Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Has It Really Been A Week?

Yup. It's been one week today since we brought Brie to PEI :o( To be honest, it feels like a month. Last night the new student (Jane had to do her rotation to radiology) looking after Brie called to let us know that the results were in but the doctor would call us first thing in the morning to discuss them with us. Huh? She stated she couldn't tell us what the results were because she wasn't qualified. Rrrrrright.

Do you know what that does to someone's imagination when left to fester? Uh-huh, it hit right about midnight and that's when I had my meltdown and everything finally came out. It's one of those cries where it feels like your heart is literally breaking and you think you'll never stop the tears. DH felt so terrible because he has to be away tonight and I felt so bad because I wasn't being strong enough. Sigh! What a vicious circle.

As soon as I could, I called the college this morning but the doctor was busy :o( I called a couple of hours later but he still didn't pick up his page. As soon as I set the phone down it rang and it was him. He confirmed that what they found was a compressed lesion outside of the spinal cord. They took an MRI of her whole spine so they would have good reference as to the location. He was still waiting for the images of the pelvis area though but would have them by this afternoon. So as of right now, Brie will be heading to surgery tomorrow. The doctor is still going to call later today to confirm this is the plan. surprises! Whew! That was my worst fear. I know the worrying is far from over but I'm trying to deal with one thing at a time. Brie has a lot of good things going for her. She's got good pain sensory, good muscle tone in her back end and she's not overweight. To me and the doctor, those are big pluses. I don't care if she's not 100%, just as long as she can walk again and have quality of life. I can see it now, there's going to be 'two' invalids on the couch now ;o)

I had to leave the house this morning and take Duncan to the vet to have his final shot. That boy never fails to embarrass DH or myself. Three weeks ago when he was there, he pooped in the examination room. Yea. Well today it was even better. While waiting for the woman to do up the paperwork (and I have to note that she was taking her grand ol time) Duncan lets out a wallop of a fart! By the smell and the way he was holding his tail to his ass, I knew he had to go. Luckily I got him outside in time but do you know WHERE he decides to poop? Right ON their signpost :oS The solid turds hit the ground but the nice, soft, smelly poo landed dead on. What a mess I had to clean up. LOL!

When I arrived home, the mail was here and what a surprise to see a package there waiting for me! Irene sent me this gorgeous breast cancer pashmina from Avon and a tin of Purdy's Chocolates -


THANK YOU IRENE! The pashmina is so soft and beautiful. The chocolates went right into the fridge since it's supposed to be 43 C here today with the humidex :oP That's okay because they won't last long anyway. LOL! If you've never experienced Purdy's Chocolates before then you've never lived a full life ;o)

On the stitchy front, I figured I had better share some recently acquired stash with you :o)


Drema sent me the JCS magazine, the two Dear Diary patterns by LHN (I now have them all!), three charts from The Red Thread by BC (along with the button pack and border chart), a skein of WDW and a lovely piece of 30 count French Vanilla Linen :o) Ranae and I did a pattern swap and I received my Shepherd's Eve by SB. Thank you again Ranae :o) That was fun!

Because I enjoyed doing this so much, I have added two posts to the Pumpkin Patch & Co. Market Blog. One contains all the items I have up for trade at the moment and the other lists some of the patterns that I am looking for. If anyone is interested in doing a swap, plmk either by making a comment on one of those posts or you can send me an email :o)

Before I close, I just have to thank everyone again for all your wonderful comments full of encouragement and support. I don't think I can ever thank you enough. You've all been so kind but that doesn't surprise me when it comes to stitchers. We definitely are a special bunch :o)


Jennifer said...

Dontcha just hate it when they call and say, "I can't discuss it"??? I don't even know how you lasted until midnight - I would have had a meltdown on the spot!!

I'm still keeping you and Brie in my thoughts and sending her loads of good wishes for a speedy recovery!

~Tammy said...

I wonder why someone would call you to only tell you they can't tell you anything. That, to me, is mind torture.

Keeping little peanut in my prayers!

Your stash haul is awesome and your pashmina is absolutely gorgeous.

Big hugs, hon.

