Friday, March 07, 2008

She's Popping In Again!

Woohoo! I am SO happy with myself! So far this month, I have stitched on Stargazer every single day :o) She is really coming along nicely and I've done enough to justify another picture of her -


When I pulled out DMC 156, I was a bit concerned but now that I see that color palette together, I really like it. I'm sorry about the wrinkles. That really bothers me but I didn't want to take her out of the Q-Snaps completely. Call me lazy ;o) It looks like we're in for quite a rotten weekend weather wise so I will probably hunker down and stitch the whole weekend. That's fine with me! No complaints here. LOL!

What a gorgeous day out there today! I had the windows down in my car and I was doing all my errands in a T-shirt. Btw, I WAS wearing pants too for those of you who are about to crack some jokes ;o) On the other hand, my mood was not as bright and beautiful. My irritability was extra high today after being slapped in the face (with words) yesterday. Needless to say, I'm a bit angry and hurt. I'd say that's probably what contributed to my road rage today because people were driving me crazy! I was never so happy to get home to some peace, quiet and solitude.

I took advantage of this sunny day to take some pictures outside. I finished up my black and white film in the SLR but when I took it to get processed, they said they couldn't do it because it was a 'professional's film'. Grrrr! So that means I will have to go out of my way next week to get it developed. Thank goodness for digital cameras! I thought I would never say those words. LOL!

Do you remember I said that DH bought me some lilies for the Pink Party? Well, sadly the smell had become too strong for my allergies so they got moved into the garage. It's been just the right temperature for them out there and they are still blossoming! I took them out into the snow today and this is what I was able to capture -


I was also admiring the way the snow was sparkling from the sun. With the ice pellets and freezing rain we had, it had created a nice crust which gives off some unique texture -


And finally -


Any ideas where I might have taken this picture? ;o)


Cindy said...

Congratulations on your Stargazer progress!

It was terribly windy and cold here today, so you are so lucky to be able to go out in a t-shirt.

Lori-Ann said...

I don't know what happened to you yesterday, but verbal slaps in the face are not fun.

Star gazer is looking fabulous! I see alot more new stitches, from what I can recall last I saw a WIP.

Why is it that it is so hard to capture sparkle on snow with a camera? lol.
I hate ice :o(
The last picture... in a pond?

Stay safe and warm!

Irene said...

Stargazer looks terrific !! Love your pictures, they are so professional looking.

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, you have made amazing progress on her. She's beautiful ;)

Karen said...

Stargazer looks great
Like your water feature photo
Sorry someone wasn't nice to you

Marita said...

Beautiful pictures! Stargazer is looking stunning also.

I've been inspired by your pink party and signed up with Breast Cancer Australia to host a Pink Breakfast in October. Hopefully I will be able to get organised between now and then.

Sharon said...

Stargazer looks beautiful!

Paisley said...

Great progress on Stargazer! She's a real beauty! Here's hoping for plenty of stitching time over the weekend!

Faith Ann said...

Stargazer is really growing!

Glad you enjoyed the nice weather because today was anything but nice! I can barely hear the tv right now because the rain is hitting our windows so hard!

Gorgeous pictures!!

Ranae said...

Star gazer is looking fabulous.
Fantastic photo's.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, she's SO pretty! I thought the colors were odd too, but then I stitched her, and she is beautiful. They really do work, though it looks like they won't.

I'm sorry someone gave you a hard time the other day. I hope you are feeling better. :)

Karen said...

25 EGGS ugh you are 12 ahead of me!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great progress, Cathey! Stargazer is indeed beautiful.
Want some of our snow? ;o)

stitcherw said...

She's looking wonderful, congratulations on getting in so much stitching time. Sounds like you had some nice weather as well. It was sunny here this weekend, but very cold. However, I'll take the sun, it does wonders for lifting my mood. I think I'm one of those people with seasonal disorder, sunshine makes all the difference. Glad the lilies are still going strong even though you had to move them outside, it looks lovely.

Shannon said...

She is beautiful. I can see why you're so happy with her.

Your photos are gorgeous too. I wasn't sure anyone coule make me think snow was beautiful today.

I hope you're having a better weekend. You don't deserve verbal slaps in the face at all.

Laura said...

Your Stargazer is looking just beautiful. Her dress is stunning. Sorry about the verbal slap and the camera difficulties. That is why I stitch, to unwind from stuff like that.