Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Itchin' To Stitch

Whew! I'm still trying to catch my breath from last week! I told the girls they are going to have to wheel me around in a wheelchair the next time we do something like that. Hey, it might be fun! For me anyway ;o)

I was looking at my journal last night and I realized that I haven't stitched for two weeks! Can you imagine? I think the second longest time I have gone without stitching was back in May of last year when I had a real bad case of vertigo for a week :o( It will be nice to get back into the groove of things again.

To be fair though, the reason for the first week off was because I was doing some sewing :o) Do you remember when I said I had a surprise for the girls? Well, I finally put what my MIL taught me to good use and I made them each a reversible bag. Although I'm not gifted for putting two patterned fabrics together, I'm quite impressed with my results. Katie's bag had a scrapbooking theme with a matching dark green interior and buttons with a stitched look -

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For Faith Ann's, I went with a lovely floral pattern that I've had for a while now but didn't know what to do with. Her purse is lined with a lovely lilac color and her buttons are pearly white flowers -

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On the stitching side of things, I have gone back to my Quilt Time Sampler by LHN and I'm determined to get this done and out of the way. I'm not very fond of this piece and if I don't finish it now, I fear I never will. This is my progress to date -

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My goal is to finish this one, work some more on one of my WIP pieces, stitch a few smaller pieces I've been anxious to do and then maybe start a big project again. I've been eyeing a few. Who knew it would be so hard to pick!


Faith Ann said...

I *love* my bag!!! The colour, pattern and button are *all* perfect!! The picture really does not show how lovely it is. (I love the little knot at the top.)

Actually, I would burn off a lot more calories if I helped push you along in a wheelchair, so maybe we should look into that :) I was exhausted last week too, so I can only imagine how tired you were... with the flu on top of it all.

Quilt time sampler is looking lovely. Is there muce left? or just the wording?

What you mean... hard to pick your next big project... isn't it going to be an ark? lol

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Cathey, your bags look awesome...love anything purple!

Jenn said...

you did a great job on the bags! They are both so pretty.

Lori-Ann said...

I joined a round robin with a group in facebook, and hoping I can keep up with the amount of stitching I will need to do. (nervously biting nails) Good thing is all the mailing will be within Canada.

Jamie said...

Fantastic job on the bags. Really amazing. Glad you are back to stitching. I finally picked up a needle last night and made some progress on Coffee Menu.

Mary Ann said...

I love the bags you made, Cathey! And Quilt Time Sampler is looking great!!

Sharon said...

Your bags are lovely, you did such a nice job on them. What a cool idea. Love your sampler too. I have so many Little House designs I want to stitch. they are all just so pretty.


Karen said...

the bags are wonderful Cathey