Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Balancing Act

Yesterday and today I have been taking part in a workshop called 'Life Skills'. Its part of a government program to help those who are unemployed find employment. Not what I really want to do but since I don't have much of an option, I figure I'd just suck it up and be done with it.

The workshop is from 9-4 pm and is four days in total. Waking up for 7 am each morning has been a complete shock to my poor system! I guess it goes to show just how much I've taken for granted sleeping in until 9 am ;o)

On Monday morning I decided to try and cut some corners because I'm running on a tight timeline. This has got to be genetic because no given amount of time is enough for my side of the family. We always seem to be late. So, instead of shampoo and conditioner, I opted for the two in one (which I NEVER do anymore). Big mistake. HUGE! After blow drying my hair, I looked like I had visited the science centre and touched one of those static electricity balls! Even the flat iron wouldn't help.


Out of desperation, I ran downstairs and got on the computer. I Goggled 'static electricity in hair' and do you know what one of the solutions I found was? Take an unscented dryer sheet and rub it on your hair. Huh? I can certainly testify that this DOES work! Whoda thunk? Crisis averted...

In order to attend the workshop, it's required that I dress in business attire (ugh!). So yesterday, I dusted off (literally) my dress pants and picked out a cute blouse with a camie underneath. Therefore...no bra = a more comfortable me :o)

I pulled on my pants praying that they fit because it seems that a few extra ECEs have added a few 'extra' pounds. I let out a huge sigh of relief when I was able to button them up without incident. Phew! Just as I was about to set out, I took one last look in the mirror to assess myself and I was horrified! There before me, the 'Hooter Girls' looked like they were one on top of the other :oS Ack! They weren't even on the same level for Pete's Sake! I was looking at Perky and Droopy.

Luckily I remembered a strapless bra that I had bought a few years ago and it came with clear plastic (removable) straps. Another five minutes wasted trying to put this thing together! I quickly stuffed the girls in and we were ready to go :o) Mission accomplished and disaster avoided...

What I love about this workshop is that we get fed, very well :o) They provide coffee, tea, water, morning and afternoon snack plus lunch. All yummy! The only downfall...what happens when you drink glasses of water and cups of tea??? That's right, you eventually have to pee!

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm getting older or what but I used to be a camel when it came to holding my bladder. This came in quite handy since I have a true fear of public restrooms and will usually do 'anything' to avoid using one. But yesterday there was no way I was going to make it and I knew I'd have to give in.

Imagine my delight when I walked into the stall and there attached to the side was a box full of toilet seat covers! I could almost see a glow and hear the angels singing. Heaven couldn't be sweeter! I LOVE Best Western :o)


Daffycat said...

It doesn't matter how much conditioner I use or what type of brush or how much or how little I brush, whether I blow dry or air dry...my hair is always full of static. I don't go without my can of Static Guard spray!

Parsley said...

I felt like I could see your day through your description. Yes, toliet seat covers are just the best but you can also use toliet paper or assume the 'stance'. Did you ever see my post about the auto-flusher?

Oh...our STUPID Walmart didn't have any full size Cadbury Creme Eggs! I was having a NEED and couldn't find them but went to a pharmacy and they had 3 packs left. That must prove they are like medicine. Maybe CCEggs should be paid for by insurance! LOL

Ranae said...

Your funny!
I posted about your breast cancer fund on the donate a ornie, on my blog, please check it out and let me knows if it's o.k.

ME said...

That's too funny. Glad you enjoyed the workshop somewhat lol.

Alberta said...

LOL! I enjoyed the post...but you never did mention what you learned in "Life Skills"! ;)

Irene said...

You always make me laugh :) No matter how bad the day or incident you find the humor in it. After the workshop, do they also help in finding a job for you ?

Annie said...

I work from home, so I know how easy it is to forget how to do the dress up and go out in business clothes in the morning routine.

After all the trials and tribulations of getting there, was the workshop useful?

Carol said...

Still laughing over "Perky" and "Droopy," Cathey!! I hate to tell you, but the older you get, the worse it gets--believe me!

Good luck with the rest of your workshop. And thanks for the dryer sheet tip :)

Olenka's Stitches said...

That was funny!I enjoyed reading your story and will be glad to hear about three more days of your workshop. :-)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Don't you just love it when those darn Hooter Girls just hang where ever they want, never where we want...lol Good luck with your training.
Be always in stitches.

♥ Nia said...

LOL! I'm imagining your hair like the girl in the photo! hahaha

You're too funny! I enjoy a lot reading your posts :D

Even not being exactly what you're searching, I hope you'll get some useful knowledge at your workshop ;)
You learned something already: how to take off static electricity from your hair! hahahah :D
Have a great weekend!!! big hug.

Patti said...

Static?!? You wanna talk about static?!? Well if you happen to be in or anywhere near London and see me DO NOT TOUCH ME because when I'm in my wheelchair I give off so much static it just isn't true and I can get and give real electric shocks to people.

Ok I really came here to let you know that I have given you an award so please come to my blog and receive it as it is so well deserved.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx