Wednesday, January 02, 2008

She's ALIVE!

Yup, Stargazer has been officially started! She's been kitted up for about a year now and I think she's happy to finally make an appearance ;o) I was busy today doing some things around the house when I thought that I should iron the fabric and that way it would be all ready to go. Well...once it was ironed, I thought I should do my counting and have it all ready for my needle. Well...then I had to put it into my Q-Snaps. guessed it...I started stitching! LOL! I sat for about an hour, pushing my shower aside (and believe me, this was a big deal) and now she has a face that is starting to take shape. Sigh. That's a happy sigh :o) I think I'm really going to enjoy stitching her.

I still have three finishes from 2007 that I have to post but I'm still waiting for things to be received. You're going to LOVE the finale ;o)

Today I didn't have an option of leaving the house because we were...SNOWED IN! Overnight we got about 14-16 inches. Now this was 'on top of' the other snow we already had. We've had FOUR storms in a week. I'm going to say it, I'm sick of winter! LOL! Remember my BBQ from December 4? This is the then and now -

Photobucket Photobucket

And somewhere under that pile of snow, there's a car -


DH has been so busy snow blowing. The snowbanks are so high now. The last time we had this much snow was back about 4-5 years ago. We had horses back then and they probably could have walked over the fence if they had wanted to -


That year, DH had to snow blow the paddock because there wasn't any room for the horses to move around. Now, anyone that is familiar with horses knows that they can spook quite easily. Because of this, we figured they would stay away from the snow blower. Well, DH let the snow settle after blowing and low and behold, there was our mare Princess with her nose just feet away from the blower. She was a nosy nut ;o)

We still have to cater to critters but at least we don't need a huge area for Brie. LOL! The thing we really have to worry about is her freezing up. If it's really cold and she takes too long to do her 'business', she literally becomes a statue. That's when we have to run out and collect her :o) Yes, we have tried booties but that's a whole other story...


Laura said...

Wow, that's lot of snow! And your horses are beautiful. I look forward to seeing pics of your new start and the last 2007 projects.

Marita said...

Wow that is some snow! I'd never even thought of how snow would impact on animals that like to be outside.

Chiloe said...

It's amazing how the snow looks so beautiful when it is not in your backyard ... lol Can you drive around?

You're a bad girl: where is the pisture/ scan of THE face? We want to see ;-)

Cindy said...

You really have gotten a lot of snow!

Congratulations on your new start...I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on Stargazer :)

Shari said...

can't wait to see the progress of stargazer!!! I have that one kitted too, but it is near the bottom of what has become a huge pile! We have a LOT of snow, but I think you have us beat!! I just updated my blog with snow pictures!

Faith Ann said...

Our BBQ looks quite similar lol.

I can't wait to see a photo of Stargazer!!! What fabric did you decide to use for her?

Lori said...

I concur... Dachshunds and booties don't mix. ;)

I bet you miss your horsies :(

Wish we had only gotten 16 inches.

Karen said...

just think of those snow angels

Sue said...

I can't believe you're not letting us see the start of Stargazer. What fabric are you doing her on?

Jocelyn said...

I believe I'm jelous of your snow. All we got here in NY is bitter cold. Snow would at least be pretty!

Congrats on your new finish. I did that piece, too. It is a quick stitch. At the rate you finish your beautiful pieces, you should have her done in no time at all!!

Irene said...

That's a lot of snow !!