Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!


Not only do I highly recommend you check the chocolate mini-eggs you're eating but also remember -


Yes, bunnies are highly adorable, cute, cuddly, sweet and lovable but they should not be giving as gifts. They require the care and attention of any pet and eventually they will learn to rule your household ;o)


Ranae said...

Cute cartoon!! lol
and I agree with you bunnies and easter don't mix.
Happy Easter!!

Daffycat said...

I'm sure Pickles leaves you plenty of mini-eggs all year round!

Happy Easter, Cathey!

Carolyn said...

Happy Easter Cathey-

I was glad to hear that Pickles is ok

Marita said...

Very cute cartoon.

Happy Easter :)

Annie said...

I bet Pickles loves Easter... his special day.

Hope yours was fun.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter
LOL @ the cartoon

Kim D Messick said...

Hoppy Easter! My DD & I are following Pickles story - her fave is "Pickles Picks A Winner". Glad he's doing better!

mumzy said...

Hope you had a Happy Easter Sweetie! Love the cartoon! I wanted to say bye to you yesterday, but Dad and Gram hung up before I had a chance to do so.

{{{Hugs and Love to both of you}}}

~Tammy said...


Puppies and Christmas
Kittens and Christmas
Bunnies and Easter

These do not normally make good pet getting decision time!

Chiloe said...

I recognized you with the cartoons joke !!! lol It's a great one ;-)