Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now That I'm Done Crapping My Pants

As of yesterday, my workshop was done! I left feeling organized, prepared and empowered; ready to search out the job of my dreams :o) I truly had my reservations about the course before I started but now that it's done, I really miss it. I miss the people that taught it and I miss the people that were in the class.

We had some guest speakers from different businesses around the areas and it was interesting to hear what they offered and what they looked for in an employee. I was completely surprised by the turkey dinner that they set up for us for lunch, topped off with fruit filled crepes! I was SO stuffed, I couldn't wait to get home and unbutton my pants ;o) The meal was catered by a favourite place of ours and as always, it was delish.

On the weekend as I was putting the final touches on my new resume, I heard through the grapevine about a company that would be looking for some new people. They're local, in town, and I was quite familiar with what they did. I had thought about applying there but never did. After the workshop yesterday, I drove over to hand deliver my resume :o)

When I walked in, this little itty bitty thing of a girl came over and I asked who I could give my resume to. She told me it would be herself so then I introduced myself and explained that I had heard they might be hiring. The next thing I know, she's asking me if I can come in for an interview the following day (which is today). I'm sure if I didn't control myself, my jaw would have landed smack on the floor!

So this morning I got up, after sleeping through the alarm clock by nine minutes, and got myself ready. I prepared some potential questions and answers to bring with me as a cheat sheet. I looked and felt professional :o) We went across the street to one of the local restaurants to talk and had a cup of tea. I was very at ease with her and she was so sweet and friendly.

Although it was an interview, we sat and chatted like we were old friends. We had some things in common so it was fun to talk 'shop' with her. All in all, I think the interview went VERY well. Basically, I sold myself. If I don't get the job, it will only be because I don't have the experience that they are looking for, although they are willing to train.

Here's my conundrum...if I don't get the job, I'm not going to feel defeated because I rocked :o) My problem is if I DO get the job! I'm almost crapping my pants again just thinking about it. LOL! Why you ask? Well, it's complicated but I'll share with you part of what is going through my head.

As you know, I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Mitral Valve Prolaspe and General Anxiety Disorder. I haven't worked for a number of years (some of you will remember the huge fight with the disability company, my now ex-employer and Human Rights) and I do get tired quite easily. This would be an 8:30-5pm job, with extra hours. So basically full-time. The job will be stressful. And I'm not sure if it's the right job for me. I worry that if I get the job and accept it (or try it) and fail; I'll have disappointed myself and my employer. Being that this is a small town, you don't want to burn any bridges.

DH has consistently told me that I don't have to work if I don't want to. That sounds like a dream to some of you but we are only living on one income. I love the fact that I have the time to do the things I want but I'm also isolating myself and that is not helping matters. I'm not going to know until Monday what their decision is so I have almost a week to wait. Btw, how much can a person crap out anyway? ;o)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

She's Still Here

I see that I have left you hanging this week ;o) I do apologize for not posting a progress picture of Sabrina sooner but between being busy, tired and lack of energy for stitching, I didn't think I had much to show. Now that I look at the pictures though, there has been some advancement -


What do you think? The blocks of solid colors are wearing thin but in a way it's good because with my mind being in space, there's a slight lack of concentration going on upstairs and we all know that I don't want the dreaded Frog to visit.


I have kitted up a small project that I'm going to start soon. That will give me a little break from Sabrina but don't worry, she's not going far! This girl is going to have her dress done this year for Christmas ;o)

There is still one more day left of the workshop and I have to say, I am learning some things. For those of you who asked, they are teaching us how to be assertive, anger management, how to prepare a cover letter, what employers are looking for during an interview, etc. I am 'hoping' that there is a little secret in there somewhere that I can use to get prospective employers to actually call me! A sixth resume went out this past week and one will be delivered on Monday.

I am SO happy to report that we have gotten rid of our piece of $hit Tracker :o) WOOHOO!!!! I don't think I related this story on my Blog. DH and I were given a 2002 GM Tracker from my parents last year figuring it was the safest route to buy a used vehicle. A few months ago, DH noticed it was running weird and the engine light had come on. He took it in and found the chip for the throttle sensor had to be replaced. Okay, done.

Not a day went by and the engine light came on again. He took it back to the mechanic (they are awesome btw) and found out the chip for the oxygen sensor had to be replaced. Apparently the throttle sensor and the oxygen sensor affect one another so when one goes, the other one usually does too. Expensive little part but what else were we going to do?

