Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seventh Finish For 2011

I wasn't kidding when I said that I have a lot to share. I've been holding out on you ;o) LOL! When things are quiet here at the Pumpkin Patch, you just never know what I'm doing or how fast my needles are flying...

Since I wanted to get into the 'spring mood', I thought this little freebie by Val's Stuff was perfect to begin with. This is Springtime -


For once I had the fabric but I didn't like the fibers she used so I changed it all up to my liking :o) I used all DMC and added a pink pansy button by JABC. But I didn't stop there! Oh no...

Today I finished it off into a little pillow -


Yay! I found the fabric in our local store that's closing down :o( I'm happy with the results but I was a little disappointed. I found the linen to be quite stretchy and a bit hard to work with while sewing so it's not up to my 100% satisfaction. LOL! Quality control is very strict here ;o)

Anyway, I plan on stitching this pattern again and basically just making a duplicate. How come you ask? Well, this one is going out to one of my readers as a thank you :o) How's that for a tease? Nope, I'm not going to reveal who that person is until the package has been received :oP

While I'm on the subject of pillows and duplicate projects, I thought I should share with you my second C Is For Cure by Lizzie Kate finish -


Again, just like the first one I did last year but this one will be staying home with me :o)


Annie said...

You have been busy! Lots of lovely spring stitching. Your finishing is always so perfect!

Myra said...

Love your springtime finish - that button just makes it pop. To avoid the stretchiness of linen when sewing I use a lightweight fusible interfacing on the back of all my sewn finishes. It really helps to keep everything stable.
Again, those fabrics and colors in your cure finish are fabulous.

Lesleyanne said...

Two gorgeous finishes. Lucky receipient for the first one. Your finishing looks just fine to me.

Deborah said...

Bothpillows are very cute! Love the finishing.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The pillows are beautiful. I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are on a roll. I love all your things. They sure look 100% quality to me.

valerie said...

Love your finishes and so perfect for Spring!

Jane said...

Pretty colours and lovely finishing on both stitches ~ both perfect for Springtime xxx

Karen said...

That is the cutest little freebie! I just love the little bunny heads... will have to check this one out!

Love your finishing... very pretty as always! Happy stitching....

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Those are some beautiful finishes, Cathey! Wish I had some time to stitch...maybe this weekend!

Happy Stitchin'

Tracey said...

Boy, you sure are on a roll... great finishes! I absolutely LOVE the Springtime, how cute :^) Went to site where you got the freebie but didn't see it. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks!

♥ Nia said...

What a great Spring mood!! :D I like seeing so much production over there ;)
That Springtime is so adorable =) and beautiful finish :D Someone will be very lucky and very happy!!!!
I remeber your first C is For Cure :) Again, lovely!! :D I have to try and stitch pillows like that, so cute :)
Hugs&Smiles to you

Lisa V said...

Love your pillow finishes but especially love the Springtime one, what a cutie!

mumzy said...

Love your pillows. I wish I could have bought some of the material you used on the Springtime one. I can see some of that material in one of my future quilts. Great job on your projects.

{{{Love and Hugs}}}

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

You have been busy haven't you?
Springtime. How sweet. Love
the two bunnies and that little
pink pansy button is the perfect
compliment to this design.

I love how you've finished it
into a little pillow. This
style of pillow (with half of
it being the backing fabric
and the other half the design)
is one of my favourite finishing
styles. I like being able to
see the very pretty fabric with-
out having to turn the pillow
over which would then hide the stitching.

The second little pillow is
wonderful too. The fabric
that you used matches the
beautiful colors in the
stitching perfectly!!

You're really good at this
finishing business aren't you?
Do you give lessons??

Congratulations on establishing
your Etsy page and offering your
wonderful photos for sale. I
hope that you'll have all kinds
of success with it, and so you
should. You've got a wonderful
eye for your subject but I also
love how your sense of humor
comes through as well. I'm
thinking of your Christmas cards
when I say that.

Thanks for the emails answering
my questions from previous
comments by the way. Always
delighted to hear from you.


Denise said...

I was going to suggest interfacing but I see someone else beat me to it.

Your finishes are beautiful. Way to go!

~*Shar*~ said...

Love these pillows hun; I went to the website; and couldn't find the freebie?? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? Too Cute...

Hugs, Shar

Jennifer said...

Both are beautiful to me. I love how you finished them.


Anonymous said...

well done on the pillows, you give me inspiration

Nancy said...

Just love that springtime finish! You finish your stitching beautifully!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Both of your pillows came out beautifully.

KaLu - Claudia said...

wow! your are stitching fast!

they are both very cute ! congrats on the finishes =D

Irene said...

Great finishes, love the springtime, it so cute !

JOLENE said...

Pretty pastels! Love the springtime with the peeping bunnies, cute!

Sarah said...

Lovely finishes and stitching I love the fabrics. I cannot find the freebie on Vals website?

Rachael xxx said...

Well done you, they are both lovely.
No wonder you've been quiet!

Marion said...

Busy, busy lady! Love your finishes!!!
Love your photos as well!!
And Hello! Long time no hear from each other...LOL...I am still around....have been in the land of the missing lately, I guess.
Take care

CalamityJr said...

Oooh, pretty! The button and fabric are perfect - and it makes me feel more like spring, so thank you!

Crystal said...

I love both your pillows, the springtime one is just the cutest. I went looking for the freebie but can not seem to find it, hoping you can point me in the right direction.

Carol said...

What a gorgeous springtime finish, Cathey! Those little bunnies just make me smile :)

And your second C Is For Cure pillow looks perfect--you do such a wonderful job of choosing complementary fabrics!

Parsley said...

Oh my gosh. That took my breath away. SOOOO cute!

Blu said...

Great finishes! I love the fabrics you've chosen. The Springtime one is so flowery and the green just sets off all that pink!

Melanie said...

Just perfect!! I love what you did with both of them. :)

Tatkis said...

Lovely finishes!
I have one finished stitching too, at last :)) but it will fly to another city as a giveaway prize.


TammyK said...

Two beautiful finishes Pumpkin :)

BlackCat said...

These are so pretty and your finishing is beautiful.

Daffycat said...

Darling pillow finishes, Cathey. Awww, an RAK? I'll be looking to see who the lucky reader is!

Lisa said...

I love your Springtime finish, so cute, not seen this freebie before. Is it available online do you know or was it through an ONS with a purchase?
Your C If For Cure is gorgeous, the fabric you chose goes with it so well and it all looks really springlike and cheerful.

Rhona said...

Great stitching and they look lovely finished as little pillows! Great job!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful finishes! I love the spring fabrics. :)

Julie said...

Super little pillows

Good luck with the Etsy shop

Olenka's Stitches said...

Thank you very much for the kind words.
Your both pillows are just darling!The spring fabric matches the pattern perfectly well = it's a great find of yours.

Sharon said...

Lovely finishes and your LK finishing is beautiful!