Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun Fart Facts

I figure it's about time for some Fart Therapy. With all this snow and no signs of spring on the horizon, depression has been coming on pretty easily. So sit back, don't grab that cup of tea or coffee (you may spit it out) and enjoy :o)

Farts seem to smell worse in the shower or bathtub. Why? Because of the higher humidity and temperature, it enhances our sense of smell. Note to self...don't fart in the shower or sauna ;o)

It IS possible to taste farts. I won't even go there...

Farts are colorless. Really? I was thinking they might be a nice shade of indigo blue ;o)

Farts are also known as bean bombers, bottom burps, one-cheek sneaks, misdirected burps, squeakers, windy pops and more. When I was growing up, we always referred to them as poots. LOL!

Termite (those itty bitty bugs) farts are thought to be a major contributor to global warming. Those must be some pretty mighty farts! No wonder people don't want termites in their homes ;o)

And last, but definitely not least, may I present a little fart poetry as a conclusion to this post...

Going Down The Highway

Going down the highway,
Going eighty-four,
Johnny cut a gasser
And it blew me out the door!
The engine, it exploded,
The chassis fell apart,
All because of Johnny's
Supersonic fart!
(from Syracuse, NY, 1968, I'm sorry I don't know the author)

My job is done. If not, I hope you got a little chuckle at least ;o) Happy farting!


Marita said...

Fart therapy :grin: Love it.

~V said...

You are so odd, it's no wonder I like you so much lol

~Tammy said...

Well! Thank you very much for the educational lesson this morning. Would that be a science lesson, health lesson? What would be the category?

It is healthier to fart than it is to burp. Did you know that? Burping is gas working backwards and farts just go out and are healthier on exit.

I just want to let you know as well, I left a comment on my blog for you.


Lori-Ann said...

Just please tell me that Farting melts snow! ;o)

'Berta said...

My grandson had fun with his farts...seems he only wanted to share with me!

Karen said...


Stitch Wizard said...

Wow that is hiliarious!!! How cute it that!!! I love it! I am so glad you can see my blog!! I tried a few things, plus I kept on them and maybe they got some things fixed!! Yippeeeeeeeeee Debby :)

Anonymous said...

OMG... I'm so glad I heeded your advice & didn't have a cup of coffee in hand! *rofl*
Love it, love it, love it! Thank you for the laughs!

Rachael said...


Jennifer said...

You crack me up.

As long as we're on the subject, you may be interested in knowing that my 5 year old niece can CLEAR A ROOM with her super stinky farts. I never smelled anything so bad in my life. She's worse than her father and her uncle. Combined.

Yuko said...

Cathey, thank you so much for this "Fart therapy" LOL
It's so fun!
Oh in your mind farts are shade of indigo blue?
In Japan, it is thought the shade of yellow, lol
But I'm thinking it's a big of brown? LOL
Anyway, it was so fun!
This is why I lOVE you!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Have you met my husband??? No, really. I must remember to share this post with him. It's right up his....alley.

My Mom says that at her retirement residence farting is referred to as "tooting".

Did you ever read the James Herriott book with the story about the dog that farted?? It was hilarious!

Spring continues to be here in name only, although the temperature is slowly creeping up. But we had snow on Tuesday, although that's all melted away now, and we're expecting more snow again tonight.
And the birds are in full Spring Fever mode. They are making quite a raucous noise first thing in the morning.

Your ceramic Doxie turned out great, and I think it looks quite a bit like Brie. Well, she's got a smaller nose, and her head is cocked in a cuter angle, but otherwise....

Thanks for the chuckle worthy blog.


Ranae said...

teehee!!! My daughter will love it.

Rachel S said...

Thank you for the laugh!

Irene said...

Thanks for the laugh !

Lili said...

And I've been told that cows are a major cause of pollution due to their numerous farts too... Lol!

stitcherw said...

What a great entry. I'm having one of those weeks (actually the second in a row), and this really made me smile. Thanks for the grin.