Monday, July 09, 2007

Finish Twenty-Six

As expected, block two of my afghan went much faster than block one :o) Here is Foxes And Birds by Sue Hillis -

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I've got block three and four all kitted up and ready to go but I'm going to take a small break from the afghan. I've still been able to continue stitching on it as the temperatures really haven't been that bad but they are calling for hot and muggy all this week :o( If I can stitch at least one block per month, I'll be happy :o)

I want to send my apologies for not posting this sooner but I was waiting for one more thing to arrive before I did. Here is the final bit of my birthday stash -

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Despina sent me the gorgeous Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles. Does anyone have any wonderful ideas color wise? She also sent two skeins of GASTs (Chamomile and Holly Berry) and two skeins of Waterlilies (Cherry). YUM! I finally gave in and Carrie sent me her threads for my Sea Stars (by Ink Circles). Her threads are beautiful but I have yet to use them. The gift that took me the most off guard and surprised me the most was from my good friend Katie, or should I say...Katharyn ;o) Katie bought me the birthday package from Enchanted Fabrics and when it arrived, the card was signed Katharyn. Well...I didn't know anyone with that name. I looked over the envelope it came in but the return address was for Enchanted Fabrics. I looked at people who signed my Blog but then I realized that they wouldn't have my address. Basically, I was perplexed and perplexed good! Katie finally let me off the hook later that day ;o) This wonderful package contained three sizes of linen in 28 and 32 count (Royalty, Cafe Mocha and Bubblegum - this is an awesome color) plus a pattern (Friendly Stitchers by Brittercup Designs)! "Dumb dumb give me gum gum."

I really want to thank all of you who have signed my Blog and left wonderful words of encouragement. It truly means a lot :o) The LTD drama continued this morning when my lawyer emailed me the last two letters from my specialist that I requested. I had never seen these letters as they went right to the lawyer. I opened them at work and just about exploded at my desk. The words clearly stated "...cannot work during treatment..." I was LIVID! I was right too. J had played me. She lied right to me without batting an eye. At this point, how stupid does she think I am? I put the request in with my lawyer to have a new caseworker assigned to me as DH and I feel there is a conflict of interest. This is the second major lie I have caught her on and I'm just too scared to find out what else she has done as well :o(


Carolyn said...

you are such a strong person to be dealing with all this foolishness with the ltd people..I don't blame you for being upset...don't give up.I know it will happen for you:)

What a great addition to your stitching stash..what are you going to do with it all?????

Karen said...

I hope you get a new caseworker soon and they help you properly ,
The stash is great , I was thinking of doing the Cirques in Lumière de Cheryl - Carries Creations I love the colour not sure when I will get round to stitching it tho, I have the floss but not the fabric

Lori-Ann said...

Yummy birthday stash.
Way to go Katie!
I think some else watched "Night at the Museum" other than moi. I love that quote too. ;)

Those foxes looking "foxy!".

I could send over Frank to scare away the evil case worker! hehe

Terri M said...

Cute, sweet foxes!

Y'know, I have Carrie's Threads for Sea Stars. Haven't started it yet. Heh. Too many beautiful projects. I got a sandy colored fabric to match my bathroom tiles, but I'm considering stitching on ivory, instead. If I ever get there... ;o)

Itching To Stitch said...

Oh what wonderful gifts. Those fabrics are luscious ;)

Lili said...

Wonderful stash! You're gonna need several lives to deal with all of this!
Well, I'm very glad that the specialist's letters confirm what you said as these can be used against that J. And I approve that you want to have another person to deal with your case...
I find it very frustrating and it drives me mad to see how these people at ltd treat you. I think life is difficult enough for you to not add those concerns on top. This is outraging.
I'm off now. Take care, Cathey!

Katie said...

Heck with A Night At The Museum, lets go for Mr and Mrs Smith "What's her name and social security number?" :P

Glad you enjoyed your fabrics, you need to have an open house to 'view' your birthday haul properly :P

Barb said...

Finish #26 toward the challenge. Congrats and that is a nice finish. It will be a cute afghan. I hope you get a new case worker. Doen't sound like this one is doing you justices at all.