Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Replacement

On Tuesday, I finally got to pick up my ceramic Doxie from The Clay Cafe :o) Even though this was my very first time painting ceramics, I'm quite pleased with the results -


It's so hard to tell if you have every inch covered when it's in the matted stage. I do see where I will have to improve my technique but that's okay because this is a learning process and I'm having so much fun with it :o) I hope that I will be able to give this to my Gram this weekend.

Brie, on the other hand, is none too thrilled with the new addition -


She couldn't quite believe her ears when I told her it was her replacement ;o) Btw Karen, I hope this is a good Brie fix for you. LOL!

I have a non-stitchy finish to share with you. Since Becky received the scissor fob that I made for her, I can now post it to my Blog -


I just couldn't resist making this for her when I saw the little silver bees :o) The charm at the end really comes from some bee soap that I was given and it represents part of a honeycomb. Cool huh?

On our trip, I tucked a Mill Hill kit into my purse so I could stitch while DH drove. I'm happy to say that I FINALLY have my first stitchy finish for 2008!!!! WOOHOO! This is My Best Friend -


I'm not exactly sure just how I want to finish him off though. He comes with a pin but states you can only attach the dog bowl or the bone. Well, I want to attach both so it might end up being an ornament. We'll see. Since the kit had beads, it was good practice for me. With Stargazer's beading looming in the near future, I figured it was a good time to sharpen my skills. I even managed to bead while travelling in the car! How's that ;o)


'Berta said...

Pumpkin, you did a fabulous job on your first ceramic piece! She's a keeper.

I was into ceramics big time many years ago...painting on bisque is not the easiest chore. The colours flow on so much smoother when it's greenware, but the piece is very fragile. I think you'd love the expand into airbrushing.

Your finish and fob are both super cute!

Happy Easter!

~Tammy said...

Both dogs are adorable although Brie may beg to differ. Poor wee thing being replaced. Cute girl.

Jocelyn said...

Cute, cute, cute! I really like the stitched dog, and the ceramic dog, and well, that real dog you got there is a-dorable! What a funny face she was making.

Congrats on your lovely finishes!

Karen said...

nice ceramic finish Brie doesnt really look that impressed though lol, thanks for the Brie fix she is such a cutie
Lovely fob you made

Lori-Ann said...

2 blogs so soon... you're spoiling us ;o)

Very nice crafty stuff. Brie is adorable... as always.

Marita said...

Very cute ceramic puppy. Back in 2002 I made all of my nieces and nephews hand made ceramic gifts. Was heaps of fun. One day I hope to get back to it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that ceramic doxie. :o) Such a cute picture of both of them! Congratulations on your finish. I can't imagine beading in a car. WOW!

Rachel S said...

both the real Brie and her doppelganger are darling, and I love that little Mill Hill Kit!

Paisley said...

What a crafty lady you've been! Everything's lovely! And Brie and friend are too cute together!

Anonymous said...

Now, what's wrong with Brie that she didn't like her little buddy? ;o)

The bead fob is beautiful, Cathey! The bee charms are just too cute!

stitcherw said...

That turned out so cute, and I love the picture of Brie with her ceramic double. Fun finish too, you could almost make it into a 3-d ornament if you stitched a little dog house and then mounted them onto that. Hope you're over the cold that you brought back with you.

Irene said...

I love how Brie poses for the camera. Your ceramic Doxie is adorable.