Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love/Hate Relationship

Have you ever had one of these? I've had an ongoing one for close to fifteen years now.

Imagine this...it's an overcast spring morning and it's the only day you have that week to sleep in. The window is slightly open, letting in the cool night air but you're huddled in your bed, warm and content. You crack open one eye and take a look at the clock. You immediately smile because it shows 6:30 am and you still have all morning to get caught up on your sleep. This is when you roll over, snuggle back down under the covers, and await good dreams. And then it starts...


You jump out of bed, trying to locate the noise. The window is thrown open but there's nothing there. For a minute you think you might have dreamt it but you know the noise was just too close for that. Not able to do anything, you return to your warm bed. And then it starts, again...


This time you know the noise is reality and it sounds like it's just outside your bedroom window. You check again but there's nothing to see. A few choice words are said as you are trying to keep that sleepy feeling and you fall back into bed. And then it starts again, only much worse...



There are TWO of them!!!! By now you are ripping your hair out trying to figure out what that noise is and where it's coming from. It only took me about thirteen years to find out that it was a...

bird. An Eastern Phoebe to be exact.

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Every spring this bird was like a plague and every year I would be yelling out the window like some lunatic. But I never saw one. I never saw one until last year when this lovely bird showed up in our backyard and was flying around eating bugs. It was quite friendly and I was getting a kick out of watching it wag its tail :o) DH and I love to find plants or birds and then try to identify them and that's what I did. That's when I realized my nemesis was living in my back yard!

This year DH and I watched as a pair of Phoebes built a nest in one of our horse shelters. Every couple of weeks I would walk by and check in on the nest. A few weeks ago I thought I saw something in the nest but this past weekend confirmed it -

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There are at least three babies in the nest and they are so ugly, they're cute :o)

I have since softened my dislike for this little bird. It's been a joy watching the male and female fly about, catching bugs. Hey, the less mosquitoes the better! They are earning their keep. Besides that, they have never irritated me with their call since they moved in. I think we may have a mutual, but silent, agreement ;o)


Itching To Stitch said...

Glad you're on better terms with the little fellow. It's usually a chattering squirrel that wakes me up ;)

Lori-Ann said...

AHA!! Someone who can relate to my critter stories, lol. The year that we cut down the tree on our front lawn (it bothered underground pipes), there was a Robin who missed the tree and EVERY morning, it would sit on the stump and scream. Until one morning in frustration I flung open the front door and threw a shoe at it (I have very bad aim, so it was ok.) I love birds, but yea...rude.
So my condolences, and congrats as well...lol
Sorry for the book. ;)

Karen said...

awwww cute

Lili said...

Lol! So your lovely -yet noisy- birds were calling my cat: her name's Phoebe... lol!
We've had nests just above our window for eight years. Finally, last year, we had our roof repaired and we can enjoy long sleeps: uninterrupted at around five am indeed... I love birds, but I love sleeping even more... And -seriouly- it was not a very good place for birds: many of these tiny horrible cute little things would fall off their nest. It was heartbreaking...
Take care!