juco, can you please contact me so that we can determine your prize :o)

Congratulations everyone. I wish I could have given out more prizes, I really do. And I want to welcome some new Stalkers! I hope you have enjoyed it here and will continue to stalk my Blog ;o)