Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few More Of My Favourite Things

It's been awhile since I've shared some of my favourite things with you. Why not spread the word when you've come across something great? These things are just too awesome to keep secret! Lmk if you agree ;o)

Sophie Conran Dishes -


Omigosh, it took YEARS for us to find dishes that we liked! Either the colour, shape, size or feel was never right. When we moved to NS, we left behind all our old dishes so we had no choice but to find something new ;o)

One day DH and I were in a shop in Lunenburg and shezam...there they were! Sophie Conran's designs are beautiful for everyday use and also elegant enough for that special dinner party. The lines and shapes of her pieces are fluent. The dishes are light but heavy enough not to be too delicate and easily broken.

Her collection has expanded quite a bit over the past few years. All her pieces come in the white (that's what we finally decided on) but there are some (if not all but I don't think so) that also come in a Celadon green or Forget-Me-Not blue. She's expanded into glassware now. Maybe someday we'll add some of those pieces :o)

Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha -


The minute my lips hit this warm, delicious mix, I was hooked! The funny thing is, I was introduced to it in the most unlikely of places :o) When DH and I took the Digby ferry, I was looking for a white hot chocolate to warm me up. What I didn't know was that this little cafe sold drinks by Starbucks!

The other funny thing is I had NEVER had a beverage from Starbucks, let alone stepped foot into one of their stores. I 'can' tell you that that has definitely changed now ;o) OMG! Every time I taste that sweet chocolate taste mixed with mocha, I just want MORE...and MORE...and MORE!

Lampe Berger -


If you've never seen or heard of these before, I highly recommend that you look into one. DH saw them advertised in a magazine about a year ago and luckily enough, there was a dealer in the 'little city' and we immediately purchased one :o)

The Lampe Berger (I call it my Lampe Burger) originated in Paris, France in 1898. It's an oil lamp that cleans and purifies the air. Just fried some fish and have that fishy smell throughout the house? Light your Lampe Berger and within 20 minutes, the smell is gone! Originally the oil was not meant to contain perfume but now you can get different scents. Since I'm quite sensitive to strong smells, we purchased the non-scented oil plus one called Linen. We combine the two so it's diluted. The scent doesn't stay around like those sprays that you get in the grocery store.

How does it work? Here is what they say "Thanks to a unique process, high temperature catalytic combustion, the Lampe Berger is able to destroy the molecules behind unpleasant odors, halt the proliferation of bacteria (scientifically proven effective), and pleasantly perfumes the air." You didn't think they'd reveal the true secret of how it works did you? ;o)


Ranae said...

Don't even get me started on Strbucks, I love the mocha frappucino's
I have never heard of the Lampe Berger, it sounds pretty nifty though
I totally agree with you :)

Gillie said...

Such a pretty arrangement of dishes. I am unpacking in our new house and the whole place looks like a bomb site so I'm having a little wander in much prettier blog and!

Parsley said...

HOW FUNNY! I like that drink from SB too!!! Our local one is gone :-( so I don't have a supply unless I leave town.

Now I need a 'lamp burger' LOL!

Nancy said...

Love the dishes, so pretty!

♥ Nia said...

I googled a little about Sophie Conran's, lovely dish wear :) I wish we had that here!

No starbucks as well =/

LOL!! They have to keep their secret for that Lampe Berger ;)

mumzy said...

You know I love your dishes. I don't remember the Lampe Berger though - maybe you didn't have it yet the last time we visited. As far as the Starbucks, you know I'm a Tim Horton coffee addict.

{{{Hugs and Love}}}

Karen said...

White Chocolate Mocha is yummy!!!!!

Myra said...

Lovely dishes and I need to look into the Lampe Berger thingamajig.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

After nearly 21 years of wedded
bliss (!!) Phil and I are in
dire need of new dishes for the
kitchen. I've been thinking of
looking for a set in white and
buying extra pieces in other
colors (blue, the color of our
kitchen) as accents. You've
given me some ideas here.
Elegant but strong and practical,
what more could you ask for??

I'm not fond of white chocolate
but I do love me a nice, hot,
rich mug of hot chocolate. I
buy the low fat kind for home
and it satisfies the urge for
this tasty treat, plus it helps
to warm my always freezing
fingers. I'm drinking more tea
then I use to as well.

We use to have our office in a building with a Second Cup in
the lobby and it was decadently blissful to be able to buy a hot chocolate (with whipped cream
and chocolate sprinkles on top
of course) before heading up to work on a cold winters day.

That Lampe Berger thingy looks
and sounds like a pretty cool
and effective way of killing
nasty odors in the house. We
use little vials of scent that
plug into wall sockets and
disperses the scent all the time.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful dishes. I have never had a coffee from Starbucks. I may just have to take a look and see if I can find one of those Lampe Berger. I can't stand those sprays from the stores.

Rachael xxx said...

Don't drink Starbucks, only Costa Coffee.
One day we will have a fully matching dinner set instead of lots of half sets that don't match( when the kids have gone) lol

Tatkis said...

Love to read your posts, Cathey :)
I had a lamp from some Poland salt mine - it's made from stone salt piece and there is an ordinary lightbulb inside. It is said to clean and refresh the air in your house ;) hope it really did so!


Julie said...

The lamp berger sounds very interesting

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The dishes are lovely - white it timeless, classic and always beautiful!
I am not a coffee drinker - why ruin a good hot chocolate, white or milk - with coffee???? The only way I'll drink coffee is if it is heavily infused with Bailey's! ;-)
Seriously! I am a southern girl raised on iced tea (sweet preferred) and it runs thru my veins. I drink it day and night, all day long. I just can't develop a taste for coffee.
THe Lampe Berger is interesting - I've never seen one but I'm going to go check 'em out.
Have a good day, Miss Cathey!

Rachel S said...

I'd only heard of the one in the middle, and that is addictive! Will have to look for the other two.

claudia said...

very nice blog,have a good day from Tenerife!!!

Patty C. said...

I can't drink Starbucks anymore ;(
But I used to love French Vanilla Bean - So yummy

I like the burger (lol) lamp !!!

Irene said...

I LOVE THE DISHES ! Will have to try the WCM next time I'm at Starbucks. Just so happens we have a Lamp Berger dealer at our local mall.