On the way home, DH noticed this awful noise in the dash every time the Tracker vibrated. Annoying as heck (because I drove in it) and after five minutes I wanted to jump out, even if the vehicle was still moving! Soon afterwards the engine light came back on. You can just imagine how blue the air was in our house.

Soooooo....back to the mechanic and this time he had a guy from GM. He told them to replace the air filter and the thermostat. Okay, but the thermostat had already been replaced (forgot about that). They did it again and fixed the nails-scratching-on-chalkboard noise in the dash and away DH went. He was really happy because the Tracker really was working better and this went on for a whole week!

Hope didn't last long because that dreaded light appeared again >:o( That was the last straw. I told DH to trade it in and get what he could for it. It was that or burn it to the ground...but you didn't hear that from me ;o) The people who own the garage sell used cars as well and DH noticed they had gotten in a 2008 Ford Ranger two-wheel drive with extended cab. It only has 19,000 kms on it and still under warrantee! They negotiated a deal and the Tracker is their problem now. At least they know what they're getting into.

DH is much happier :o) The Ranger isn't 100% what he wants but it's what we can afford right now and we'd rather sink our money into a vehicle we can use than one that's headed for the grave.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Balancing Act

Yesterday and today I have been taking part in a workshop called 'Life Skills'. Its part of a government program to help those who are unemployed find employment. Not what I really want to do but since I don't have much of an option, I figure I'd just suck it up and be done with it.

The workshop is from 9-4 pm and is four days in total. Waking up for 7 am each morning has been a complete shock to my poor system! I guess it goes to show just how much I've taken for granted sleeping in until 9 am ;o)

On Monday morning I decided to try and cut some corners because I'm running on a tight timeline. This has got to be genetic because no given amount of time is enough for my side of the family. We always seem to be late. So, instead of shampoo and conditioner, I opted for the two in one (which I NEVER do anymore). Big mistake. HUGE! After blow drying my hair, I looked like I had visited the science centre and touched one of those static electricity balls! Even the flat iron wouldn't help.


Out of desperation, I ran downstairs and got on the computer. I Goggled 'static electricity in hair' and do you know what one of the solutions I found was? Take an unscented dryer sheet and rub it on your hair. Huh? I can certainly testify that this DOES work! Whoda thunk? Crisis averted...

In order to attend the workshop, it's required that I dress in business attire (ugh!). So yesterday, I dusted off (literally) my dress pants and picked out a cute blouse with a camie underneath. Therefore...no bra = a more comfortable me :o)

I pulled on my pants praying that they fit because it seems that a few extra ECEs have added a few 'extra' pounds. I let out a huge sigh of relief when I was able to button them up without incident. Phew! Just as I was about to set out, I took one last look in the mirror to assess myself and I was horrified! There before me, the 'Hooter Girls' looked like they were one on top of the other :oS Ack! They weren't even on the same level for Pete's Sake! I was looking at Perky and Droopy.

Luckily I remembered a strapless bra that I had bought a few years ago and it came with clear plastic (removable) straps. Another five minutes wasted trying to put this thing together! I quickly stuffed the girls in and we were ready to go :o) Mission accomplished and disaster avoided...

What I love about this workshop is that we get fed, very well :o) They provide coffee, tea, water, morning and afternoon snack plus lunch. All yummy! The only downfall...what happens when you drink glasses of water and cups of tea??? That's right, you eventually have to pee!

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm getting older or what but I used to be a camel when it came to holding my bladder. This came in quite handy since I have a true fear of public restrooms and will usually do 'anything' to avoid using one. But yesterday there was no way I was going to make it and I knew I'd have to give in.

Imagine my delight when I walked into the stall and there attached to the side was a box full of toilet seat covers! I could almost see a glow and hear the angels singing. Heaven couldn't be sweeter! I LOVE Best Western :o)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stunning Beauty

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! I'd offer to buy a beer all around but that might be a little tough to do ;o)

Here's Sabrina in all her glory -


I really can't tell you how much I'm in love with her :o) I love picking her up and stitching on her almost every day. It's officially been one month since I started her. It's hard to believe. I've been meaning to put this in my Blog for a few weeks now but it keeps getting missed. I want to dedicate Sabrina to my Secret Santa (whoever you may be) because without your generosity, she wouldn't have been possible. Thank you!

