Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finish Twenty-Four

Wow! I'm quite impressed with myself, two finishes within one week :o) I'm getting my grove back. LOL!

This is Checkerboard Bunny by Waxing Moon -

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I know I wasn't too happy with it at first but under the right light, you can see the variegated floss -

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He'll be a keeper :o)

I got more birthday stash this week -

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Drema sent me These Are The Days Boxer Kit by LK, I Love Snowmen by Imaginating, Snow Heads (with buttons) by Sam Sarah, The Dog Did It by Stitchy Kitty, a pattern by The Trilogy (sorry can't say what it is because it would give the surprise away) and the Stitching Friends Tote by Trail Creek Farm. I managed to locate a copy of Noah's Ark by The Cricket Collection and a 2001 Bent Creek catalogue (great reference material). Kim sent me my 11 x 11 Q-Snap Hugger and was such a dear and included a 6 x 6 Hugger with a Canadian themed fabric :o) I can't stress how great these are so if you haven't checked out Kim's site yet, please do. Last, but definitely not least, Lili (expect an email soon) mailed me some gorgeous fabric and lots of wonderful French freebies! She knows me well because there were samplers AND bunnies ;o) Thank you SO much to everyone!

Yesterday, DH, Brie (dressed in pink) and I went to Moncton to visit my Gram :o) I haven't seen her since January and I was really missing her. Since DH and I were sick all spring, we didn't dare visit because that would be the last thing my Gram would need. She looked great though! She was so happy to see that we had Brie with us and Brie just LOVES her Great Grammy ;o) DH and I bought some groceries and we did up some roasted chicken sandwiches on sourdough bread with fruit on the side and lemon meringue pie for dessert. Mmmmm-mmm! Gram "claimed" she couldn't eat the other half of her sandwich but was more than willing to have some pie. LOL! We had a nice visit but I hated to go. Who knows, I may have more time on my hands soon and then I can visit her more often :o)


Lori-Ann said...

You were in my neck of the woods! More stash for your "Treasure Trove" is always good. Yay!

Did you stop at BUC's?

Wondering where's the picture of "Pretty in Pink"?? ;)

Itching To Stitch said...

Love your Checkerboard Bunny, and that stash, oh my!!

Jenn said...

Your Checkerboard Bunny is so cute.

Karen said...

Where a pic of Brie dressed up :O)
wow loads of stash you lucky thing.
Sounds like a great visit with your Gram.

Faith Ann said...

What a cute bunny!!

Wow... that's a lot of birthday stash! I wouldn't whine about my birthday if I was treated that well lol.

Pam said...

Love your bunny (gotta do it, gotta do it!) and your birthday haul sounds just delectable.

Lili said...

I also have my grams but I don't often visit them... Makes me feel very guilty...
You've been spoilt for your birthday! How sweet!
Lots of hugs!

~Kim~ said...

So glad that the Hugger and the extra reached you! Awesome stash report!


tkdchick said...

Cute finish!!!