~V said...

grrrr the people for human baby ultrasounds do that too, it really irritates me! Glad she will be okay...

yum, a pashmina AND chocolates, can't have it any better than that!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all so much good luck for tomorrow's operation.

Kendra said...

Why on earth did she call, then, if she couldn't tell you anything? Sheesh...

As for your embarrassment about what your dogs do at the vet's office...don't worry. I used to work for a vet and trust me when I say animals do all kinds of things. Pooping on the floor is pretty low key compared to what I've seen (and had to clean up...LOL!)

Hoping Brie's surgery goes well!

Daffycat said...

Did they estimate how long after surgery until Brie could come home? I think you are doing amazingly well, considering!

LOL Poor Duncan! That's a guy for you!

My old Daffy-cat ALWAYS pooped in the crate as I drove her to the vet...every...single...time! Then I had the German Shepherd that wouldn't go poo anywhere but at home in the back yard! That dog could hold it for days; I swear!

Rachel S said...

It could be worse about the pooh. My little black cat is a pooper when agitated, and one time I took her to the vet and she dirtied on herself in the carrier on the way there. I opened the door in the exam room, and she strolled out, and there, smack in the middle of her forehead, was some dooty! She just looked at us like it was a perfectly normal thing. Even my vet had to think about that one.

I am glad that you got some good-er news. The worst part when they're sick is worrying about what the vet will say next. But we're still praying!

Anonymous said...

I've been on vacation (aaahhhh ... New Hampshire!) so I've missed all of this & need to read closer to really catch up - but it seems basically good news for Brie? Will certainly keep you all in my prayers!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

It's good that you've heard from
Brie's Doctor and know pretty much
what's what now. The positive
thoughts continue to flow, and will
do so tomorrow when she has her
surgery. With all of us pulling
for her I'm certain she's going to
be fine. She's certainly a little

I had to laugh when reading about
your trip to the vets with Duncan,
and his manner of expressing his
displeasure with the whole thing.
I'm sure the vet has experienced
it all before, but that's little
comfort at the time.

You have received some wonderful
stash this week. The Dear Diary
series is so beautiful, and the
BC Red Thread series is very
popular right now, and justly so.
I haven't found that issue of
Just Cross Stitch yet, but I
keep looking.

The pashmina shawl is so pretty
and is the most gorgeous shade
of pink. The box of chocolates
is just as gorgeous!!! Lol!

Hang in there Cathey. I think
you're doing great through all
of this. Brie's a very lucky
girl to belong to you.


Jenn said...

I'll be thinking about Brie tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. Any idea after how long till she can come home?

Christine said...

I'll be thinking about Brie tomorrow and am sending many good thoughts for her surgery. Stay strong! (((hugs)))

Jocelyn said...

The waiting must have been something! I am SO glad that there are no surprises, and that the problem was what the doctors thought it was. I hope it can be fixed easily and that your little cheese will be home with you soon!

I will keep thinking good thoughts for all of you!

Lori-Ann said...

Glad things are still on the brighter side for your Peanut.

Great stash. Now you've got me to thinking and wondering. Could I swap my own designs for people's unwanted patterns or stash. hhmmm. Must think on this one. There seems some posabilities.

Lili said...

I think Brie's race is prone to such back problems... She's very lucky that you cope with everything. Of course, I would too, but I know some "people" who would "let down" their dog, you know... My thoughts are with you all the time.
The Dear Diary patterns are sooo beautiful. Wouldn't they make a wonderful sampler all stitched together?
I also have this jcs mag and it's beautiful indeed... Makes me itch to stitch for Xmas again...
The pashmina is a wonder btw...
Lots of hugs,

Anonymous said...

{{{Brie}}} I hope she's home soon.

Sonda in OR said...

Oh Cathey! I've been away from blogreading for a little while and I missed all of the saga of Brie! How heartbreaking!

I just had my cat Pumpkin at the vet for the past 3 days with unexpected acute renal failure. He's responded to treatment, but man what a blow when our pets get sick.

Hang in there...prayers are coming your way.

Mary Ann said...

Cathey, How is Brie doing? You know you're still in my thoughts and prayers.