Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big Girls Don't Cry

Ya right! I've had the most amazing week so far and I just can't get over the wonderful women that I am honored to call my friends.

The other day a package arrived from Karen and when I opened it up this is what I found -

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It's absolutely stunning! Karen is such a lovely stitcher :o) I'm going to have to email her and find out how she put this pillow together. I'm still twirling it in my hands, trying to figure out what stitch she used. LOL!

On Tuesday I received a surprise email from Needlecraft Corner, letting me know that I have a gift certificate there waiting for me! The guilty party...Faith Ann :o) She knows me all too well. I'm really going to enjoy spending money that is not mine ;o)

Finally, yesterday another package arrived in the mail and it was from Jenn. My curiosity was peaked when I opened this carefully wrapped item -

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It's just beautiful! Btw, it's a compact mirror :o) The backstitching that Jenn did with the gold metallic thread really pops with the gold that surrounds the mirror. Jenn, you are very talented and I love it!

It does bring tears to my eyes to know that each one of you has put so much thought into the gifts that you sent me :o) I certainly didn't expect anything. Thank you all so much and I only hope that I can be just as good a friend to you. This has been a fantastic birthday month so far and that's saying a lot since I despise my birthday. With all this fun, I would consider having my birthday moved to a monthly basis but I really don't want to age any faster than I already am! LOL!


Alberta ('Berta) said...

What wonderful friends you have and oh so talented!

'When we believe in the wonder of life, every new day is a gift to behold.' Flavia

Karen said...

the mirror is lovely , I am glad you liked the little pillow

Itching To Stitch said...

Very pretty gifts ;)

Jenn said...

I'm glad the compact arrived safely. Do you think I wrapped it enought? :) The pillow that Karen did is so cute. I hope you have a wonderful day! You deserve it sweetie!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you've had a wonderful day. I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. I have been reading your blog. The trip to Bar Harbor looks like it was a great time. With my best friend living in Portland I'll have to try to get up there before she moves. The gifts are wonderful that you've received.

Mary Ann said...

Cathey, you received some lovely gifts!! I didn't know your birthday was this month, too. What day? If I missed it--Happy Birthday!

Shannon L. said...

Beautiful gifts :) I'm eager to see what new stash you find winging your way to you from NCC too !

Lori-Ann said...

uh oh...I did'nt know about birthday. Glad you are having a good one. This year I had a great one as well. But I never know how I will feel about the "older issue" until my birthdate rolls around. Some years it's good...some years, I'd like to hide ;) On behalf of Frank, Nuttsey and myself...happy B-day :)