I took this picture outside in the sun and it gives a good representation of the color of the fabric. It's pretty much all dress from here, except the cluster of roses on her butt. I even think I'm going to break my own rules and bead the dress as I start downwards. I've never done this before but there are A LOT of little black beads in this dress and I want to keep my perfect 20/20 vision ;o) LOL!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Have you seen the new chart by Brittercup Designs???? It's called Bunnies Galore -


OMG! OMG! OMG! I just HAVE to have this chart. I've been chomping at the bit ever since I saw a little preview. Unfortunately with money being tight at the moment, I'm going to have to be patient and wait. Me patient? HA! This will be a true test. Now off to try and stop hyperventilating or maybe eat a Cadbury Easter Cream Egg...or two...

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Have Radish Seeds On My Ears

Last Thursday, I went for my second acupuncture treatment. For someone who absolutely HATES needles and will do just about anything to avoid them, this is quite a step for me. So why am I purposely torturing myself? Good question!

To be brutally honest here, I have what's called General Anxiety Disorder. This may be surprising to some of you who read my Blog because who in their right mind can be this uptight and still talk about snot, poop and farts so freely? ;o) Truth is, I am.

I used to thrive on stress when I was younger and did my best work in school when I was under pressure. I'd have to say that it was my experience with breast cancer that crumbled any walls that were still standing because now any little thing can make me feel anxious and I'm prone to anxiety attacks :o(

A few weeks ago I was told about an acupuncture class here in town and that maybe it was worth looking into. I've always wondered about acupuncture and since I had nothing better to do and it was free, I thought, why not!

This particular class does Auricular Acupuncture. Basically what this means is that all the needles are inserted into your ears. It's believed that each area of the ear corresponds to a different anatomical part of the body; between 200-300 sites. They say this type of acupuncture has been known to help with anxiety, depression, pain, sleeping problems and cravings. Hard to believe but I'm willing to try anything at this point.

Our class uses 1-5 needles in each ear. In the first session, I practically jumped out of my seat when the first few needles went in! Once in, you sit back and relax to soothing music for 30 minutes. They tell me it takes 8-9 sessions for results to start showing. Tomorrow will be my third treatment. Before leaving, they attach a radish seed to the back of your ear, on one of the pressure points. If at any time you're feeling anxious or you're having trouble sleeping, you can rub the area and it's supposed to help.

I've had my seeds on for a week now. They've been in a warm place and watered so my concern is...when will they start to sprout? ;o)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Week Three

I can't believe I am three weeks into Sabrina already! As promised, here is a picture update -


See, I told you I was bad ;o) I just couldn't resist putting some bling on her! And I did all the backstitching except for her gloves. In the chart, it says to backstitch her eyelashes with three stands of DMC 3371. I have to say, I tried doing her whole eye in two strands and she came out looking like a skank! Sabrina is no skank ;o) So, I outlined her eye in one strand and what I considered her eyelashes in two. What do you think?


I see her as much more sophisticated this way :o) I'm curious to hear how others have done her eye. To me, that is one of the more important areas to get right. When I was stitching Stargazer, I saw some finishes that made her look so angry. I made sure my Stargazer looked serene because that's how I want to feel when I look at her. Did I just share too much of my demented thinking with you? LOL!

There were a few people who were curious to see a picture of my wedding dress :o) I was cleaning out the Tickle Trunk the other day and so I knew exactly where to get my little hands on the picture of it -


Gotcha! This is the actual magazine page but just imagine me in the dress ;o) To be honest, I'm not 100% sure where our wedding photos are at the moment so it was easier this way. I even have the receipt for the dress buried somewhere in the TT. It's kind of funny because I was away with my HTB and my in-lawsTB when I found my dress. We were in Truro, NS and we went into this little bridal shop and there it was! I felt really bad that my mom wasn't there so I called her to make sure it was okay that I bought it without her :o)

As already mentioned, I'm not a froufrou girl but this is one dress that I would love to still wear again. DH asks me why I'm keeping it but I just can't let it go. My mother still has hers. Do you still have yours? I'm curious to know how women view their wedding dresses now :o)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Zee Winner Is...

Sorry for making you wait this long ladies but I was in the 'big town' today so my day was pretty full. I'm finally done supper, settling down and starting to enjoy my evening. Ahhhh!

There were a good number of entrants but unfortunately only 32 out of the 35 were qualified for an entry. I'm sorry about this but I did lay down the rules and I can't go back on that afterwards :o( Because of this, I wrote each person's name down on a piece of paper and made them into little individual pearls :o) Aren't they so pretty in their shell -


Yes, I know, this isn't an oyster shell but it's the closest thing I could come by. LOL!

