Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finish Fifty-Two From 2007

The last ornament has landed so now I can post pictures! The final pair of mittens went to my Ta-Ta Twin, Katie. I wonder if she had figured things out long before they arrived ;o) Anyway, Katie's favourite color is red -



I had quite a time with these because, as I have come to realize, DMC does not have a great selection of reds :o( I was even more limited due to the red color of my ribbon. In the end I had to do a switch-a-roo but I still think they came out looking pretty cute :o)

Last night I finally came to the realization that I cannot take care of myself by myself. If I were single, I'd be in a real bind! Most likely starving to death. LOL! I don't cook. DH does all the cooking and he's a great cook too :o) On the way home last night I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a frozen meal that I thought looked pretty good. When I got home I realized that it was microwavable only. Drat! So I nuke it for the specified time. Nope, had to nuke it again. And again. Needless to say, it was not as good as I 'thought' it would be :o( Hence, supper consisted of toast with peanut butter and jam and a piece of Faith Ann's birthday cake :o)

Brie was excited last night because she got to sleep with mommy :o) How, HOW, does a ten pound loaf of bread take up 3/4 of a queen sized bed???? The extra warmth was nice considering she's just like a toaster oven but talk about restless. And I thought DH was bad! I think it was around 3 am when I finally took her out to her own bed so I could 'try' and get a decent sleep. And drool! Well, I know where she got that from... ;o)


Tammy said...

Your mittens are adorable. I love the red, also my favorite colour.

Too funny about your 10lb loaf of bread. I have a 12lb shih tzu that will sleep with me at times and my word. I think I'd sleep better if I were to sleep on a bed of rocks.

Faith Ann said...

They're so pretty! Is 52 the final count for 2007? That's most impressive!!

I hope you find some easy meals to tide you over while DH is away.

Sue said...

Another pair of adorable mittens. I know what you mean about having a little one in bed with you. My youngest sleeps so restlessly, so I can sympathize ;)

Shannon said...

Adorable mittens :) And a great colour. Congrats !

Your hubby needs to come home soon before you fade away to nothing !

Karen said...

nice mittens,
lol try having 2 hounds in the bed one moves your feet and legs to get herself comfortable doesnt matter she kills blood supply to the feet lol the other just gas's you so you wake up really fuddled

Ranae said...

Another cute gift of mittens.

Lori said...

Love the mitties!

I learned that 3 years ago that weinies are territorial... even in bed! Frankie got the permanent move when he growled at me for moving to close to him. I thought it was MY bed!! Out you go!! rofl

I can STILL hear him snoring even though he sleeps in a little bed in the hall. :( gnoooorf... gnoooorf... yeesh. The train makes less noise.

Cindy said...

If left to cooking for myself, my diet would pretty much consist of macaroni and cheese :)

Very cute finish!!

Irene said...

Cute mittens !!

Jocelyn said...

Lovely, lovely!

So funny about being single again. I have found that my husband and kids have completely ruined me for the single life. Any time they're gone, it's TOO quiet and I just sit around wondering when they'll get back. Whatever happened to the fiercely independant on-her-own girl? She's gone for good, methinks.

I hope your hubby comes home soon!!

BeckySC said...

Cute mittens :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

These mittens are so pretty, and it's fun seeing them stitched in the different colourways. Are they stitched on plastic canvas??

I am the cook in this household, but I'm not a great cook by any means. If DH isn't home for dinner I'm just as likely to end up with toast and jam, or eggs if I'm feeling ambitious.

Your early progress on Stargazer is beautiful, and I liked having the opportunity to see her face quite close up. I have this chart too, but I don't know if I have the self confidence or the skill to stitch her. I haven't done much in the way of beading up to now either.

Love the little froggy in your pot. Too bad he was outstaying his welcome with your stitching there. Hope that he behaves himself from now on.

Hmmm....sharing a queen sized bed with two cats while DH is away is no picnic either. One night I woke up sleeping across the width of the bed, with both cats parked below me and with more then 3/4's of the bed to themselves.

Thanks for visiting my blog Cathey. It was great hearing from you.


Carolyn said...

Love your mittens..they are so cute.

Congrats on finish 52 ! That is so awesome:)

Brie sounds like my cats.Once they get in bed they never and I mean never move,so I can totally relate.

Hope hubby gets home soon

Laural said...

I love those little mittens! I never ever cook anymore. I also never do the dishes. I would probably live off of take out on paper plates if I didn't have DH.