Monday, April 04, 2011

Animal Photography 101

Basically in a nutshell, animals are probably the hardest thing to photograph. You can't tell them what to do, where you want them to stand or how you want them to look. They've got a mind of their own and they're going to do whatever they want ;o)

I have two cameras that I use to take pictures. One is a Kodak digital and it's somewhat small and compact. I use this camera for my every day pictures and when I want to take photos in black and white. The other camera that I use is a Canon digital SLR 50D. I 'love' this camera! The only problem with this one is that it is heavy and bulkier.

Yesterday, DH and I, along with our friends T and K (and their DS) took a drive to Kejimkujik National Park. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to purchase our national park passes. On our way there, we came upon this fellow on the side of the road -


Eastern Wild Turkeys are not native to NS. I've seen them in Maine and I 'believe' there are a few in NB but not here so this guy/gal must have gone rogue. LOL! I love wild turkeys. They're a funny, inquisitive bird. This one was close enough for pictures but even after my incessant gobbling, it just wouldn't stand still! We debated about capturing it for a nice turkey dinner but it can count its blessings that we let him/her get away ;o)

I had my Kodak digital with me and the one drawback about this camera is the time it takes between taking the picture and allowing you to take another picture >:o( So there was DH in the front seat telling me to take a picture 'now' and I'm waiting for the bloody green light! In the meantime, any chance at a good picture has gone out the car door...

After a lovely hike through part of the park, we are driving out and lo and behold we 'finally' come across some deer. Deer are like pennies here and are used to humans. Unfortunately, with five deer, one problematic camera and a photographer trying not to climb through the rear window of the car, this is the best I could get -


The Bambies weren't very cooperative :oS

Thankfully there was ONE animal that allowed me to take all the pictures I wanted :o)


Yes, he is real and no, he's not dead. LOL! This is a Blanding's Turtle. They are considered a 'Species At Risk'. In the late spring, you'll find nesting houses along the sides of the road in the park. This is to protect the eggs that are buried in the sand. I guess this turtle wasn't smart enough to realize that giving birth on the side of a road wasn't a good thing ;o)


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great pics, Cathey and isn't it a bummer when your camera isn't ready!!! You did well, anyway if you ask me! Sounds like a fun day!

Annie said...

Well it's nice to have at least one cooperative animal! He's probably meant to be a model since he was so willing to pose.

Nice photos all around.

Tina said...

Great pictures, but you are missing a donkey! lol

Anonymous said...

Those are excellent pictures! Your right about that type of Turkey in Maine as we were there two years ago and I came across three of them. I didn't have a camera with me. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Ranae said...

Great photo's!!!
I think you should try to photographing Brianna (4 yrs old) and then tell me animals are hard to capture a good pic, lol
She is a little stinker, hehe when it comes to the camera
The day looks so sunny and nice there.

Carol said...

I love taking pictures of animals, too (although I'm nowhere near your level of ability!)... Great photos, Cathey. I'll have to tell my son about that park--it might be a nice weekend destination for him.

Irene said...

Great pictures ! I'm sure glad you let the turkey go free :)

Daffycat said...

LOL Animals are hard to capture on film, even our pet ones! My old Daffy cat would be posed so cute, so pretty but the second you whipped out that camera and pointed it in her direction she jumped up to come "see" what you were doing! Nosey cat!

Love the photos even if you had mostly uncooperative subjects.

Gert said...

Oh you did a great job taking these pictures. Now me..I enjoy taking pics of animals more so than If I don't make them pose that are really bad pics..ha

You took some really cool pics yesterday!

xoxo Gert

Christine said...

Great photos! Love the smile on that turtle's face. :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

I was at a cross stitch event in
Toronto this past weekend and
one of the vendors there had a
finished Sabrina on display. I
gazed at her in admiration and
awe and thought of you and your
beautiful Sabrina. What an
incredibly striking lady she is!
Hope that the beading on that
big section of skirt goes well
for you.

We have turkeys here in Ontario
although we don't see them out
in the open often. Now that
Spring is here (hahaha .. sorry
it snowed here last night and
I'm a bit bitter about it.)
we're getting our birds back
and the four legged critters
are on the move too. I love
seeing deer no matter what the
season. Such lovely creatures.
Is it my imagination or is that
turtle smiling for the camera??

How have you been feeling these
days?? Hope the pain you'd been
experiencing in March has sub-
sided and you're feeling better.

Always thinking of you my friend.

Hugs! Judy

Sarah said...

Love your photos, but where is the Cow!! LOL only kidding great to see the animals, thanks for sharing.

Sylvia said...

Looks like you had a really nice day. Great shots of the animals.

Julie said...

Super pics, i am the worlds worst at taking pics!

mumzy said...

Great pictures kiddo. I know we live reasonably close to Maine so maybe that is why we have a fair number of turkeys here. Love the picture of the deer looking at you. He is so cute and looks to be very curious. Great job!

{{{Hugs and Love}}}

Tatkis said...

I just love to visit National parks and Zoos!
Great pictures!
And the turtle is so cute :))


Justflo said...

Great pics. You must have mesmerized those animal so you could take their photo!! I'd have been lucky to get the tail. And the turtle would have gone right into his shell and pleaded shyness!

♥ Nia said...

hahahaha "Thankfully there was ONE animal that allowed me to take all the pictures I wanted" :D You really made me laugh! I was reading so concentrate and I wasn't expecting that last photo!!! LOL!!! :D