Since DH had to go back to work and Duncan was too engrossed in The Dog Whisperer (he LOVES this show!), I had to do all the work myself :oS So after a lot of mixing and swirling, I finally picked a pearl and that lucky pearl belonged to -


Congratulations Karen from Gathering Thoughts! Since I can't find your email address, can you please email me so I can get your information off to Anita :o) I hope you will enjoy your shopping spree and remember, if you spend $60, you only have to pay $30! That's like going to a 50% off sale! You can just spend the $30 gift certificate but I like the logic behind getting more for less ;oD

I want to thank everyone who entered and I only wish that I could send something to each of you because in a way, each of you has become a part of my life. I LOVE getting on the computer and seeing what comments you've left me. Some days I laugh out loud and those are usually the days that I need it the most. And then reading your Blogs is like sitting down with a friend and a cup of tea. I've met so many wonderful ladies over the years and it makes my heart smile to know there is still so much kindness still out there in this world :o)

PS - check back tomorrow for a progress picture of Sabrina. I've been bad...sooooo bad...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Letter


The post you are about to read has some 'not-so-nice' words in it. If you think you'll be offended, please do not go any further.

Dear Credit Card Stealing $hithead,

Thanks to a complete fluke, my DH and I were notified that you somehow confiscated our credit card number and decided to use it at your own discretion. Why you felt the need to do this, I will probably never know. HOW you obtained our card number is even more of a mystery.

I take it since you charged four $220.00 phone withdrawals that you must desperately need the money. My heart goes out to you...NOT! Did you ever stop to think about the people that you stole from? Just because we have a credit card does not make us rich. We are a one income family and a low one at that. Usually if we need money, we go to 'the bank'. Did that ever cross your idiotic little brain? Maybe this is a new concept for you but one you should consider you $hithead.

My money's on the fact that you feel like you just plain deserved it. How selfish and mighty you are. What I find quite amusing though is that you probably think that what you did was just brilliant; that you were so smart to use the credit card over the phone and therefore there would be less chance of you getting caught. That just goes to show how incredibly stupid you are. Thankfully our credit card company was alerted right away to your 'brilliant act' and knew it was not in our nature to make withdrawals with our credit card. Luckily we will not owe the money but you have made this quite an inconvenience for us.

Have you ever heard the saying "What goes around, comes around"? You might just want to keep that in mind when you're doing another selfish act like this. Fate has a way of levelling the playing field...

Oh, and another thing you coward, why don't you try and be like the rest of us and get a real fucking job! Enough said.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Spring In My Step...

...and a smile on my face :o) Why you ask? Well, as of today there are several reasons!

First off, here is week two of my progress on Sabrina -


Isn't she gorgeous? Okay, besides the fact that she looks like a mutant without her hands ;o) I just LOVE the top portion of her dress. All the empty spots will be filled in with beads. Yeah, that's just the beginning. What was I thinking????

Anyway, back to the dress. The top reminds me of my wedding dress. I'm not a froufrou girl so when it came time to marry DH, I chose a simple design. The bodice had lots of intricate details but was balanced out by the plain skirt. Even today I still love my dress and there are days when I wonder if I could still fit into it. I doubt it though because I was quite tiny when I met DH ;o)

I keep telling him that I want to get married again so I can buy and wear another wedding dress. So far it's been a no go. LOL!

Have you noticed that I now have ONE HUNDRED stalkers???? I was incredibly happy when I spied that this morning! To celebrate this first milestone, I am (and a HUGE thanks to Anita) giving away a $30 Gift Certificate from Anita's Little Stitches :o) Anita is wonderful to deal with and has a great selection of cross stitch items to add to your stash. In order to win, you 'must' be a Pumpkin Stalker (old or new) and you must leave a comment on THIS post only. Remember; please leave me a way to get a hold of you if you are the winner. The contest will be open until 11:59pm on Sunday, March 7. I will post the winner on Monday, March 8 :o)

And finally...yesterday was a good day :o) I am still SO stoked! I met with a woman in a nearby community that is going to be opening a gallery and she was looking for artists. She and her DH had packed up everything and moved here from BC. They bought a local B&B and the gallery will be right beside it. I had emailed her samples of my photography and she was thrilled with what she saw and wanted to meet me in person. So yesterday I went for a little drive. When she looked at what I brought, she said what she saw was art and not just pictures. Ahhhh, that made me feel SO good because that's 'exactly' how I want people to see my work as :o) She even wants my whole collection for her shop! That means lots of work on my part but I'm really looking forward to it. Since I missed the tourist season last year, this summer should give me a really good idea of how things will move.

I now have FOUR places carrying my work...boing, boing, BOING!