Monday, May 21, 2007

Victoria Day Weekend

Our Victoria Day long weekend has always been a busy one. To DH and I, this is "our" first sign of spring and the time that our shack wacky feelings really kick in. We've always dedicated this weekend to traveling down to Bar Harbor, Maine, one of our favorite spots. Long ago it started out as our "Crazy Day" when we would drive four hours down and four hours back, in one day, just to get a small taste of what we had been missing all winter :o) Unfortunately this holiday weekend, we didn't get to celebrate tradition but this was due to many factors.

On Saturday, DH and I went over and celebrated our nephew's first birthday! Happy Birthday Dylan! He is such a cutie :o) Here he is modeling the swim suit that we got him -

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Grandma made his cake and even made a small boat that detached from the main cake and that was Dylan's own personal piece. It didn't take long for that boy to figure out what to do with it. LOL! After about three hours of screeching and yelling, DH and I were "very" happy to return to our quiet sanctuary. If I ever doubt the decision not to have children, just put me in a situation like that for a few hours and then I'll remember why ;o)

On Sunday, DH packed up Duncan and they both headed down to his parents so he could help out with the new mudroom addition. That meant that Brie and I were to hold the fort and I think we are doing quite well :o) Yesterday we spent the day on the couch and I stitched while Brie napped. I managed to work on some more pillow tucks and even completed one with my own stitching piece. I am VERY pleased with the results :o)

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I think I might continue to sew them and possibly put a few up for sale if anyone is interested ;o)

Today the sun is trying to peek out from the clouds but it's still cool outside. Brie and I began our morning with a rip roaring game of fetch with her favorite toy, the Kong. She absolutely LOVES this thing and even knows it by name. The crazy thing is, she can play fetch for hours with this thing. Dad is usually the one to get sucked into doing this though ;o) I took a few pictures of Brie this morning while we were playing. This is what we call The Flying Nun -

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This is Brie taking five but notice how close by the Kong is -

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Tomorrow is day one of my FAE (Functionality Abilities Evaluation) that I have to do for LTD. We are all hoping this will be the end to this nightmare so that DH and I can continue with our lives. We've basically been on hold since last October and the strain is really getting to us. If you don't see me posting for a few days, that means I've hit the wall and won't be crawling out of bed until the weekend. Sigh. Bar Harbor sounds SO appealing right now...


Faith Ann said...

Hopefully you'll get to go to Bar Harbour soon. It would be a wonderful way to celebrate reaching the end of the LTD drama. What a year!

Your pillow tucks look great. The pattern you chose to finish that way is perfect!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Those pillow tucks look great. You've done a wonderful job ;)

Jenn said...

Dylan look very happy in the swim suit you got him.

That is the cutest picture of Brie running though the kitchen.

All your tuck pillows look great!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, cute pictures of Dylan and Brie! And, your tuck pillows look fabulous!!

Lili said...

Whatever turns out of this FAE, I think You and DH should plan a lovers' retreat at Bar Harbour in a nice hotel... You desperately need it. And Brie would love it too! Imagine him with the kong, playing on the beach... Please, show this comment to your DH for me, will you? Because I know he's as sweet as mine...
Take care, Cathey.

All of Us! said...

I so want to head to Bar Harbour. Since my best friend lives in Portland I should while she's up there. The little ones (two and four legged) are adorable. I love the pillow tucks. I hope you are doing well. Take some time for yourself and I agree with Lili.

Sharon said...

Oh so sorry you didn't get to go on your trip, so nice that you do that every year.But at least it was for a good reason, your nephew is so adorable. Happy Birthday to him. Love seeing pictures of Brie What a beauty, can I show my Sparky her picture? maybe they can become doggie penpals.
Hugs, Sharon

Karen said...

Dylan looks very cute in his swim wear, your pillows look great.
I love your photos of Brie, candy has a little fluffy elephant that she has had since we got her as a puppy , when she isnt feeling well or is grumpy she has to find nelly and kill her a few times then fling her round the room