Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

On Thursday, a little birdie told me that it was the first day of spring. Today, a little bunny told me that it was Easter. Since that stupid little birdie was wrong and we are still wading in three feet of snow, am I to believe a birdie dressed up as a bunny?


LOL! I guess I have to since I woke up to my very own egg hunt this morning :o) Yes, the Easter Bunny still comes to my house every year. See what happens when you're really nice to bunnies? ;o)

As you already know, I dearly LOVE bunnies but I just wanted to take a minute to talk about animals and special occasions, especially Easter. Every year many people break down and buy bunnies, ducklings or chicks as gifts for their children. This is a lovely gesture and I'm sure the children are all excited to have such a cuddly creature BUT...that excitement does wear off. The result? Many of those bunnies are sold again, dumped out on a deserted road or sent to the SPCA. I don't even want to go into what can happen to the ducklings or chicks because we all know that they eventually grow up to be ducks and chickens :o(

DH brought a news report from Kelowna, British Columbia to my attention this morning. They are having such a problem with feral rabbits (dumped off Easter bunnies) that they are trying to find a solution to control the 'out of control' population of 5,000. Five THOUSAND! Do you remember that hair commercial where she told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on? Well bunnies are kind of like that. They don't have the saying 'multiplying like rabbits' for nothing. As cute and adorable as bunnies are, they can become a problem BUT only because of human intervention.

So this year remember -


You don't want that poor bunny to get a concussion now do you? ;o)


Karen said...

Happy Easter hope you had a fun egg hunt

Karin said...

5,000 rabbits would be a huge number! Hope they can do something humane with all of them.

Lori-Ann said...

Aaaaw... poor bunny! No bunnies for my household... allergies.

My solution... I bought a Nintendo DS Lite video game. The game is called "Petz Bunnyz". Pet bunny craving fixed. :o) Hope others did the same. Oh, and MY bunny actually talks to me, hehehe?!!

Jocelyn said...

Our paper had a couple of articles about the same thing--don't buy a bunny just because it's Easter. Good advice, I would say. They are cute, but they are long term pets, NOT an impulse buy.

The only bunnies we have here are of the chocolate variety.

Cathey--I just want to let you know, sometimes when I reply to your comments, the emails get sent back to me. So, I am replying, but it's not always getting through! I'm still here!

Irene said...

Strange I never heard about Kelowna's problem, and there you are at the other end of the country telling me about it :)