Monday, July 23, 2007

Animal House

The last time I checked, I didn't see any welcome sign anywhere near our house. I guess that doesn't matter because over the weekend, we had a few visitors come by :o)

On Friday night, DH went out and mowed the lawn. I "tried" to have a nap but the next thing I knew, DH was pounding on the bedroom window, telling me to come outside. I walked down to the bottom of the pasture and lo and behold this is who stopped by -

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This is a male Ring-necked Pheasant and this guy must have lost his way or something. It says that these birds are native to the lower half of New Brunswick but they would be few. People raise them in their backyards and quite a few years ago we had one named Ringo ;o) Sometimes there are escapes and I believe that's what this guy was. He was very pretty though and much larger than the one we had.

On Friday I also noticed a new visitor that was claiming residence on our property -

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This little red squirrel (we've never had one in the 6-7 years we have been living here) was hauling food all day long. I soon figured out he was somehow getting into DH's shed. Oh-oh! We definitely found proof on Saturday. The little turkey chewed the tarpaper at the roof line (DH had not put the final layer of shingles on) and had created a nice front door for himself. DH cleaned out the shed that afternoon and finished off the roof so hopefully this will deter Hammy from using our shed as a pantry ;o)


Katie said...

Just wait until I send the bunnies over!

Lori-Ann said...

Lots of company! Does Brie pay attention to them?

Irene said...

You've already named the little guy "hammy". They are so cute but watch out, we had one living in our roof.

Faith Ann said...

Squirrels are horrible!! We had one (or multiple) get in our shed at our old house and it chewed so much stuff and made a huge mess!

Jenn said...

LOL DH named the squirles we have too (turp and tine). I'll have to tell him about Hammy.

Karen said...

we only get the grey squirrels here :O(
we get Pheasants every so often there is a farm near by that breeds them and every so often they have escapies

Mary Ann said...

How cool! You certainly have all sorts of critters around!!