Monday, November 23, 2009

This Is A Pumpkin House

I've had this little gem for awhile now but DH just put it up over the weekend -


I now have my own pumpkin sign :o) It's designed to be put outside but I don't want it ruined so we've mounted it right inside the door as you come in the house. DH asked if it was time to put my pumpkin light away. What? I-don't-think-so. This is a pumpkin house after all ;o)

What's great about this sign is that you can buy other shapes and therefore you can change them as the seasons or holidays change. I don't have a manufacturer's name but I found a site that carries some of the other shapes so you can check them out. While I was searching, I found this sign. I think it would make a perfect addition ;o)

Today I went to the doctor and got the H1N1 shot. I was really up in the air about it but after thinking back to last Christmas, there was no way I wanted to end up in the hospital again :o( So far the only side effects I've noticed have been a runny nose and sneezing. At least I think they are associated with the shot but maybe they're not. If that's as bad as it gets then I'll be happy.

I've really been motoring along with My Lady's Quaker and I 'think' I may have (just) enough Chimney Dust to get me to the end of this project -


I filled in two different motifs on either side of the bunny and I have stitched my initials in Old Rose instead of Chimney Dust. That way it's even more personalized :o)


I'm so excited because I'm getting closer to being done! Weeeeeeeee!!!!


Parsley said...

I'm impressed with how your project is turning out and I LOVE the colors!

I have my WIP post today. Makes me wanna hide after seeing your masterpiece!

Blu said...

That pumpkin sign is really neat.
And I say go for the sign. You can just tell the DH that the pumpkin fairy got it for you~

WendyCarole said...

love the pumpkin and the stitching

Annie said...

Your sign looks very inviting. And the stitching is coming along beautifully. And the best news is that you're protected against the mean old flu!

Mel said...

Looking great!!

Lee said...

My Lady's Quaker is looking awesome!

♥ Nia said...

That pumpkin is the cutest of all signs! :) And it seems just perfect for you :D
Great start to the week ;)
Big hug to you!!!

Irene said...

Love your pumpkin sign. Quaker Lady if looking fine !

Lisa said...

Loving the cute pumpkin sign, very unusual... not sure I'd want it left outside either!

What a wonderful idea on Quaker Lady to stitch your initials in a different colour, I'd have never thought of that.

Raven/Missy said...

The pumpkin sign is great!

I love the colors and motifs in "My Lady's Quaker; it looks marvelous so far!

Ranae said...

Cool pumpkin sign.
My Lady's Quaker is looking really good.
Are you going to do the gent too ?
I sure hope you don't get ill like last year.
Take care!!

mumzy said...

That sign is made just for you. What a find you made when you purchased it. Your project is coming along great and it looks wonderful. See you on Wednesday.

{{{Hugs and Love}}}

Daffycat said...

Oooo I love your pumpkin sign. It's so perfect for you, Cathey!

You ARE getting close. I like the way you did your initals and it saves on the short thread color!!!

Karen said...

Very pretty! Love your colors.

Cole said...

My Lady's Quaker looks great, I love the colors!

I've been up in the air over H1N1, but think we're going to get it too... now to fit it into our schedule :)

~Alberta~ said...

What a cute pumpkin sign! Lucky you to find and get it! Love the have been busy with your needles. I need to stay home and dust mine off.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed you have enough Chimney Dust (some people might not get that sentence...LOL!!). Your Lady is so beautiful!! And the sign is just perfect for you... ;o)

Carol said...

Perfect pumpkin sign! Love it...

Gosh, I hope the H1N1 shot helps you avoid the flu--sounds like last year was just miserable for you, Cathey!

TammyK said...

Love, love, love your pumpkin sign & I think it looks great on the inside. I see the finish line for My Lady's Quaker & keeping my fingers crossed that you more than enough Chimney Dust :o)

Rachael said...

I love that sign, and I don't blame you for putting it indoors it's too nice too ruin.
Oh my she's looking wonderful!!

Brigitte said...

This sign is really cool. I wouldn't take it off either, lol.
Quaker Lady looks terrific, great progress on her.

Karen said...

I like your pumpkin, I like the witch on her broomstick I think I need one of those :O)

lenna said...

Cathey ~
I am working on the Quaker Lady and I finished the Seaside Sweethearts this year, also. You have many of the same pieces I do it is so weird. It's like looking in my own to-do basket.
I love the color choice of your Quaker Lady. It is really coming along. She is so beautiful.
Come visit me at I am now one of your followers.
BTW I love your pumpkin sign it is too cool. It should stay just where it is all year!!!
God Bless your busy stitching fingers ~

Cindy said...

Your pumpkin sign is awesome! You're also cruising right along on your Quaker Lady and she's looking fabulous :)

Berit said...

Love that pumpkin sign and the bunny you added to "My Lady". :D

Thanks for visiting my blog!!