Saturday, June 30, 2007

What A Show!

I'm not just talking about Johnny Depp ;o) You should have been at our place the other night when Mother Nature decided to put on the wildest of thunder and lightening storms! I think I was only asleep for an hour when it came through. We live in a valley and our storms are pretty intense. That was the most lightening I have ever seen at one time. Usually it's just a "flash" and then wait. This time there was one strike right after another, after another. Our room was lit up just like Canada Day. Poor Brie was sitting bug eyed in her basket but DH went and slept on the couch and she was able to join him and be comforted. Spoiled or what! LOL!

I normally don't mind thunder and lightening storms unless they are REALLY close. At my SIL wedding three years ago, the whole ceremony took place under a tent (with metal poles!) overlooking the ocean, with a NASTY storm coming down on all of us. The minister had to stop midway because the thunder was so loud. In the end, we found out it was VERY close, having struck a tree at the back of the property :oO I don't mind the rumbling of the thunder and actually, I find it quite soothing. Duncan, on the other hand, HATES these storms. He turns into a complete mess. Poor guy :o(

On Wednesday night I finally got together with the girls (Katie and Faith Ann) again and we headed out for supper and a movie :o) The last time we went out was in November so it was due. We ate at Seasons Restaurant and although the food was just as delicious as always, it was SO hot in the restaurant that all three of us were just melting by the end of the meal. We headed up to the theatres and bought our tickets for Pirates of the Caribbean III. All day I was just salivating at the idea of having a slushy (very important - must be pop slushies as the ice mixture is smooth and just perfect) so I was very excited to get my orange slushy and small popcorn. The girls thought my large slush might cause some problems during the three hour movie but I assured them that I'm a camel so no problem :o) They were lucky because what I "really" wanted was to have it available in bucket form. LOL!

The movie was good although I do think I need to see it again because there was just so much going on. Johnny didn't seem to have his same zeal as the other two movies and we all missed seeing his cute little run ;o) The appearance of Keith Richards wasn't bad although I don't think the make up artists had to do anything to make him look any worse than he already does. The monkey was hilarious and I think we all agree that there has to be a fourth one. We'll see.

So what is everyone up to this long weekend? DH and I were pretty up in the air and then at the last minute decided to head down to the ocean again. This time we are staying in the neighbor's guest cottage :o) It looks like we'll be here until Tuesday as DH took the day off and I don't have to work. I have my computer with me. I can't exist that long without it ;o)


Jenn said...

Enjoy your long weekend. I'm glad that you had a good time at the movies. Sounded like a fun night.

~Kim~ said...

Those storms can be scary, thats for sure!! Do you get tornadoes up by you.. probably a dumb question.

Great to read about your girl night out.

Enjoy weekend (whats left of it. he he)! I have to work.


Karen said...

did you have the same storm as lori_Ann?LOL I would have ended up on the sofa with brie and DH I hate storms ,
I can't wait to see the new pirates we will probably wait till the DVD comes out tho.
Have a great time by the coast