Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Fun Fall Day

Autumn has definitely arrived and I'm loving it :o) The air is crisp, the leaves are full of color and there are pumpkins everywhere! This is my favourite time of year. I love driving by houses and seeing them all decorated with bales of hay, pumpkins and corn stalks. Most of the tourists are gone and the beaches are mine once again. LOL!

The only beach that we have that is of walking distance from the house is a rock beach. That's okay though because where there are rocks, there is usually sea glass :o) Lately, DH and I have been walking Duncan down there so we can paw through the rocks. Today I walked Duncan down there and while he wadded in the water, I started searching. When we come home, we've been adding our bounty to a glass container -


There are very few large pieces on this beach but that's okay. We've been finding lots of little blue pieces but red is the Holy Grail. One day I found a teeny, tiny flake of red. Nothing since though. Rats! That's okay because it just means the search will continue.


My stitching mojo has been pretty crappy lately. Since I accomplished my goals for 2009, I have no direction. I'm having such a hard time deciding what to stitch so I've been sticking to smaller projects. I thought it might be appropriate to stitch a Christmas ornament for the first year in our new house. I'm not sure if this will be the one but this is what I have got done so far -


I bet you can't guess who the designer is, and no, it's not me ;o)

I think I would like to start the Quaker Lady & Gentleman but I'm not sure what count I want to stitch them on. I have 28 count Antique White Lugana or 32 count Antique White Linen. Which would you pick?

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Annie said...

Great collection of glass. Arent't they called "mermaid's tears" or is that something else? Do you just collect them because they are pretty or do you make things with them?

Either fabby would be pretty for Quaker couple. If you aren't in a really go-go mood to stitch, I'd go with the Lugana because it might be easier to stitch with than linen for the counting. But it's probably a toss-up. I love that pattern.

mumzy said...

Cathey, I hope you will take me for walks on that beach. I am sooo jealous of all that sea glass. Beautiful pieces too.

Your stitching project looks very nice.

{{{Love and Hugs}}}

Faith Ann said...

Goodness, low stitching mojo? I hope you didn't catch that from me!! Ah well, you certainly won't go through it for long... you just need to find the perfect project that lights a fire. Go digging!!

Teena in Toronto said...

I love the rocks!

Rachael said...

Oh that looks pretty in that jar,I am jealous also! and lovely stitching is it LHN or PS

WendyCarole said...

We used to collect sea glass when i went to the coast as a child

I love Autumn too

Linda J - By The Sea said...

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Daffycat said...

Oh, I love the sea glass. That will be one pretty jar when it's all full!

Is that a PS design???

Cindy said...

I totally love this time of year...and it's definitely here!

Awesome collection of sea glass. I have heard about that but have never seen any first hand.

I don't have a guess about the designer, unless it is from the French designer that did the monthly houses series.

Lili said...

All this glass is very beautiful! I love a rock beach way more than a sand beach. :)))
Lovely stitching, dainty stitches! I have no idea who the designer is, though...
I'm stitching the quaker lady and gentleman on 32 count lugana and love it so far. ;) What colours will you pick?

Irene said...

I would love to live within walking distance of the water. Nice collection of sea glass.

Lori-Ann said...

Can you believe that I missed the ornament magazine?!!! ack!! I have some calls to make! LOL.

I LOVE the beach. You are so lucky. But then again... stitchy beach is only 28 days awaaay! :o)