Thursday, May 17, 2007

Snow? Sew!

Mother Nature seems to have played another trick on us but luckily there wasn't much left on the ground when I got up. Yes, that's right...snow! Craziness! We had turned the heat off, again, and now I had to put it back on. DH and I were shivering last night and my hands kept getting too cold to stitch. It really wasn't worth the suffering. I'm back to wearing my woolies. Brrrrr!

Earlier this week, I got another sewing bug. I had just finished this purse for Mom a week ago -

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If you can't tell, it's a pink John Deere purse with a marbled brown fabric on the inside. Not what most mothers would want but it was kind of for fun seeing that Dad is such a huge John Deere fan ;o) I tried to photograph this one differently but I'm still not sure if this really shows the purse off or not.

Anyway, I got it in my head that I was going to practice making tuck pillows. I received a kit with a pre-made tuck pillow (see snowman tuck in picture below) and I figured it was time to try my hand at it. I went through four prototypes but I have finally mastered them! If I may say so, I think mine turned out better than the pre-made one ;o)

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This style of tuck has the pillow incorporated right into it. In other words, the pillow cannot be removed. You will see NO fabric edges whatsoever! So far I have made two sizes. The small tucks have a 2.5 x 2.5 opening while the larger tucks have a 3.5 x 3.5. I have not stuffed them yet so that's why they look so flat :o)

I wasn't going to post another progress picture of Gathering Eggs but I already had the camera out -

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She is starting to fill in slowly. I love the vibrant colors, especially now with all the dark, cloudy days. I can see the end!


Shannon L. said...

Great work ! I love the JD fabric bag :) And those tuck pillows look fabulous - love the colours.

Gathering Eggs is really coming along. You'll be done it in no time lol

Itching To Stitch said...

I love the purse for your Mom and those pillows are great. You have so much talent. I've tagged you on my blog ;)

Lili said...

Oh, now I slowly get the idea of tuck pillows... I 've never seen one myself for real... You know, the French are quite late with all that stuff... I tend to finish much of my stitching into small pillows but I have to sew... I must say that I would almost tend to like it now whereas I just hated it at first...
The bag you've made for your mother is sweet! I sure love it: it's pink and I love deers... And as a kid, I used to play with machine trucks, tractors and such miniatures instead of dolls... Did you?
Gathering eggs is progressing fast!
Take care!

Milly~ said...

I just love the way the bag turned out!

Shari said...

the purse & the tucks look great!!! You have a talent with that sewing machine!!!! They all look great!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Karen said...

the bag and the tuck pillows you made are great, the gathering eggs is looking good

Barb said...

Good job on the purse. Gathering eggs is looking nice.

Jenn said...

Everything looks great! John Deere in Pink how cool! :)

Jamie said...

Oh I absolutely am LOVEING the purse for your Mom. So cute. Sorry for so few comments - I was lurking I just couldn't find energy to type. I love the tuck pillows they are adorable - you should start an Etsy shop!

BTW I did know what a fiddlehead was, although I didn't know the rest of the story behind them.

I hope you are doing well, it seems like that little retreat with the girls did a lot of good for the soul!

Mary Ann said...

The bag for your mother is just too cute, Cathey!! And, the tuck pillows are perfect!! Gathering Eggs is looking really nice, too.

Katie said...

LOVE the purse!!Pink and brown, Faith Ann will be hunting your mother down ;)

The tucks are awesome. Guess I'd better set aside some money for you huh?

Gathering Eggs is really picking up steam, she'll be done in no time flat!!

Anonymous said...

Cathey, while I think of it, I'll be thinking of you Tues & Wed with the functionality nonsense. ;o) You'll be fine, but I know you're worried about it. Take lots of deep breaths & know we're all here, sending you support & love!