Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Sneak Peak For This Week

You've probably been wondering what I have been working on since I finished Gathering Eggs! I'm sorry I have not posted pictures before this but I wanted enough done so it at least looked like something. LOL!

I know I said I "probably" wouldn't work on my Two By Two afghan by Sue Hillis until the fall but I just couldn't help myself :o) The instructions state to start with the middle panel but seeing as I'm a rebel I've started with block one, Mr. & Mrs. Noah. I've got Noah's coat all done -

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All 26 outside panels are done one over one on the 18-count afghan so the detail will be very nice in the end.

When we went away last weekend, I had to quickly pull a project together because you know, a stitcher can't go anywhere without something to stitch! The quickest thing I knew I had everything for was the Checkerboard Bunny by Waxing Moon -

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This is a freebie and I believe it's still on their website. I wanted to do this design because 1) I LOVE BUNNIES and 2) I actually had the Blueberry hand-dyed Jobelan. I am a little disappointed in the GASTs though because I've found they are not variegated enough. Does anyone find this as well? The only variegated cotton thread I have been completely happy with so far has been the Crescent Colors. Anyone else have a favorite?

So for now I will be going back and forth between these two projects. My only problem is that I have only one 8 x 8 Q-Snap so I have to move things around every time I switch >:o(


Itching To Stitch said...

Love Noah's coat and your bunny ;)

Jenn said...

You've made a great start on both pieces.

Karen said...

great start on Noah I am so looking forward to seeing this project grow

Irene said...

Great start on both. I've been eyeing the bunny one and look forward to seeing yours done.

Toni said...

Two very great starts, Cathey. It is amazing how you always need to have two of the 8x8 Q-Snaps. If I was not using both of mine at the moment I would lend you one of mine. Maybe you will get another Q-Snap for your birthday. Have a wonderful birthday. Hugs from Toni =) and Sadie Jo send a wet sloppy kiss =}

Shannon L. said...

Trust me, you can never have enough of each size of Qsnaps. Some I have 3 of... and always wishing I had more :)

Checkerboard bunny looks great - as does Santa's coat. They look like fun !

My favourite varigated thread ? GAST and WDW - GAST having less variation in colour than WDW, but it seems to depend on the dye lot. I haven't tried Crescent Colors yet (soon!), but my newest favourite are Vikki Clayton silks. *drool* Beautiful colours, and wonderful to stitch with.

Mary Ann said...

Noah and the bunny are both looking great!

I just finished stitching an exchange piece using GAST--I am not a fan. I did enjoy stitching the LHN Berries with the Crescent Colors--nice variegated colors and nice to stitch with.