Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finish Twenty-Nine

It may be hot-hot-hot outside but I'm still stitching ;o) Like I said in a previous post, I dug out some smaller projects for this week because of the heat and humidity that has been laying over us like a thermal blanket :o( This little Santa was a Monthly Mystery Kit from my LNS (okay, somewhat local) -

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He was originally supposed to be an ornament but I made him into a pin keep. My first :o) I'm very happy with how he turned out and I got to learn a new finishing technique! I did a few minor changes. Click here to see the back. I love the fabric on the back but this picture does nothing for it. I'm sorry to say that I have no idea who designed this merry fellow. I'll have to check with the girls at the shop.


Lori-Ann said...

Very good job!
I love the color on the back...of course ;)
By LNS, do you mean BUC's

Itching To Stitch said...

Nice job on the pinkeep, the stitching and the finishing ;)

Jenn said...

So cute! You did a great job!

Mary Ann said...

Such a cute fellow! Wonderful stitching and fabulous finishing!!

~Kim~ said...

A jump on Christmas stitching.. how perfect - only 5 months away!

Cute finish - love the pinkeep!


Karen said...

very nice finish, you did a great job I can't believe it was your first one

Jamie said...

I love this little guy as well as the bunny down below. Your visitors are very cute! Thanks for your support. I think I'm back now.